King Diamond - This Place Is Terrible Lyrics

I'm back in the church... night has taken over
I'm breathing hard... in the dark
Through the hole in the floor, I hear the winds from the catacomb
Here it comes, out of the hole, a magnificent light
Blinding the entire church

Contorted faces and bodies too, powerful entity floating high above
I was no more scared of dying, but I was terrified of knowing the truth
I don't want to, but I have to... I have to know who you are

You have entered where no human must go
You have seen the lie... the lie about the cross

I am many... we are one, the highest
You'll never know why we kept him here
The one who did not die on the cross
Could it be we kept him away from god
So that he may never walk
Never walk the earth again?

Or could it be that we've kept him... safe from you
So you may never try to do again what... you did back then?

I guess it all depends on who you are
I guess it all depends on who you really are

God and Satan are just puppets on our strings
Creating conflicts in your little human minds, keeping us alive
It doesn't matter who or what you think we are
It only matters that you know we are
God, the devil, good and evil, we're all that and so much more

Live this life the best you can, and leave the rest to us
But I can't... I won't be one that feeds an unknown god

Show to mankind that you really exist
And then explain to us the meaning of chaos
Give us reason to persist, to go on living through this hell on earth
All I want is peace of mind from all you non existing gods

I bet that not even you will ever understand the truth
Cause you are nothing but a puppet on even higher strings

Your unholy eyes, I wanna sew them shut
Oh you meaningless little god, and so I choose death over you

Up up the grey cold stairs, up into the tower of hell
With a rope in my hand, I'm searching for the unknown land
Father, father of the universe, father here I come... this place is terrible!

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King Diamond This Place Is Terrible Comments
  1. Márton Erdei

    Valaki radics petitől? :D





  4. Jorge Cose

    Compare now with Maluma and Bad Fucking Bunny ...

  5. Ronald Abinsay

    heavy metal rules!!!!!!!!

  6. Ronald Abinsay

    king diamond rules!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ronald Abinsay

    killer album a masterpiece

    Louis Csanko

    All of King Diamond's Albums Are Classics**

  8. TJ Hooker

    This is the most powerful and epic of any of King Diamonds album climaxes. "I BET THAT NOT EVEN YOU CAN EVER UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH" gets me every time. What the story of this album started out as and developed into is so impressive.


    Always get the shivers ;)

    Matt Barbera

    I'm not the biggest house of god fan overall, but this is one of his best closers. Between this, peace of mind and the title track, it makes a decent enough album for me to revisit.

  9. Lord Eli

    Still 17 years Later this song still holds its Bad assery, but then I don't see any of his music being dated, Timeless is the Diamond timeless I remember first buying this cd back then,

  10. Rafael Vivas

    ...gets over you...(my favourite segment)

  11. Mara Jade

    Solid riffage and that voice._..Wish i could cackle like a witch..

  12. Joseph Sarkadi

    Anyone know what he's referring to...feel free to comment....!!!

    David Zietz

    It may be a reference to the inscription above the entrance to a church (Rennes le Chateau) in france. It is said that there is a secret trap door that leads down into the hollow earth where a race of superhumans live.

    Joseph Sarkadi

    I was thinking more along the lines of the "Ancient Ones & Elder gods"...said to be way higher than God & Devil!!!

    David Zietz

    I guess it depends on your definitions of such. The people who built and decorated that church were a part of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, so their definitions of god and such might be more comprehensive than the contemporary ones.

  13. Thao Hien

    Best song on the album imo

  14. Krystal Harwood

    based on an inscription written by a Baron

  15. phil redmond

    Your unholy eyes, I wanna sew them shut..epic

  16. NicotinoSuide

    One of the most amazings king diamond's songs ever! Hail from chile!!!

  17. Mike Wilson

    someone need to upload the whole cd