Kllo - Back To You Lyrics

(Back to you, back to you
Back to you, back to you)

It's personal
And I only just felt the impact
Was it from your head or mine?
I don't ever wanna be the stop in your life plans

Butterfly over
Fly over
We could recover
Never say never, yeah

Back to you, back to you
On cloud 9
Back to you, back to you
Second time
Back to you, back to you
Oh, no, I'm...
Back to you, back to you

You, you...
You, you...

Did you think that we would go on holiday?
What to say, we were miles away
If we miss the boat, would it come back someday?
What's at stake, keeping this at bay

Butterfly over
Fly over
One by the thunder
Double entendre

Back to you, back to you
On cloud 9
Back to you, back to you
Second time
Back to you, back to you
The third time
Back to you, back to you

You, you...
You, you...
You, you...
You, you...


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Kllo Back To You Comments
  1. reece

    Hottest hungee

  2. Gwadzilla

    took me waaayyy too long to see that there's a new track out😑😑😑😑


    Really hitting the vibe 💙🙌🏻

  4. Caroline Mansfield

    I don't ever wanna be the stop in your life plans

  5. 95Prettyfly

    acura integra?

  6. Lil Khale


  7. Kwen MUSIC

    Ohh nice song


    YouTube recommend this song on my start
    And I really like it

    Titose Macha

    listen to their album backwater. you would like the song Nylon. and other great songs are Potential, and Candid

  9. LAB344


  10. Isaac Gil

    Me encanta

  11. Maxwell Oliveira

    krl !!!!!]

  12. Skarlet Brown

    One good thing that comes from YouTube ads. 🤔


    Just heard this on triple j radio Love it Nice One

  14. Kaleb Grubb

    Love you guys 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Mark Martinez

    Hmm, these lyrics are in the same styling as the closing credits from tei Shi’s new song. 🤔🤔

  16. sunnydays DDT

    Why kllo isn't big? I love their music, so catchy.

  17. VITAL FX

    Waited so long for a new track. So happy to seeing this on Spotify 🙌🏽

  18. サイバーパンク2077

    Kllo back at it again with the incredible music!

  19. Goblin Grove

    FUCK yeah. KLLO u guys never disappoint love you

  20. CaptainRico234

    I like to think this song is about thanos

  21. Juan Acevedo Cepeda


  22. Sir Villegas

    This is my shit

  23. note key

    love your music, KLLO

  24. Tshiamo Tolamo


  25. Tshiamo Tolamo

    I'm so happy....

    This is so beautiful. A whole year we waited...

    Thank you 😭😭😭😭

  26. Prince X

    kllo i love u guys <3

  27. Nowhere Near

    this is so insanely good!!

  28. Diana

    Heard this and loved it when they played it at their show in Singapore last week - can't wait to see them live again !!

  29. Judy Rivas

    God, yes, I love it

  30. DaveKJ Channel

    Man, this is clean

  31. Tommy Fall

    New heart stroke since Dissolve

  32. 921 -Sneaker Store-

    I need your new album ASAP! Love u!

  33. MZKO

    Omg new music. KLLO! <3

  34. Ethan Ashby

    This video fits the song so well!

  35. Jovin Sia

    Sooooooo good.!!!! Rmb hearing it live a week ago and thinking ITS GNA BE MY NEW FAV KLLO SONG 😍😍😍

  36. Stigs79

    KLLO is LOVE

  37. Jimmy Ha

    See ya LA

  38. rsschick12

    Here before a thousand views.

  39. PEACHES Social

    Best surprise ever! Been waiting for this :D

  40. Jona Yong

    This song feels like I’m dancing in some empty club or been in some quiet subway 🚊 or feeling so calm in the car watching the rain 🌧

  41. S L

    Peace love and positive vibes from Western Australia. Beautiful track Kllo , it's been a while!

  42. Daniil Shurik


  43. Maddy Tutt

    Omg yessss I love this so much. Please play it at your melb concert next month 💗

  44. Ricardo Bernardino

    love you 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  45. Titose

    Please drop an album

  46. Titose

    💔 I love you what is this 😩😩😩😩😩

  47. Jeremiah Thompson

    Love this so much
    Wish you guys were coming to DC/Maryland/Baltimore 😔😢

  48. Taciano Barsan

    Love you guys !!! 💕

  49. Igor Caldeira

    Can't wait for the new album

  50. Kayciaz World

    You guys never disappoint, we love you Kllo❤️✨

  51. Vincent Domela

    My life is whole again! Coming to New York from Montréal in November, can't miss you guys!

  52. Emiasis

    Absolutely love your music. Love from Canada!🙌🙏

  53. i like pizza

    It’s been a minute....

  54. blurryvision 1

    i’ve waited a literal year for new shit, thank god

    maruchan dude

    is it that much since "Candid" came out?

    blurryvision 1

    maruchan dude shit i forgot about candid, i was going off by potential, but candid was 10 months i think

  55. Darious Hart

    I’ve been playing backwater everyday... thank you for this!

  56. Jacques Siemens

    This has a new vibe to it, really digging it 👍🏼

  57. Pedro Rockefeller

    Fuckin great kllo, been here since let me wonder, keep it up

  58. andryyy andryyy

    Amazing ❤️ Thank you so much ❤️ KLLO ❤️ love you guys ❤️ i very waiting release your new album

  59. matt29mw

    Here 1st

  60. Chris Bortolon

    This is unreal! 👌

  61. phira360

    New?? 😱