Kllo - Downfall Lyrics

Downfall, look beside you
Don't crawl, do remind you
Downfall will come before anything at all
Downfall, it defines you
Don't stall, do remind you
Downfall will come before

Downfall, downfall
Not all for nothing

Careful, can divide you
Don't dwell on behind
Downfall will come before it all
Everything I have come
Everything I have come to lose

Downfall, downfall
Not all for nothing

Two sides polarising
Seeing blind, it's mesmerising
We're chasing time, chasing in, in
Two sides polarising
Seeing blind, it's mesmerising
We're chasing time to lose

Downfall, downfall
Not all for nothing

Not all
For nothing

Pieces of my hope
Blisters with no rope
Lifting till I float
I'll cope, I'll cope

Downfall, look beside you
Don't crawl, do remind you
Downfall will come before

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Kllo Downfall Comments
  1. K J

    She can sit on my face

  2. Luke

    Nice that you used the Ektachrome 5285. The vivid colours does elevate the video and music. It would have been transcendental if you would have some electronic sounds like Daft punk does. then boom the whole music would be lifted way up there. Great effort by all team players though :)

  3. S L

    Totally underrated!

  4. JWP

    <3 ektachrome love <3

  5. Antonio Cortés

    Its Amazing, me encanta, suena muy bien. Felicidades !!

  6. Fashion-Boozt Norway

    this is fucking awsome! Needs millions of viewes.!

  7. Xinhe Zhou

    love your vibe your voice your posture your air your breath forgive poor grammar

  8. ParaGila

    Spotify got me into this music. Its Amazing.

  9. Natey Love


  10. Edvinas Gliebus

    COMPLETELY in love with this.

  11. Shamiqua Wilson

    heard this song on itunes and its stuck in my head this is reallyyyy amazing tbh and i know it will only get better.

  12. Raymon Brugman

    Thanks! You've made my day...! Been on repeat ever since I discovered this beautiful little gem...!

  13. Hakim Noordin

    she reminds me of lauren german


    This was easily the best album of 2017. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GO FROM 481 TO 481, 000

  15. Florian Meyer

    Listening to you when you were still klo ;) Nice to see that you make your way up!! Greetings from Munich. @Chloe: Why did you remove your Retrograde cover from your private channel? Loved this so much and suddenly it was gone ):

  16. King Kirin

    Visually insane c:

  17. Atmo Tronic

    very nice

  18. Gonzalo Rodríguez Varas

    Adolescentes Sin Edad, nuevo videoclip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JWkKSYlSho

  19. Yannick Herber

    great music

  20. Joakim YesMan

    its mono,re-upload it

  21. bl0xx

    *i love you* both, in a different sort of way. -azs136754_b

  22. I'm In That Weird Part Of Youtube Again

    The colors in the scenes shot on Ektachrome are stunning!

  23. gerromy222

    Kodak is back!


    Kodak is black!

  24. Sid S

    gotta love the music coming out of Australia, nothing like it in the world, atmospheric vibrations that feed the soul

  25. Shawn Barbour

    Someone should start a band called
    VOLO and when they are on VEVO there VEVO name would be VOLOVEVO
    and everyone in that band should drive a Volvo
    Get it vo love vo

  26. Serj

    I can't pronounce their name


    @Scott End im confused doesnt he mean how "Kllo" is pronounced?

    Scott End

    @Ulowwxrld Yes. That's exactly what he means.


    @Scott End How is it pronounced then

    Scott End

    @Ulowwxrld ......Dave. The K is silent.


    @Scott End lmao what about the "llo" im confused im sorry lmao like how is it Dave

  27. i like pizza


  28. Prime

    This is such an amazing track

  29. Joshua Lawless

    Anyone else reckon Chloe looks a bit like Jessica Biel?

    Lucy Sweetness

    Joshua Lawless
    Jessica Biel🤸🌈

    Manwell Haumu

    Just doesnt have that amazing ass that Jessica has ....damnnnnnn (im gushing ;)

    A5 Grade 12 Kobe Wagyu

    I'm thinking more Michelle Trachtenberg

  30. Lago Brian

    amazing voice but the production could be better

  31. Paolo Cecatto


  32. lemonyfresh26

    I dig this

  33. noname

    Beautiful song, i love it

  34. funkincool

    Love this track

  35. MARCO

    a masterpiece!
    love from brazil xx 💜

  36. originofnoise

    Very nice! :)

  37. Jesse Parrish

    10th subscriber i deserve to meet you guys when you come to chicago ;)

  38. Karina Nova

    Nice find from ghostly, really into it.

    Joshua Shemeta

    ghostly is dope, mall grab introduced me to kllo (their remix of walls to build)

  39. Andrew Mitchell

    KLLO make wonderful music, this is great