King Combs - Heaven Sent Lyrics

(Uh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yuh)

They say King Combs Heaven-sent
How he rock, plug for this shit
Catch a quick glimpse, calm touch so delicate
Mood change in the room when the gang steppin' in
Engine never break, steady peddlin'
Crush Pendleton store, cash like a flash drive (Cash)
Cut the chatter, money matter like black lives
Numbers add up, calculate it, get your math right (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Get your weight up, you deflate when crossin' paths (Nigga)
Never fooled by you clown niggas
Cut the jokes, see, I move how I wanna move
Follow rules, never do, that's uncomfortable (Uh-uh, uh-uh)
I'm the coach, makin' plays, never fumble
Preach Psalms in the huddle (Amen)
Can't settle, not for nothin', nah, nada, gotta hustle too (Nah)
Throw me in the jungle, I'ma hunt for food
My moms just passed, I ain't know what to do
But I'ma keep livin' like instruction (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Spent time out in London, I might move
Caught a vibe, shit, it might be the right mood
Take some time just to clear out my mind too (Yeah)
Every Friday a movie, I'm Ice Cube (What, what, what?)
See my lady so different, don't like you
She don't talk to nobody, she type rude
I don't rest, I count checks when the night through
Only time I get rest is on flights too
Any perps dissin' us, you losin' anyways (Yeah)
Cut through flesh, might burn your chest like Henny Straight (Uh-huh)
We up next, been that work for many days
Come contest (Come on, come on), bring your best, we really play
Young Michael Corleone, son of a don
I can tell the money comin' 'cause I'm rubbin' my palm
When that light shine, bet I go above and beyond
Drop heat all winter 'til the summer is on (Uh-huh)
I push Hummers with the logos, company cars
Same pendant on the chain, ladies lovin' the charm (Bling)
Workouts never cease, see the cuts in my arm? (Uh)
Old friends turned snakes, but I'm cuttin' 'em off (Damn)
Independent on a nigga, need nothin' from y'all (Nuh-huh)
Keep my energy the same, make like nothin' is wrong (Uh-uh)
Niggas can't stand the heat when the oven is on
Put the team on my back while I'm runnin' the ball
Never satisfied, can't be content with minor stats
I need a few Platinum plaques and fire tracks
King Combs can't relax, in fact, I'm hyperactive (What, what?)
Whip game, switch shades like Michael Jackson
Wrists plain, gold body like a magnum
Rappin', never play with you rappers, I'm steady snappin'
Do yourself a favor and step away from the class of
Made men, ready for war in every aspect (Respect, nigga)

Shittin' me, we make hits
Tell me how nasty you get
All the way from the hood to the neck of the woods, it's lit
One thing's for sure (I'll be good)
Yeah, shittin' me, we make hits
Tell me how nasty you get
All the way from the hood to the neck of the woods, it's lit
One thing's for sure (I'll be good)

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King Combs Heaven Sent Comments
  1. Jazmin Rosales

    Discovered him from the What You Want song. But shit I'm feelin the viiiibe.

  2. FTT Productions

    The beat and his rhyming scheme together are damn good

  3. NCFITNESSPLUS Adrienne Hicks

    Bad boy 4 life!

  4. minnierob1

    is it just me or does he sound like old p diddy his dad

  5. Tony Stank

    I'm feelin this kid

  6. R32 trending

    All shit this my new rapper all day ... Little Diddy .. love it

  7. why not

    My 44 make sure all your kids don't grow☻👣👣

  8. David Brown

    My 44 make sure all your kids don't grow☻👣👣

  9. Shizzymc Flammer

    Hot join... I will flame ANY BEAT.. Good banger tho Lil puff!!💯💪🏿🔥

  10. Blain Minilik

    I have been playing this song so much it is literally stuck in my head this beat goes hard👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥

  11. Ty Gaming

    imagine if foxy and jay remixed with him

  12. SeaTheGod Gold


  13. Adam Groenmeyer

    Its sad that kid will always be underrated bcuz diddy son

  14. Kyle Pugin

    this so much better than the sh** thats dropping recently

  15. justin Mbarika

    If this guys want to be successful he needs to build a time machine

  16. Danni Tolbert

    Young one has skillz

  17. Danni Tolbert

    Young one hasbskills

  18. deenasty2k

    Love this song! And king this song 🔥 😝💪🏾

  19. Twin G

    2019 🔫 🔥😁👿😈👍😎💪🖕

  20. A Little Bit Of Everything

    WOOO you didnt miss a beat!!!!

  21. A Little Bit Of Everything

    Get it, get it, King!!!!

  22. turnup water

    Ok ok herd about 5 presentable bars to compare to pusha t(the 10 bars) this is your best so far but u need a newer style of ny or a even older one slick or sum.... sample Slick Rick and Skrillex I don't know just a suggestion

  23. Ganamo Henbento

    I said it yes - his flow on a 100! I’ve been asleep but now I’m up, I hope his music can be found in my design creativity.

    Melbourne city, ya we here in the alley ways taking flicks.

  24. Atasha TV

    Amazing bro

  25. Jd Hoops

    I think this his best song

  26. Endyz

    This man could outrap his dad and is kinda close to mase.

  27. Dolley Lucci

    Its BAD BOY !!!

