King Combs - No Way Out Lyrics

Remember times there was no way out
But even then we was Dolce'd out
Rent out the whole steakhouse
Whenever it was time to feast
Cop moms a beach and supply the peeps with Jeeps, capisce?
Fendi Casa in my casa, listening to Frank White or Frank Sinatra
Depends how I'm feelin', plus I got a clearin' through the ceiling
Pour dough by my women, treat the game like I'm Villain, but
What's the odds that I talk it and it's right in my garage
These other raps mirage
Cobblestones surround a marble home
Do it to inspire you, money, things could buy you
At the Four Seasons for a greeting
May skip dinner just to see you in the evening
Take you from the club, have you in my bathtub
Spend a fast dub, then you give me back rubs, uh

I can offer you my love (uh-huh, uh-huh, say what, say what, I like that)
I can offer you my love (yo, yo yo yo, yo yo)

It's a party in the three story mansion, chicks bargin' in
When you at the gate just call, I can buzz you in
Celebrate life every night, I was born to win, born to sin
Soft-spoken, girls be heartbroken
Way the waves spinnin' keeps the chicks open
Besides that, I take you to climax
Trips to Jamaica, Vegas, then fly back
If you like that, floor seats watchin' Melo
Skate out to the lane house, no rental
Helicopter pads just to land on the yacht
Money power respect, I put that on a lot
And I can't lie, my niggas is multi
Billionaire status, Sammy Sosa
Rent out the wrist, cop whips for the summer
Interior cream, outside all butter, c'mon, cmon

I can offer you my love (yeah, I like that)
I can offer you my love (what, what what)

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King Combs No Way Out Comments
  1. Oshawn James

    I swear nigga likes Foxy Brown more than Lil Kim his fake auntie...sounds like Loon, Delivery like Fab, Dance like Mase..Swag like daddy 2.0 unlike his pops he's going to be a great rapper though

  2. Denneane Whitfield

    Aye yo fire just like it was in my days..go lil diddy..keep rising ..

  3. Qweencookie valentino

    The original track was done By “ Wham “ Everything She Wants.

    Then Foxx Sampled it

    Then he Sampled Foxx’s Track


    He Putting “ Bad Boy “ bakk on the map


    WHAM - "Whatever she wants" there u go Jevon!


    cheers Laron 😉

  6. Jevon Johnson

    Foxy brown I cant

  7. Never Give Up

    He got my babies on here Foxy Brown and Total baby, I Can't, yes I can' rock with you no more, 2 step lol 😂

  8. Vienna Sky

    So glad he's bringing the 90s vibe back we need more like this!!


    The group is WHAM n i will let u investigate the track Amigo.

    Jevon Johnson

    warren sherman everything she wants

    Jevon Johnson

    warren sherman with foxy brown background vocals


    Bad Sample 😉 Lackin in Spit 😡

    Jevon Johnson

    warren sherman who sample is it


    The Group is WHAM as 4 the track, i will let u investigate Amigo.

    Never Give Up

    Jevon Johnson Foxy Brown ft Total - I Can't, look at me telling my age lol 😂

    Laron James

    wham whatever she wants

    Shabazz 7:77

    warren sherman FOH!!!!