Kishi Bashi - Conversations At The End Of The World Lyrics

Oh hello, how are you, my favorite son?
In an hour I will go where I've never gone
In the span of the space between your mother's eyes
Are the secrets that I've saved
I hand them down to you

Ooh. The averages and laws
It was every man for himself every child alone

Oh why do they shine so bright in my dreams?
Golden blades, forged from love, they sever my feet
But you know, where they're going, when all is said and done
I don't need them or my secrets
Just the grace of one

Here they come
Here they come
Here they come...
Oh hear they come!

Is everything signed? Is everything done?
I'm sorry about the blood
...the devil and his stones
It was every man for himself, every child alone

Please tell your mother I'm sorry for the strife
Tell your brother I loved him
...the same to his wife
And if you have a heart to take my life away
Give me something
Give me anger to remember you today

'Cause here they come
Oh here they come
Is everything signed? Can nothing be undone?
I'm sorry about the blood
...the devil and his stones
It was every man for himself, every child alone...

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Kishi Bashi Conversations At The End Of The World Comments
  1. Chris Brunskill

    Kishi, this work got me through the grief of my father's passing. I thank you.

  2. Susan This

    Virgina Slims and this song go together so perfectly. Double yummy.

  3. Robert Szyklinsku

    love kishi bashi but this is between the bars by Elliot smith

  4. Joel Johnson

    It has been some time since I have last listened to his music and it still has the same deep impact as when I first discovered his music. It is like listening to a majestic story that never gets old. I certainly don't see myself ever getting tired of listening to his works of art.

  5. Malcolm Bowers

    They took it off spotify :(

    Lyle Dickie

    +Malcolm Bowers it's absolutely back.


  6. Diego C. Estrada

    Reminds me of Beirut, but this is so much better!

  7. soon mong


  8. Alecia Korkowski


  9. James Griffin

    Kishibashi's music makes me think of a happy afterlife with a Mozart/John Lennon/Jeff Buckley collaboration. Amazing artist.


    that's a nice comparison. I can hear the Buckley and Lennon

    Cristiana Pacheco

    Yes! Beautiful music!

  10. Bie Paksi

    no comment... it's so deep

  11. Camille E. Cullen

    C'est bon ça, crisse.

  12. vgentle

    no words- it's just that beautiful

    jason james

    Love Your Work brother... Thx Man!

  13. Ruby Jones

    this is straight up my favorite song ever.

    George Bakewell

    I thought this, every time I stumbled across a new Kishi Bashi song. Eventually I just straight up googled his name and have decided it's impossible to have one favourite song, but his stuff is on another level to everything else.

  14. Ashley Grebe

    Sigh... love.

  15. Chloé Patricia June


    The Good Note

    Welcome to Earth, child. 

    Please leave it as you found it.

    Cully Lineberger

    @famousamos corrupt? 8)

  16. Jacqui805

    His music is so beautiful.  Makes me cry.

  17. Ren

    this guy is amazing!

  18. Tangie So

    He reminds me of Keaton Hensen, but only this song. the sad, longing voice.

  19. Lance Tranter

    I couldn't help but notice the similarities in their music either :')

  20. rhmaltsberger

    Right?! I felt similar after a show of his here in Austin. His openers (Tall Tall Trees) performed with him for a majority of his set - it was absolutely one of the best musical experiences ever.

  21. XtraTycoon

    even better? Wow, I don't know if my brain could stand more beauty...

  22. Ella

    Also, if anyone wants to know another great artist, check out Jonsi or Sigur Rus.

  23. Ella

    arrggh his music is just so perfect i want to cry

  24. djblast101

    Oh thank God you're on Spotify!

  25. pianoman8778

    It was December 21, 2012, the "apocalypse." I wasn't suicidal or anything haha. Thank you, though :)

  26. Drew Levitz


  27. Tori Esparza

    i saw him live at my school!!!!!

  28. Mikeyiwrites

    If the world is going to end, there are worse ways to spend your last 5 minutes.

  29. Jacqui805

    Wow. Just wow.

  30. ahmed shahrukh

    pls take it back, kishi bashi doesn't deserve it!

  31. Olivia Hall

    The beginning of this song reminds me of skins. I love it.

  32. pianoman8778

    This song is very appropriate for today...

  33. Tom Cussen

    not a single person has disliked this video. i dont think i've ever seen that before.

  34. Katie Neilson

    COLLAB WITH JONSI. PLEASE. and then come to seattle <3

  35. Nikayra Emmons

    This is so beautiful *o*.

  36. ryandjimbros

    my friend and I saw you at acl and we thought you were a great violinist and very inspiring

  37. Alexa Rae

    ahhh back to the beautiful side of youtube.

  38. dust2128

    to comment FTW

  39. MasterDjGhost

    I have a revelation every time I listen to Kishi Bashi. Why can't everyone appreciate this?

  40. Monika Siemaszko

    youtube always recommend me great songs, thank you youtube.

  41. 22helpless

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  42. Cem Evin

    kişibaşı ne kadar

  43. João Louro

    I discovered your music yesterday, and I'm a fan now. You might well be my new favourite artist!

  44. thewetherwoman

    I may have just died from excitement, but hopefully I will recover in time to attend. :)

  45. Kishi Bashi

    i just read this. thank you very much for the kind words. It brings me great joy to know that I had moved someone so much :)
    If you read this in time, I'm happy to let you know that I'll be returning to Minneapolis on August 3rd.

    Jonathan Podkomorka

    You're so talented and I love your music. Fills me with emotions. I hope you are doing well, love you :)

  46. Mona Finn

    I just stumbled upon your songs today and I think it's one of the best gifts fate has given me :) Your music is hauntingly beautiful! Please keep making more music :)
    I've just ordered your CD online! yay!

  47. Nocteus Lucium

    Absolutely brilliant artist. He needs to be known far more. Please.

  48. John Jackson

    Brilliant man

  49. thewetherwoman

    I would just like to say that I saw you at first avenue last night, and your music made me feel like no music has before. I've written three songs since yesterday, and though they may not even come close to what you do, I've never felt so inspired in my life. Your music is beautiul, and if I ever create anything that makes me feel the way you made me feel, I will die happy. So, anyway, if you ever happen to read this, I just want to say thank you.

  50. Rick Littlefield

    Indeed, SO much better live!

  51. emonsta76

    reminiscent of Andrew bird, but gentler. I'm looking forward to the album!

  52. idontknowcorp

    sweet and saddening :)

  53. Mariana H


  54. Nolan Hartnett

    Oh, and (i dont know how to reply on the youtube android app) but, Arkanadien, I just came from his kickstart page and he's well surpassed his goal.

  55. Nolan Hartnett

    Saw Kevin Barnes plugging this guy and figured he must be worth checking out. Already watched manchester and this is just as great. Definitely didn't disappoint.

  56. CalebTheGuitarist

    absolutely brilliant

  57. Arkanadien

    Fantastic music! I hope you'll gather enough to record the album soon!

  58. Abir Khan

    AMAZING MUSIC!!!!!! :)

  59. Hannah Park

    this is so beautiful.