Kimbra - As You Are Lyrics

I won't give it back again
I won't give it back to you
I won't give that part again
I won't love another you

Cos honey that hour glass got me thinking
You ain't no friend of mine
We were moving so fast and you got me thinking
Why not keep chasing time?
I said ‘Honey I wanna find somewhere sacred,
away from your flashing lights’
Honey I was yours in the dark of the night

Come as you are
Come let me take a picture
Come as you are

I won't give it back again
More that I’m giving, the more you take
I’m feeling forced into the intimate
With every move I make into your frame

Come on take anything you like

Cos honey that hourglass got me thinking
You ain’t no friend of mine
We were moving so fast and the sand was sinking
Why not keep chasing time?
Honey I wanna feel something sacred,
away from your flashing lights
Honey I was yours in the dark of the night

Come as you are
Come let me take a picture
Come as you are

Come inside, a little to the right
Get comfortable, you're a natural
Come inside, it'll be alright

Love comes at a cost
But nothing’s ever lost
It's just another paradox
The dark was just never just for us

Take another fast
Try to make it last
But this too my love shall pass
The dark was just never just for us

And it all ends the same
Cos in time everything must change

Take another fast
Try to make it last if you want to
But in time everything must go

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Kimbra As You Are Comments
  1. John White


  2. Adam Pearce

    Woah. I'm only just discovering Kimbra now - but woah. I keep finding gems like this and I don't know what to do with it.

    Frederic NAPIER

    Tons of gems with Kimbra! From 2010 to her last album and videos... It is a new world!

  3. Andrew Torres

    Simply awe strucked


    I've lost count how many times I've watched this video and have felt my heart and soul swell so much that I cry. Every time it's a different meaning. ❤️

  5. Tia Patterson

    Who's here in 2019?

  6. Suzi Anthony


  7. Edson Arantes


  8. Ashley Butler

    My favourite Kimbra song

  9. Judah's Jewels Handmade Jewelry & Beading Supply

    There's something that I can't get away from in this song. I find myself completely captivated in every word. Emotions everywhere. Thank you Kimbra!

  10. Rafael Fernandes

    Pode passar o tempo que for, As You Are continuará como uma das melhores canções da Kimbra (se não A MELHOR). Isto é cantar com a alma, isto é arte ❤❤

    bloodylion 21

    Rafael Fernandes CONCORDO 100%

  11. Matheus Araújo

    This is so beautiful, I just can't 😥💖

  12. DindonPoo

    So much better than the official version.

  13. MrRottenJD

    Both woman and song are amazing.

  14. Mark Anthony

    Real artist....

  15. Rick Petry

    Such beautiful sorrow.

  16. Veronica Plate

    SO this is what Angels sound like in heaven !! WOW


    She is not human hahaha! Her passion is from another world!

  18. stefanya falcon velazquez

    La amo <3...

  19. Relya Voy

    I hate it when people say "modern music sucks". Kimbra is such a great example that pop music can be interesting, risky and complex. She is one of a kind, ahead of her time.

  20. Brian Newton

    This really hit home today!

  21. Bernhard Testor

    I don't wanna be critical. But in my opinion is the album version espially in the strophes more emotionall.

  22. Juanio Zionthirteen


  23. Juanio Zionthirteen


  24. Rafael Fernandes

    06:01 OMG Melhor parte do vídeo - o talento de Kimbra é incrível ❤

  25. lou felix

    wwwwooooooowwww 😍😍😍

  26. racistmatesonacid

    this was like a religious experience

  27. Stefan Bishop

    as much as i love Kimbra and her voice and her emotion, I do want to hear Beyonce's version #sorrynotsorry

    Kason Smith


  28. joe a

    this song never fails to give me fucking goosebumps upon goosebumps. Everybody Knows is such a fucking great lead single, I'm so excited for this new era. this brilliant woman never disappoints

  29. Bryce Katz

    Watching this again for the nth time, and just noticed the pair of small almost-smiles at 6:46-6:48. It's like she was - just for a moment - lost in the memory of whatever inspired the song ... or the song inspires in her.

  30. Goldberg04

    does anyone know where the opening piano melody is from?

