Kinks, The - The Poseur Lyrics

The Poseur's in town
The Poseur's around

Hey, it don't bother me,
But there's a guy eyein' you
He's watched you all night and he's looked you all over
He got his eye on you
But don't act like you're surprised
Because that smooth-looking guy's undressing you with his eyes

Look at him look you over
He thinks he can win you over
He'll flirt for a while, make passes and smile at you
But he'll never come over
'Cause he's just a poseur
Who thinks he's a Cassonova

That dude standing over there
He thinks he really looks cool
The ladies think he looks smooth
But he's rehearsed every move
He stands in front of the mirror all day
Now he's on display and he's so well routined
We've all come here to dance but he's just here to be seen

Look at him bossa nova
Look at him move and sway
But he's been practicing days to make his hair fall a certain way
But he'll never come over
'Cause he's just a poseur
Who thinks he's a Casanova

Look at him bossa nova, yeah
The Poseur's in town


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Kinks, The The Poseur Comments
  1. Greeceindirestraits

    The riff and bridge reminds me of Superman, so this is why it stayed in the vaults for so long

  2. Leo Kuelbs Collection

    Nice unreleased track from the era...Not as good as the tracks that were included on Sleepwalker.

  3. Thomas Walker

    very mid- seventies like, Saturday night fever, studio 54, and the disco image. Think SNL'S skit "two wild and crazy guys"

  4. Trip Lucid

    like American pop stars tryin to look "punk diy"