KJ-52 - Dangerous Lyrics

Can’t forgive or forget
We hold on and it’s dangerous it’s dangerous
We resent we regret we look back but it’s dangerous
Living like we do is so dangerous

I wanna hit you up ain’t got the words to say
Cause all that junk would do is push you farther away
And every time I see you you acting like it's all ok
Your were the last one I ever thought would fall away
I never thought you’d change never thought you’d stray
And run right back to the very things I know you hate
With all you gone through tell me why you go this way
Caught up in the junk going where you came
Caught up on the run your everyday the same
You hold your head up high living it w/out no shame
And every day it gets a little harder just try to pray
If I could sit you down here's what I would say..

Your wings are broken yet you keep on flying
Every time I talk to you you never recognize it
Holding on to your past yet you kept denying
Try to mask your hurt in all the junk that your trying
Yet I’ll be lying if I said its all ok
Your missing church man It's getting worse today
It's obvious that you're hurt that’s the role you play
The one where you blame and push everyone away
I have to say that he’s the one you need
The one that died crucified now on that tree
And the final thing I have to say now honestly
The one I’m talking about is me..

It’s a long hard road to nowhere
And we're having trouble finding our way
It’s a long hard road to nowhere
Need something different someone help me to change

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KJ-52 Dangerous Comments
  1. willcgodsson

    God is awesome thank God Lord Jesus Christ for blessings us with KJ-52 🙏😎✌🏻


    Yes Amen brother ❤️😇🙏

  2. Apple Jack

    Real talk...

  3. SH4DOW 300

    And Kj-52 is amazing

  4. SH4DOW 300

    We live in a dangerous world, but with God we can choose to be the person who is a haven to others. We are an example to others and the way we live.

  5. 203 _thaCity

    this song is how im feeling

  6. Andrea Gimenez

    ahrmosoooo !!😎😎👌

  7. erick padilla anangono

    buen tema

  8. LeanSupreme

    S/o to all the christians out here like me 👏🙏

  9. Brian Schrieber

    great lyrics meaning to the song make the song pop and come to life makes me feel like im in the song

  10. Matthew Carter

    This song speaks so much of my life my brother betrayed me and I'm struggling soo much to forgive him!

    Tim Osman

    Have to forgive, lifes to short to have hate. Eternal life is coming!

    Ann B


    Hey if I can forgive my aunt having a baby with my ex while I was with him for six years, you can forgive him. I also was pregnant. I lost my twins, she had hers. But it's ok. God bright me out of it, and brought me a Godly man I needed. That turned me into a Christian. Like can throw you curve balls, but Jesus Christ is always here to help us get through!


    Ann B Awesomeness! - Blessings to you and your fam

  11. Azula MoonShadow

    kinda reminds me of Toby Mac in a way :) they are good

  12. Gloria Kluth

    This seems kinda similar to Lecrae's Praying for You. Still a great song though.

  13. Larry Medina

    Go to Larry Boy "The Ladder"

  14. Isaac Monske

    You r awesome K-J 52 Toby Mac and Newsboys

  15. Tyler Leist

    God is good

    Matthew Adams

    All the time

    Hunter Hudson

    And all the time

    Tiago Alves

    God is good

  16. mrm64

    I just love the pop vibes in this song, it adds so much character imo :m
    But the message spoke to me so well, overall...

  17. WarriorForChrist85

    Great Song I don't see why  People  waste their  time Hating on KJ.
    I don't care what  anyone say's KJ's  Awesome  But not as awesome as Jesus
    :).  Stop  Hating On KJ  it's   clear some People are Jealous  of Him.
    Because  They can't  do what He does and for The record  He has a huge impact on My Life  so   form what I can see God is  using him for His Plan and purpose.   Why  come on Here If you are gonna  waste  you're  Time  hating  on Christian Rappers ?


    I hear ya :) Well, and ya gotta understand that if anything has "Jesus" on it, a lot of people won't like it or just plain hate it. That's how it supposed to be, 'cause Jesus said it himself. "If the world hates you, know that it first hated me."


    Jesus  did say that if the world hates  you It's because the world hated me first


    I hate rap... but I love this


    Ephesians 6:10 comes to mind. You know what we're up against. That's why he's getting negs

  18. Beatriz Meller Garcia

    I just loved!! Never give up

  19. Wayne Keefer

    God don't like ugly!! I think it's an awesome song I just wish I could listen to it on my mobile

  20. Albert M

    Check out my music!!!!

  21. Amor y Paz Dile no al hate

    it is dangerous ,.. this world

  22. ConsciousN Trill

    KJ52 is just 1 shitty ass christian rapper!

    ConsciousN Trill

    At least I am not a Christian rapper who steals other rappers styles. LMFAO!

    Cristian Coptil

    yeah, right. call me when you get more famous than him, or at least as famous as he is. now tell me please, which rapper is this guy copying?

