King Diamond - Follow The Wolf Lyrics

The morning slowly came, my life about to end
Then the wind would change, all but one had left
The angelic wolf had stayed, without a word she said
Follow me, follow the wolf
And so I followed the wolf, up the wooded mountain side
Close to the top... she suddenly stopped
Sun to the east, man and beast
Just two silhouettes... in a landscape never to forget
Like dark decaying teeth, I saw the village beneath
A few and distant roads all leading away from here
Nobody in the streets... decay
I must follow the wolf again, I must follow her till the end
The end

The wolf had turned around, facing higher ground
And there it was... the house of god
In awe I looked as time had stopped
Follow me
I had never seen a church like this before
"This place is terrible" inscribed above the door
Like dark decaying teeth, I saw the church within
A few distant thoughts, inviting me in to sin
Nobody in the church... decay
Shrouded in a gloomy light, as if my final night
I wonder if God was ever here
Or did he turn away in fear, did he turn away in fear?

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King Diamond Follow The Wolf Comments
  1. heaven/s dog


  2. Marcin Łatka

    Wilczek71 :)

  3. Winter Sun

    "FOLLOW ME........ FOLLOW ME......... AND SO I FOLLOWED THE WOOOOOOLF!" epic as. Easily his best album.

    lope de Aguirre

    man, it is a great album, but the best? 

    Winter Sun

    well my favourite anyway!

    lope de Aguirre

    However, one of my favorite songs is in this album. "I 'll love you forever...NEVER LEAAAVE!"

    Ado Podrinje

    then what is his best album ?


    Ado Podrinje

  4. Péter Farkas

    Follow me!

  5. GlenGrunge

    great songs!