Kinks, The - Stormy Sky Lyrics

Oh, oh darlin',
Little darlin',
Did you ever see such a stormy sky?
It's never been like this before.

All the people,
They're runnin'.
Ev'rybody's try'n' to hide,
To get away from that stormy sky.
Perhaps it's a sign
Of what we're headed for.

We're under a stormy sky,
Watchin' the clouds roll by.
But won't you let me keep you warm,
And leave the storm outside?
It's only a stormy sky.

I feel it.
Do you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Feels like we're in for a stormy night,
But I can't see a cloud in sight.

I see it.
Do you see it?
Can't you see it,
See that warning in that stormy sky.
But perhaps its gonna pass us by,
So don't you cry.
There's nowhere we can hide.

But if you hold me tight,
I know that we'll be all right.
Tomorrow we'll laugh about it;
Greet the mornin' light.
It's only a stormy sky.

We're under a stormy sky,
Watchin' the clouds roll by.
But there'll be another dawn
To clear the storm away,
And we will be all right.

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Kinks, The Stormy Sky Comments
  1. Hamilton Lima Figueiredo

    Uma obra !!!

  2. Ignacio Bravo

    Beatiful song...

    joseph lemko

    Ignacio Bravo The Kinks are the best ever!

  3. The Filth

    Kinda kozy!

  4. David Maholchic

    Watch out for that stormy sky and the full moon

  5. Mavarla

    Gorgeous; loved this in '76; still do.

  6. Duke Mackris

    the song is Beautiful it puts my heart at peace takes me away to a beautiful place


    Nebulus exuberance.....

  8. Chip Zigrossi

    God save the kinks

  9. leopoldo ochoa

    what a song!!! and what a guitar player !!!!! Dave Davies!!!!!