King Diamond - The Exorcist Lyrics

At the light of dawn, on a day without
Sunshine... Salem had vanished
Gone, would Sarah, would she survive
Grandpa was panicking

Father Malone. The Exorcist... Father Malone. The Exorcist

Sarah's voice had changed from female to
Male... and that was wrong, it was as if Sarah
Had gone. Grandpa remembered his friend
Father Malone was the name

"Put me through to New Orleans
The Abbey of the Holy Saints
Father Malone please... It's urgent
You got to, you got to, you got to put me through"

It only took a minute or two, before the Father he understood

[Father Malone:]
"Listen here my friend, do not despair
I will be there... this afternoon
But beware... of the Daytime Moon"

Father Malone. The Exorcist... Father Malone, he is here

[Father Malone:]
"Holy Cross and Bible
Holy Water for the soul
And so the house I bless, but David, he's got to
Go, call for an ambulance before the others know"

Then he went back to Sarah's room

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King Diamond The Exorcist Comments
  1. Louis Csanko


  2. Navarro E.lizbth.

    Pura felicidad oir esto...

  3. Zach Campbell

    Exorcist is a great from king diamond.

  4. King Diamond

    Not bad song this either, my opinion, a whole album is full great songs but album sound isn't bests in my taste but i prefer this album better than spider lullabye, anyway!

  5. Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος

    Unclean spirits , come out of this girl right now!!


    in JESUS CHiRSTs name , SONG OF THE MOST HIGH {JEHOAVH - GOD ALMIGHTY } get out , Demon punk .....

  7. damian van duivje

    Father Malone will come to those who disiked and perform An exorcism on them

  8. Ronald Abinsay

    Heavy metal rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ronald Abinsay

    King diamond rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hernan Barbero

    Oh. Yeah

  11. Eric Flavio 13

    Glory to the King.
    Fucking awesome.

  12. robson souza

    Essa música é sensacional mestre king \../

  13. Lance Rock

    very underrated album

  14. Esteban Solis

    La Guitarra una de las mejores

  15. merlu punk

    so deep and so dark ,love it

  16. White Pride - World Wide

    my favorite song on the album , although the whole record is awesome !

    Lukas Kucera

    White Pride - World Wide I have the vinyl record and it was not a disappointment

  17. Pola Pérez

    |m| Exorciiiiiiiiist |m|

  18. King Diamond was here

    I was looking for.... precisely at the moment. thanx mate.