Kingdom Of Giants - Motif Lyrics

Can I find my way through this maze before it turns to grey?

Will all I ever say be more than just a copy?
Or am I living in a world stuck on repeat?

I know, I should find comfort in similarities
But instead it's draining me of any creativity
And now I fear we're merely tracing outlines
Left by others overtime
I've been on the search for reason
Looking to make sense of my life
While breaking down true meaning

Will all I ever say be more than just a copy?
Or am I living in a world stuck on repeat?

How many times, (How many times) can we use the same old played out lines?
(Sever the ties, Open your eyes)
I've heard this shit a thousand times
I know I'm guilty and so I'll still be
Searching for my way out of this maze

Do I have nothing new to add?
Do I have nothing left to offer?
The scary part of it all
Is that everything I'm saying has been said before
So say your line and move along, move along

I've been so scared of getting older
Pushing 27 now with nothing to show for
The time spent and dedication
Spilling out my guts onto this piece of paper

Can I find my way through this maze before it turns to gray?

Will I ever be anything more than a fucking copy?
Will I ever be anything, anything at all

Can I find my way through this maze before it turns to gray?

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Kingdom Of Giants Motif Comments
  1. Chev Chelios


  2. Wrath Upon Eden


  3. Jeff Rivard

    I've been so scared of getting older
    Pushing 27 now with nothing to show for
    The time spent and dedication
    Spilling out my guts onto this piece of paper

    Can I find my way through this maze before it turns to gray?

  4. Archeum94

    2019, still kicking it!

  5. Кусок Овчарки

    кто от вульфа ставим лайк

  6. Leeeroy Jenkins!!!

    Kickass! \m/

  7. ale :v

    Wow just wow

  8. gob gooberson

    This is soooo under-viewed

  9. Эдик Столбов

    Четко,просто ахуенно

  10. gob gooberson

    The most underrated of all time

  11. Cam

    Asian guy: "Hey... HEY!.... This is library..."

  12. Rodrigo X

    Holy bullshit!!! Fucking amazing! <3 Greetings from Colombia

  13. jimmaku salakavala

    Stuck on this, to the band....damn

  14. rioterism

    Lol, nice one!

  15. Daiytona

    Best ived ever heard in my life

  16. Vlad Czeckovski

    Soooooo underrated

  17. Bkeny 1999

    Librarian: Shhh you’re too loud

  18. Luca Taioli

    Instrumental version?

  19. Will Engelbrecht

    1:30 LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Also projector mood lighting is on point!

  20. 蕭博文

    this vibe is pretty good

  21. Zyl Vanshtein

    this says everything about my life

  22. MIchael White

    Kingdom of Giants is an American metalcore band from San Franscisco Bay Area. Their song "Motif" BEST SONG/BEST VIDEO!!!!😉😃😎😆🤔

  23. codycw015

    it just doesn't get old, dem lyrics

  24. McDubbn

    Looking to make sense of my life, while breaking down true meaaanniiiinngggg >:0

  25. Jonnie Forsythe

    can relate to these lyrics through & through. keep doing your thing boys. KOG are the realist in this industry. need more bands like them in my opinion.

  26. codycw015

    "Spilling out my guts onto this piece of paper... YEAH!" fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. eXe Cute

    Just found these guys...Digging this shit, big time.

  28. Dwėsk

    Still the best single out of the three i've heard from the upcoming album. It still has that amazing intensity yet it's somehow fresh and different. The other two are a lot less intense and I hope the rest of the album is a lot more like Motif.

  29. Cam

    Look up "Underrated" in the dictionary. You will find a list of all the Kingdom Of Giants albums

    Bryan Lenihan

    Cameron Fischer True

  30. Max Wimmer

    wow. this shit is so raw. fuck. sounds exactly like the rooms of AA and NA

  31. Logan Cheshier

    I can't believe this band hasn't completely blown up yet...

  32. Mr Str

    WE WANT THE ALBUM !!!!!!

  33. DeathTheKiid30

    Sounds like the old northlane


    DeathTheKiid30 also like Architects

  34. Kendall Roderick

    pretty sure I just had an eargasm

  35. Mike Dunne

    So is the new album out cause they don't have it on spotify at all?

  36. Michael Dubs

    This band is one of the most underrated bands. I really hope their next album blows up. I know I'll be repping it.

  37. Cris Velez

    Thank God they followed me on Twitter so I can find these guys! You guys go hard AF!!!!

  38. Cam

    Did they ever release the album this song was supposed to be on? I can't find it anywhere. Definitely one of my favorite bands.


    it will be on their upcoming album out this spring :)


    In Vogue the album was already promised last year, you better not break my heart twice :(

    Isaac Kawlewski

    Cameron Fischer All the Hell that you've Got to Spare is out right now they just released it yesterday

  39. MJ Dukes

    Is this band still alive?

  40. Thomas white

    decent...i still miss the clean vocalist that killed it on their song watch me...look that up whoever is just starting to get into these guys

    Alex Amani

    Thomas white disgusting lmfaooo. They weren't good until he was removed Haha. sounded like scene trash then. come on now hahaha

  41. Vection Jeqh


  42. Joey Luisada


  43. luca fanantic

    the damn ninja cutting onions here boys

  44. Mauro Bacchini

    i....cant...wait... for the new EP ;( pls make it happen

  45. L34ch5

    Shhh, you're in a library.

