Kinks, The - Word Of Mouth Lyrics

I've been trying to get a message to you,
But the operator can't put me through,
Because the vandals went and wrecked all the telephones.
And all my enemies are spreading bad news,
You won't call me, that's why I'm calling you,
To put you straight about the rumors they're spreading about me back home.

I should have known, sooner or later,
You'd get the news, sooner or later,
The word of mouth will get right back to you.

Somehow we lost communication,
My only chance in my situation,
Is that the word of mouth gets my message through.

The word of mouth,
The word of mouth,
But who are they to say the things they do?

The word of mouth says that I've gone insane,
That wine and women have affected my brain.
Well who's the big mouth spreading the news again?
The word of mouth says I'm round the bend,
It's all over, this is the end.
Exaggeration sure gets the better of people who send[?].

The word of mouth,
The word of mouth,
But who are they to say the things they do?

The word of mouth said I should be put in my place.
The word is out I'm in disgrace - a waste of space.
But if they say it, say it to my face.

People talking, trying to dig up the dirt,
There are so many lies around.
They spread their gossip and the rumors around this town.

Word of mouth, face to face,
My word of mouth has stated my case,
And I'm saying I'm coming back home to you.

You should have know sooner or later,
You'd get the news sooner or later,
The word of mouth will get right back to you.

The word of mouth,
Shut your mouth,
Shut your face!

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Kinks, The Word Of Mouth Comments
  1. joseph lemko

    Another great LP by The Kinks. Every song is a gem.

  2. Diversión con Vinilos

    Reseña del álbum:

  3. Michael Platter

    The Kinks are the Kings

  4. Deborah Hearnden

    To those that cannot be positive about music. Why bother what have you done in life. Is your album here. No so let's just enjoy what others do without the negative remarks. Life is fall of negativity......



  6. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Great band - nice music

  7. Eric Nims

    This was my first KinKs show, and no doubt, absolutely phenomenal !!

    Aaron Naylor

    my first concert EVER

  8. kewrock

    Ran out and bought this the day it was released. Big disappointment. I new it felt different. Later I'd find out it was practically a Ray solo album. Mick Avory was pretty much gone . Dave Phoned it in, literally, at a different time and studio. One good song, Do It Again. Next album, Think Visual, same thing. One good song, Lost and Found. Killing Time is OK too. Next. UK  Jive. One good song, Scattered. The rest unlistenable. Their last album was so bad, I can't remember the name. It's the paper folder with the flames on it. Absolute crap, trying to recapture the early eighties, but failing.

    Mike Thaxton

    @kewrock Thrash ? There's your problem lol 

    Paul V. Montefusco

    kewrock I wish all my disappointments were this good!

    Daniel Johnson

    I don't think your music taste isnt that flash, I am from the 50s 60s 70s when there was great writers and great music, music for me died in 80s and don't knock Lennon , you tosser.

    raymond lang

    @Daniel Johnson 80s killed real music, and even the OGWT tv show was weaker in the 80s.
    Videos was another nail in the coffin.

    Daniel Johnson

    @raymond lang cannot agree more with you Raymond, I love the 60s 70s then again I am just an old 70 year old, take care.

  9. Eric Cluth

    Just bought this on vinyl. Late Kinks is so underrated.

  10. Ed Tulip

    only 6,500 views - pity - sad - they are listening to this Nicki Minaj shit & American Idol & rap.

  11. Kurt Oppido

    my favorite of many great songs by a great band

  12. Ed Felger

    I was sooo bummed my mom wouldn't let me go to this show but my brother got me the shirt, I wore it to shreds. My first Kink show was Think Visual, still my favorite band, the best EVER.