    ConsciousN Trill

    Hahahaha, so I guess because he is more famous than me, I can't hate him? So I guess I can't hate Lil Wayne either? He is doing a gimmicky christian bullshit rap same shit Hoesin did on Gazing At The Moonlight and Feminem on Infinite... Get real with some real rap kiddo!

    Cristian Coptil

    well, hate whoever the fuck you want, but give arguments when you say something bad about someone. 


    @Vasy Uey
    i have a feeling me and you like the same music >~> x3

  23. lancedance2

    WTF how are they so corny that they make Christian rap? I mean why would anybody buy an album where every song is about Jesus? Looks like they finally found a way to get away with having zero variety and still selling units. 


    If you really love Jesus, your songs are about him! That's a good Idea to have all songs about Jesus lance


    @nevergiveupwwe360 No it's not LOL. That's just lazy and talentless.

    Liam C

    Call him lazy and talentless if you like, but he (with peers) hold the world's longest freestyle record at 13 hours and 2 minutes, 51 seconds.


    @Liam Crouse A freestyle could be anything, as long as it rhymes so he could go on for 13 hours but that doesn't mean it was good. And I'm talking about what he spits on tracks. He needs more variety if he wants to be taken serious as a rapper. 

    Ann B


    Christians will buy music about Jesus. He is our Messiah. One day you will see that.

  24. Jaspher Talaga

    Can i borrow the beat? :))

  25. Amor y Paz Dile no al hate

    Living as we do is so dangerous !

  26. Cameron Calhoun

    U my FAM bro keep it real show all who comes first family, God, yourself but everyone I'm tilling u from experience make sure u love yourself and happy with yourself before getting in a relationship

  27. mrm64

    This is my SOOOONG. KJ, my dude, keep rapping man! Been a fan since 2004 And hope you, your wife and child are doing good :)

  28. Daniel Vimal

    Wow.. Ur lucky! I always wanted to meet him. Congratulations! :)

  29. Lyrical Walrus

    This is my favorite song

  30. Lyrical Walrus

    Favorite song by kj-52 i went to go see him in concert

  31. Hananya Naftali

    One of my fav's!

  32. Am'az'in Blackman

    Eminem does Christain Rap?

  33. Niles Pfeiffer

    I'm white and male and so elite, the system favors me, I won't lie about these truths that be established fundamentally, constitutionally, but please, let me do my best to lend a hand in the movement for shackle free hands. Join hands and let's re-invent our societies definition of what it means to be a man. By that I mean men who are willing to stand for justice, equality and above all faith and submission to Divinity
    Sincerely signed the best rapper who ever died,
    -Silent Cephas (THE PROPHET)

  34. christian noel bautista


  35. James Fizerl

    i pray for you too. have you heard his song that was my life by kj52

  36. daniel williams

    did not know that was kj. actually thought it was casting crowns, except for the rap, so i figured they got toby or someone to guest.

  37. MrJigsaw365


  38. angelrock936

    So did I :)

  39. Grace Willson

    i pray for you

  40. Grace Willson

    better than a break up song lolz

  41. KJGrenadier

    I know it's very similar, but I don't think it's a rip off. This is KJ's testimony, just as prayin- for you is Lecrae's. When I first heard this song, I took it as a brother encouraging another that he is not the only one struggling; that is what both songs even on their own were written to remind us. We're all falling apart and need prayer; that is why we thank God and praise Him so much for His amazing grace!! :D

  42. Boss Bunny

    Is it just me, or is this just a blatant ripoff of that Lacrae song where he prays and does a whole song then at the end says, "the one I'm talking about is me" and I KNOW this chorus is identical to a song I know, just can't put my finger on it.

    I aint dissin, I'm just asking if it's just me.

  43. Maycumber Sucks At Gaming

    Because we aren't supposed to look at past it doesn't mean we should learn from our past

  44. Estrella Corral


  45. Dee-Marie Buchanan

    what an amazing song. it was nice meeting kj 52 this weekend. it really changed me :)

  46. Jason Heartthr♥b

    i think that's because he's sincere !

  47. Young Prophet

    this sounds like a great track. haveent heard a lot of new stuff from kj. respect.

    check out my video and get it some views so i can get to the place where these guys are


  48. EruptingHeart

    It reminded me of Lecrae too but you have to look at the fact that people sing about the same thing all the time. They are both good songs and the best part is that it is about coming to know our sins and asking God to help us!

  49. 300pzl

    jesus susej

  50. thecomingofchrisit0

    great song

  51. Kaymmarie

    <3 I don't even like Rap.... But, he is so great!

  52. thecomingofchrisit0

    love it when chrisitans are able to admitt when they are struggling with sin or whatever, it acutally brings us closer together instead of masquerading our battles like many church members do, and pretending that they do not sin

  53. Derrik Allen

    This guy was at my school

  54. Darian C

    Can't wait to see him perform @ ROCK THE FLAGS 2013 in Arlington tx

  55. TheTkesser

    this rock out,,very good song

  56. Tara Rhodes

    Dooo it:)

  57. NeroXWolfpack

    this song reminds me of my past and that it makes it better because it tell me not to look at my past and help people help you witch is true

  58. tory4000

    legit feel like this song was written for me. Wow, I gotta get back to church...

