Kingston, Sean - Chance Lyrics

[Sean Kingston:]
Fi di gyal dem

You, you owe me one
Runnin', runnin
Run me my, run me my chance
You, you owe me one
Runnin', runnin
Run me my, run me my, oh, chance

I'm waiting on you to get here
You say you won't take that long
I'm waiting on you to find me
You never right here at home
Don't give me no 'cuses
Just make it up
No baby, just come see 'bout me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

You owe me one
You owe me one, run that
You owe me one
You owe me one, run me my chance
You owe me one
Runnin', runnin
Run me my, oh, chance

[Vybz Kartel:]
Gyal you ah me favorite girl
Yeah, me love yo bumber di way it work
Yeah, the road way is good
Oh no no, wait, okay, reverse
Sit down pon it girl
Um, fuckin' sexy from birth
Let me take a picture
XXX scene, no play this in church
Daddy woulda say, "Oh Lord"
Isn't she lovely? I'm a baller
Comin' in from the cold like bob
U a freezer, please let me hold ya
You told me once
You sold me once
Me no care if you take
Two thousand man
Come through hold me hand
It's a utopia

[Sean Kingston:]
You owe me one
You owe me one, run that
You owe me one
You owe me one, run me my chance
You owe me one
Runnin', runnin
Run me my, oh, chance

Don't play with my love
I need it like I need my money
I need it like I need my money
I never let you take that from me
I gave you the blueprint
Don't mess it up
No baby, just come see 'bout me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

You owe me one
You owe me one, run that
You owe me one
You owe me one, run me my chance
You owe me one
Runnin', runnin
Run me my, oh, chance

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    Song is so good. Why isnt he promoting it

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    I liked the early 2000s you could tell he changed by the way he dresses and sings ever since that stupid ass trap music came out, to many people copying each others looks just to fit in , also nikki minaj changed aswell you could tell by when she started till todays music youll see a huge difference I dislike this generation

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