  46. Vast Drums

    Feel free to enjoy another song by these guys back in the day when the made this album I decided to take the challenge of playing there stuff on drums and it was so fun learning there stuff I don't think I'll ever stop listening to these guys there so damn great live too!

  47. LAMSY

    This is what vocal talent sounds like

  48. The Vegan Bear

    You liked one of my instagram post but had no videos so now I'm here and holy shit I like this 😮😮

    You boys need to put some videos up on your IG

  49. Cory Turczynski

    Anyone know if this album ever came out? Been waiting awhile but its kinda summer now, almost fall.

    Vaughn Hayes

    i asked them at a concert and they said by the end of this year or early next year. The album is completely finished besides track titles and album artwork. Their label is politically making them wait. Stupid stupid stupid!

  50. Zach Porcher

    automatic like crew checking in

  51. DLRS Nate

    Its past Spring. Hows the album coming along?


    Dana said they've done recording a minute before going on tour and it should be out soon :)

  52. Mauro Bacchini

    Spring 2016.... HEY I NEED THIS PLSSSSSS. Jokes aside, any release dates ?

  53. Ernesto

    OMG such beautifulness 👍👌


    Repaaaiiiiit!!!!! REPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. XYZ

    i swear while i listened to this song,i felt like i want to do undoable things like something like..........

  56. Lazy

    Why am I just finding out about these guys now? Damn, I've been missing out

  57. Luke Paniczew

    Words can't explain..

  58. Emily kNUTsen

    I met Julian when I was like 5

  59. Drzilla

    Its almost summer! Where ya at?

  60. el baddo

    When are these sick lads coming to Aus?!

  61. Dave

    It's summer now and no word on the album. :(

  62. William Smith

    this band deserves so many more views

  63. Spectre

    what did that piece of paper ever do to you #paperlivesmatter

  64. Adrian Hernandez

    Just saw them last night they were great!

  65. Aaron Barrett

    This has got to be one Josh's best mixes yet. So clean and fucking HUGE.

  66. Dorey Adrien

    Wow. Just discovered this band a few days ago, I've been listening to all their music and watching the few lives availiable on youtube, and I must say they got a new fan. Now I can't wait for the next album ! They're all crazy good at their instruments,
    by the way, are they 3 guitarists now ? It seems to change from a video to an other ^^

  67. Jorge Cabrera

    quisiera saber si esta banda es de los ángeles California

  68. Wilhelm Drum

    Fuck the lyrics, why do they have to be so depressing, they ruin the whole song for me. Fuck the lead singer, what a whiny penguin. Somebody, give him a toothbrush so that he can fuck himself with it

    Hi, I'm Lure

    If the lyrics is a problem for you, just ignore it.

  69. Hazzard Hero

    he is so angry at the paper :/

  70. Nigel Roberts

    am i the only one that thinks this sounds like Northlane?

  71. Mex van Gestel

    Amazing song!!!

  72. 11thDimension

    Love it, greetings from Portugal!

  73. soadrock18

    thats how i study aswell! i shout the words as loud as i can, to make it stick to my memory

  74. LeDoctorTurtle

    can't wiat to see you guys on the 19th

  75. xMiyazakiAkira

    at first i thought the screamer was paul rudd for a second 0o0

  76. colton ramey

    KOG stayed in my basement after playing a show with us.
    they're so kick ass and this song is just another stellar release

  77. Brian Koch

    More people need to know about KoG goddammit!

  78. hussguy1990

    this is good and fun and stuff but how many bands are gonna do this sound...


    Haha did you read the lyrics, too? Pretty awesome, he know's it's all pretty much been done before


    +WheresChris4 wow very self aware

  79. Shane Irwin

    what motif is this? I'm looking for deadric

  80. eric k

    fuking goood!!!

  81. Martim Costa

    I can't get sick of this shittttt

  82. Kasia

    so dope

  83. Astro Sixx

    First song I heard was Guns and Girls and this band is bomb af

  84. DLRS Nate

    Seriously cannot wait for the 2016 album!!

    No one likes singles that aren't on an album so please have this track on it! >:3

  85. Rico Lamers

    they made a library metal. good fucking job

  86. Jean Geill


  87. Austin Smith

    2:40 gives me chills

  88. Ed Michael Rabaino

    As someone who went to High School with Max, I'm crazy stoked he's getting more attention. But is he still good at basketball?? =D

    Dana Willax

    +Ed Michael Rabaino most definitely lol

  89. Daniel Konderak

    Kingdom Of Giants !! <3


    +DK 😍😍

  90. Pepsi Man

    What a radical name for a metal band.

  91. Jonathan

    I need this new album in my life already. this band never disappoints

  92. Leisure Muffin

    Stop ruining metal

  93. J and K White

    Holy fucking shit man....please give me an album...release it now. Please

  94. Kellan Ammann

    They remind me of Dayseeker