  59. David Brubacher

    Nice twist near the end!

  60. Lylia-Jean Carsten

    he came to my youth group on Wednesday!!!!

  61. inquiring mind

    Very good

  62. Destiny Williamson

    Really powerful song. I love it!!

  63. Sky Kerr

    Love this! Favorite rap song!

  64. Logan Combes

    I like this song is a awsome song. :)

  65. Valentin Jovik

    Awesome Brothers, Greetings from Macedonia

    Sion Alpha & Omega

  66. justin smith


  67. Will Ortega

    I want to try to connect with God in a more day to day relationship. I'm doing the 30 day challenge of reading my bible everyday, then after 30 days continuing for the rest of the year. If you are doing the same thing comment to me or like this post.

  68. Newt Holt

    I don't see why not? They were there. They saw Jesus. There are also documented descriptions of Herod's assault on an entire generation of baby boys because the Savior had been born. What exactly counts as an eye-witness? Just because they saw something fantastical doesn't mean that they don't count. Love you, man :) I don't expect to change your opinion.

  69. Napalm

    Check out The UK's Most Dangerous Gospel Rapper NAPALM! Search NAPALM GOSPEL RAP on youtube!

  70. Newt Holt

    What makes you say that? Thor and Zeus were created by people who wanted something more with the world. They created them back in a world where people didn't question it, and the government would punish you if you didn't believe that. Jesus, on the other hand, was real. He was a physical thing, not just lightning, so there are dozens of historical eye-witness accounts of the things he did. Not only that, but people CHOSE to believe in him in a time where they would be killed for that :) Jesus!

  71. Glenda Burgdorf

    This song inspires me so much

  72. callmekassie1

    I'm pretty sure God is trying to tell me something. This is kinda what I needed to hear right now. Oh, the power of God is just so indescribable.

  73. Nathan Stevens

    Jesus fulfilled many many many prophecies the chances of a person fulfilling all of the ones he did are 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    Care to explain that?

  74. Nathan Stevens

    Do not use the Lords name in vain!

  75. mrm64

    The beat and the synth of this song are so HOT....

  76. Marcos Vitor

    Proclaiming the original Name of the real Messiah YAO-HU-SHUA, and YAOHU UL the true Creator in the archaic Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

  77. KingSteffler

    Except God in the flesh dying for us and rising on the third day conquering death is a huge deal. Jesus was God in the flesh. Death isn't the end for Jesus. He's still alive. That's the big deal. He CONQUERED death and by his blood we are able to be saved from an eternity of suffering for our sins. If Jesus were a man who died for a simply physical and earthly cause, then your argument would make sense. But Jesus is SO much more. He died for you and me INDIVIDUALLY that we might be forgiven.

  78. GODROCKS657

    i know right so inspiring

  79. Dee Math

    OMG when I heard this song I thought it was John Foreman from switch foot singing with KJ-52.

  80. Ponyta208

    Jesus died for our sins. The ones that die fighting,they are protecting us.

  81. MrCoolyo5000

    Love this song


    I'm sorry but they should take the option if disliking off of this video

  83. Mrs. Arredondo

    Love this song:)

  84. MrKrillz0r

    I'm more awake than I've ever been before, so I don't feel any need to wake up. :) Though if you'd like to make me understand something, like in what way I need to wake up, I'd gladly have a discussion! Then I could also explain what I mentioned in a way where you'd might at least understand where I'm coming from. Though let's keep that in PMs to avoid flooding this page. ^^

  85. 9Elle2

    all I can say to your comment is just.. what the hell man :D wake up.

  86. AKOXZ NL

    GREAT song blessings ... is nice be a C.R

  87. elianne01

    Wow! You're right! :) and yeah we should worship daily.


    We should've died for him...reversed :(

  89. Allie Johnson

    This song is amazing. It means a lot to me everytime I hear it (:

  90. Ben Emerson

    It seems like many of the times that nonChristians leave nasty comments on the videos that we tell them to go away to their own religion or something like that (this not the case on this video though thankfully). why would you people tell them to leave the video that could help them become Christians? Why not help them learn about the Word Of God? like I said, some of the people are already helping them learn and I thank you for that. This is for the people (you know who you are who dont do that

  91. TPEWW

    he is coming to my church tonight!!!!

  92. Samuel Blackwell

    I love this song sooo true

  93. Samuel Blackwell

    I love we this song so true :)

  94. Candy Bernal

    wow... just wow <3

  95. Evan Porter

    KJ Should do a song with Manafest :P

  96. culturalrebel

    i wish i had the courage to tell all this to my brothers...but...i don't. i don't know if i ever will. but i have to because they need to hear it. they need to hear God again.

  97. Zooshee Studio

    Does anyone else hear him inhaling really loudly. It's really distracting listening to this song.