Kllo - Last Yearn Lyrics

I've been hanging round for days
Till you come back to me
Let me feel your warm embrace
I won't take it for granted
Everything is yet to be
It's been going round for weeks
'Cause, for you, I am certain

But don't you worry, worry, worry about me
Just stop me worry, worry, worrying

Where are we going?
I need some closure from you
Where do we go from here?
Blackbird is calling
Keep on, keep yearning for you
Where do we go from here, love?

Hope you're going well out there
I'm thinking of you
Good to hear you've settled so fast
And the Sun keeps shining
Well, there's a cloud on top of my head
Since there's creases on your side of our bed
I am longing for you

Where are we going?
I need some closure from you
Where do we go from here?
Blackbird is calling
Keep on, keep yearning for you
Where do we go from here, love?

Don't you worry, worry, worry, don't worry
Closure from you, closure from you
Don't you worry, worry, worry about it
Don't you worry about where we're diving from

Where are we going?
I need some closure from you
Where do we go from here, love?
Where are we going?
I need some closure from you
Where do we go from here, love?
I need some closure, closure, closure

The Sun don't shine when you're away
I just want to make you happy
It's been running round my head all day

But don't you worry, worry, worry about me, about me, about me
But don't you worry, worry, worry about me, about me, about me
I'm yearning for you

You sound really nice

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Kllo Last Yearn Comments
  1. Sam Marchant

    2:32 is just where the songs goes from whoa to WHOA

  2. Bad Hombre

    1. Get high.
    2. Listen to this.
    3. I know, I know..

    Max Perez

    Bad Hombre dumb ass

  3. Vanessa H

    Why am i always sobbing at the end of the song

    Majestic Casual

    it's hard not to get emotional to that voice ✨

    Max Perez

    Listen to HONNE-Church rave in Miami, exact same vibes.

  4. XScriabine

    02:50 is basically "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder... Both in D flat minor, too.

    i Notion

    XScriabine eagle eye right there! Never peeped that

  5. Ryan Wedemire

    I need this on spotify! Whatsup?

  6. B e N j A y E

    like it like it like it, thanks for posting!

  7. Nowhere Near

    wow how it evolves!

  8. Kanwar Anand

    India has such stupid adverts that kill the flavour of majestic I have to keep waiting for skip ad.

  9. Matt Salguero

    This sounds exactly like second chance by Caribou

  10. bk-x records 記錄

    :o :O smoooooOOoth ! :) <3

  11. jp hughes

    They have peaked. This is weak stuff.

    By all objective measures. But that's the problem. This beautiful art of music is quite the opposite. It's quite the opposite -subjective.
    Yet we know this brutal business I'd numbers e driven and too often now, sadly, vetted hits.

    i Notion

    jp hughes just because you don’t like the song doesn’t mean their music has peaked. I myself listen to music like a crack head. I’ve heard songs I like and don’t like but music is an expression. Your opinion seems rather subjective thus it cannot be stated as a fact.

  12. Enrico Di Gennaro

    Love this song. It brings me where I haven’t been yet, and reminds me my holidays with friends. Thank you kllo

  13. ronaone

    Best song in this univers

  14. Prime

    They are gonna become huge any minute!

  15. Kate Kate

    Magico momento 🔥

  16. Aeris_game

    2:32~ Highlite

  17. Ki Infamy

    Could it be that majestic has fallen off 😕 I used to come & always find at least 1 hit

  18. Angel González

    Nice Beats

  19. karah daniel

    Listen to virtue by them

  20. Mark Turner

    Dont want to lose you completely.

  21. AfroSpaceChild 87

    I like a lot. :D this is cool

  22. jwofles

    wow the end is so

  23. Jonathan C.

    this is amazing

  24. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    The droney, discordant synth is fucking awesome.

  25. early pranayama

    everything is cool about this tune

  26. early pranayama

    her intonations makes this song so majestic

  27. Licia Stgm

    Kllo never disappoints *.*

  28. Gabosh

    Kllo are one of my favorite artists <3

  29. Léa Myre

    i make TRAVEL DIARIES and use a lot of that kind of musics, could you come check them out? ☺️

  30. Lo K

    Amazing vocals, but I dont think the singing and the music mix well. I thought I was playing two songs at once by accident and it was just this

  31. Pie

    I love the song and the photo 😍

  32. Lintlikr1

    "cuddle up with bae and watch the rain" music.  where are you bae

    Ogulcan B

    No where to be find sadly..

    bk-x records 記錄

    rofl :')


    She's here with us

  33. Courtney Ferlance

    FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  34. Bruno

    magnific! thank you Majestic.

  35. anna .

    ive been waiting for another kllo song ❤❤❤

  36. ïnnü

    The kinda music I wanna make but I'm to hyper lol

  37. Samuel Lalier

    The beat is so addictive

  38. Lornaland


    Vanessa H

    The build up gets me bawlin. Every. Single. Time.

  39. corkoran

    Nice after 3:00 !! Before no interest !!

  40. Joanna Κat

    _Late night heaven_

  41. BTone Major

    Amazing work. Just my mood right now :)

  42. Rodrigo Moraes

    Perfect! Awesome <3

  43. ShY RivZ

    Kllo vibez is a gem 💍🙏💝 ty @Majestic Casual

  44. Symmetry

    I love all Majestic uploads. Heavenly sounds 😍

  45. Unics Music


  46. deekid311

    I don't understand the dislikes.. 😒 less than 20 seconds in and I was smitten by the vocals..


    probably the people who know that Klo means toilet in german :D but I love it <3

  47. Jesse Parrish

    They are awesome live go see them they just started their tour in the US.

  48. Luvo Soga


  49. Majestic Casual

    some mellow early mornings vibes right here! 🌤 happy friday! =)


    N one other ;)

    Soug Sim

    thank you!

    Alex Peralta

    Majestic Casual
    Perfect track😎

    Dass Boot

    Majestic Casual I’m hungover this is good for my mental health. Thx ya very deeply my majestic friend

  50. Anthony Subandi

    this gives me chills! Good stuff!

  51. Márcio Gando

    fock i got here early on, just only 1000 views?, ok i´m out.

  52. Krash Desdunes

    4 a.m vibe. Web Developers vibe 🖤

  53. Memorandum1231


  54. Zavier Logan

    4am Vibe

  55. VaporMusic

    Nice vibes!

  56. Weaver Beats

    Love the drum beat.


    o hai there

    The Real Steve Harvey

    old school!

  57. Kim Kardasim

    Can I get 16 likes + 1 love ?

    Kim Kardasim

    Richard Meyer ok sorry

    Richard Meyer

    you're not forgiven that easily, sorry.

    Kim Kardasim

    Richard Meyer WHY 😭😭😭

    Márcio Gando