  28. Aisling O Reilly

    Loving him and he's better than his dad😅😅😍😍

  29. Cocolia Cox

    Do your shit king combs,,i love it🔥🔥🔥

  30. Luis Espinal

    That chain and song are 🔥🔥🔥

  31. Mr Lions

    Sounds like Mase a little

  32. Rxb Bxr

    This is ass

  33. MegaTakis19 __


  34. Jewelz Riddick


  35. Jorin Davidson

    What I like about him is that he’s not one of those gang/thug rapper he rap with class

  36. erika Rodriguez

    He sounds just like his father shittttt

  37. Tiffany Lawrence

    This man so talented and fine, always giving me 90's vibezzz😭😍🍫 sounding just like his dadddddy👅

  38. Christie McCurley

    I am not hating on him I think he is good....BUT why the 3 songs out of 4 I have listened to been sampled? Oh wait that is because his daddy or Diddy is the king fo sho of samples/remixes. Still no shade cuz I listened and still listen to puff but come on daddy ....Diddy .....can't you ever come up with ur own shit?

  39. Sharlene Fowler

    Ok so where he been hiding all this time #talented

  40. Tony Fastlife

    What song did he sample


    Yessssss Push Through King!!!!!

  42. Cherri Rosee

    “I can tell the money comin cuz I’m rubbin my palm” he go crazy 🤟🏽 💯

  43. aniyha a


  44. Courtney S

    FIRE..🔥🔥🔥 he got a unqiue vibe. Killed a classic beat fr !

  45. Deamon Killer

    Sounds just like his dad

  46. Lookin Atcha

    I glad he ain't mumbling.

  47. Lookin Atcha

    Fuck what that WHITE BITCH Patrick Cc talking bout. You NICE nigga. I fuck WITH this SHIT. You and YOUR BROTHER DOPE. WHITE ASS culture vulture ASS niggas need go suck a duck some where.

  48. Alex B

    King Combs is honestly better than half these wack rappers it’s shocking he doesn’t receive more clout

  49. Lawrence Odedina

    Raps better than his pops. Thank god

  50. Dreah Jones


  51. E$cute


  52. Crypt0 G0ul


  53. Nina Frenchi

    It was verry verry hard 🙃

  54. Ebony Rosas

    So fine😍

  55. Linda Johnson

    I'm old school,love this ish.....

  56. iamasia

    They more than sleeping on you my guy

  57. Shawn Wellington

    He can rap better than diddy self

  58. Lindokuhle Nxumalo

    The flow🔥🔥🔥

  59. Darryl Hargrove


  60. Ayman

    he is his fathers son 😳 sound just like his old man I fw this heavy

  61. Carlos Cintron

    This dude definitely 90s vibe 🙌🙌 better than this bullshit rap out now shit wack say whatever on a track

  62. Tony G

    Old Hov

  63. Rebecca VoZ

    “Cut the chedda money matta like Black livez “

  64. Nanuk Tame

    Straight fire🔥🔥 different vibe no CAP

  65. Twin G


  66. wavydog


  67. Jay VFX

    This stuff has got a legit 90s vibe we need more king combsssss

  68. Norvin Buggage Jr

    We Play The Game For Keeps (New Orleans Tv Series )

  69. Milan Knezevic

    like it, very nice, want to hear more music like this one

  70. Vialey Richards

    Do a song with the hoodies they dope

  71. Vialey Richards

    Love this kid

  72. Rebecca VoZ

    Omg he’s perfect!

  73. Rebecca VoZ


  74. Cindy Thompson

    Iam a grown somebody way over 21 and digging this hard....

  75. jude bakewell

    This young man is brill keep it up king combs

  76. Demetrius Dickey

    This song gose hard he reminds me of his daddy in mase him music always have a olschool vibe. You can ride dance in vibe too misd hearing goid midic like this.

  77. tresor tumba

    Magnifique son👍👍👍

  78. prentiss mcaster

    Severely underrated. Crazy how he don't get much radio play. Even with his dad's power.

  79. Thais R.

    Breah <3

  80. Gee 209

    Not a bad sound. But that punk rock jacket.. bruh, you don’t know anything about that. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  81. benitobreal

    Look what my dad got my Super Priveleged ass....

  82. Paul Martinez

    Not bad

  83. ataisha atkinson

    Yeahh this🔥; you should rap to a piano or guitar or both. 🎹

  84. Rangkynsai Kharrubon

    My Son lost his Idol Nipsey Hussle.....he follows P.Diddy in IG and discovered you...Thank You for Healing my Son🙏🏾

  85. Wairimu Mwaura

    damn Sean(Diddy) is that you?❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  86. CleopatraThaGoat vevo

    Rest In Peace Lady Kp🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  87. HBK TAY

    Anyone know the original song?

  88. LEON

    This song can have anybody dancing

  89. Thee Queen

    He so underrated. Can’t wait for him to get big

  90. Benucci Brown

    King combs bring Hip Hop back Bad Boy 4 life

  91. Sunday Rose


  92. Supreme

    ok we get it're bad boy lineage but he needs to lay off the 90's early 2000's beats and give us something fresh and new with the bars like jaden smith imo...

  93. Jonathan Clarkston


  94. Levi Flames


  95. mansa musa

    Mase and loon combined , I'm a sucker for 90s vibe