King Diamond - Passage To Hell Lyrics

What was that sound?
I slowly turn around, something moved
A void of darkness in the floor, where the altar stood
I move a little closer, 'cause I cannot see from where I stand
Blood still running down my arm, from all the cuts in my hands
I must enter the unholy cell
I must enter a passage to hell
Someone is ringing the bell

But there is only me, there is no one else
I think I hear a voice from deep within the hole
I wonder who could be in there, the strong smell of old
I must enter the unholy cell
I must enter a passage to hell
I can barely see the stairs below
Stairs on which I know my feet must go

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King Diamond Passage To Hell Comments
  1. boredror

    0:42 sounds like Voodoo

  2. TheDemonation13

    man this song fkn rules love it the darkness

  3. Christopher Redfearn

    Yes. This is real metal...

  4. John Saunders

    I Honestly Beleive that this is another one of Kings Greats as are all the rest.AVE SATANAS/AVE LUCIFERI/AVE BELIAL/AVE LEVIATHAN/AVE LILITH///

  5. Gaby Esteban

    Otro tema sobresaliente del Rey!

  6. Mike Wilson

    another great "bedtime" story for children

  7. Martin Coronado

    One of my favorite king diamond records and definitely the most underrated one.


    i totally aggree with you man!!!

    Daniel Norwood

    Everyone hates on this album for its production but I loved it. It was my first new King Diamond album when I heard it. I was blown away by the topic and the production. Its one of the best sounding albums to me. Most of Kings albums lack low end and enough high end ( mix wise ) this one had the balls harmonically, and Andy was doing some amazing lead. Yea its not early days Andy, but to me its a more refined and thought out version of his playing.

  8. Dark knight0884

    i think house of god was one of king diamonds creepy most story telling music