King Combs - Debarge Shit Lyrics

You know I keep the baddest honeys
We got all the money
Don't look at us funny

Yo, yo, yo
I be back of the Lex with my
Clique we the best
And we never gone stress
Cause we just love to flex
And I, can't lie I got a million Baguettes
And I got chicks that be beggin' me for the sex
And I don't got time for playin'
What he she be saying
My old honeys be waiting for me to slay em'
Vacay in the Caymans, cameras in different angles
People are takin' pictures, mami know that I'm famous
Man I wanna have a million
Better yet a billion
Tryna catch a trillion catch me with a Brazilian
Mami she push a outtie
Telling her friends about me
Sayin' that I'm that nigga
I'm thinkin' she catching feelings
And you know I keep you laced in the latest ice you just my type get high tonight
You looking fly like a bird when the climate right
When I get the mic niggas know I'm shining bright
Bad chicks I like, you say you like Picasso right?
Tonight's the night
You lookin' right my diamonds bright like

My every thought is you, the things you do...

Yo, yo, yo, yo
I'm fresh to death as always
With chicks in all shapes
With Versace shades and we ball like all day
We get cake tryna stack it in every place
She say I'm fine tall and she feeling my dark fade
So feel me deep as you grip on my sheets
Come through discrete
No need to wake the peeps cause
Dogs be barkin' when we be sparkin'
And we ball like Spalding like what they talkin'
It's a breath of fresh air when I'm in my fresh gear
Meetings overseas they ain't know we had connects there
Worried bout us you should worry if ya check cleared
Anytime we came through know that it was blessed, yeah
It's gone happen if I plan it too
I plan to do numbers like Snoop, oops
I'm interrupted, shawty sent a text "let's get into something"
I might as well plus she fine as hell

My every thought is you, the things you do...

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King Combs Debarge Shit Comments
  1. Melissa Johnson

    “Feel me deep as you grip on my sheets“😍😋

  2. Deahra Shelton

    Run tell dat

  3. Tiffany Hawkins

    Ok I'm feeling this one

  4. Ryan Miller

    Haha- Could this be the return of hip hop??? We need this style back.

  5. Topgearballer

    Yup ...da shit is fucken real ....REAL RAP is back ,nothing else matters

  6. Shabazz 7:77

    Monsta banger!!!🔥🔥🔥🏆

  7. Style Veteran


  8. Imad


  9. Brandon J

    Here before the whole album blows up 🔥💥👍