  31. Veronica Plate

    amazing pure amazing !

  32. GusDavo Bec

    I wish I could give a thumbs up every time I listen to it.

  33. Me I think

    Can someone give me their interpretation of the meaning behind this song?

    Kason Smith

    watch the introduction

  34. Alexa Boxler

    Reminds me of Lea Michele!

  35. Fabien Oesch

    Sober and deep performance ! Very touching. Love it !

  36. Okiyuko -

    This is literally my favorite video on YouTube.

  37. Goof Ball Prodigy

    It's a shame she has terrible phrasing, a specially when she uses her head voice....
    Those aaaahs really need work....
    Love her song writing though.

    Catherine Jones

    K- MAN what do you mean by that?

    Frederic NAPIER

    She is not a lyrical singer, she is telling is a story with her meanings. And this is beautiful and sincere.

  38. Mitcholos

    It's like, specifically written to be cried to hahah

  39. scrapy3211

    Truly a heart felt song, it's amazing to see the expressions on the violinists.

  40. Pedro Ramirez

    I Cant see or listen this without cry a bit

  41. Nathan Hecker

    I really love this type of video! Please bring it back!

  42. Regenweibchen

    This is wonderful art! Thank you Kimbra for sharing such deep thoughts with us!

  43. Gabriel Willemann

    6:03 holy shit


    Gabriel Willemann she fucking killed it!!

  44. flap jack

    kimbra got me fucked up

  45. R3DEMPTEDlegacy

    Heres the opening trancript

    when you create a place with someone that you think is sacred and is just shared between you two .and if that is then taken away from you or opened up in a way you didn't expect ,you start to put up walls for the fear of it happening again . that place of illusion that we fall into where in love were blinded and we think that we're the only ones and that it's just a little safe bubble that you create with someone, there is this conversation that takes place between the two people and one is asking someone to come exactly as they are and to allow them to be intimate and allow them to be open ,and so often we fall for that and we find out that it wasn't pure as we thought it can be really difficult to feel vulnerable again .vulnerability is so important to me i think it's crucial to the human experience that we open up ourselves up and that we be real people and be raw with people and we let them see ourselves for exactly who we are but it's also one of the hardest things to do. its so much better to walk through life having given that and opening that space up to someone -kimbra


    R3DEMPTEDlegacy Thank you so much!

  46. Jonas Cleber

    lagrimas rolaram aqui

  47. Yasfi Shadriyah

    Best version. I love album version, but I'd love it...

  48. Lea Davis

    From like 5:55 to the end absolutely kills me. lyrics, music, HER. She is such an artist. This was so effortless.

  49. Maryna Boiko

    the first verse and chorus are just unbelievable

  50. Tiffany

    Wow this has always been one of my favorite songs, but this video really changed how I think about the song. So beautiful.

  51. its bliss

    she doesn't just create music she also creates art as well

  52. Elgrislito

    Kimbra eres la mejor!

  53. Sociopath

    That was just amazing

  54. Dustin Clark

    Pretty song, but I was SO distracted by her hand movements. Put your hands down! Lol

  55. JulianFernandez

    Nice mic technique...

  56. Nine

    i love her music. its so deep :)

  57. ccKyuubi

    Speechless. This is so raw it hurts. She bleeds talent.

  58. jasmin santos


  59. Maria Renny

    Same my heart also broke in tears

  60. Cosmic Otter

    Where are all these Rs coming from suddenly? She's a Kiwi, ain't no Rs in New Zealand english.

  61. iTeacupPanda

    Florence + Kimbra = Make it happen, music industry.

    Amberene Qayyum

    iTeacupPanda yes yes yes and again yes!

    Matheus Buss da Silva


  62. Juan jacinto

    Love it

  63. Isabella Martinez

    I cry every time I hear her sing this. THAT is artistry.

  64. Rafael Seixas

    Apaixonado por este vídeo! Kimbra é sensacional, que voz...

  65. Alexandra Briscoe

    goosebumps for dayzzzzz

  66. darian ricks

    I love her 😍

  67. cereyza

    i listened to this and cried at the first long note.. the way her voice broke at the end.. my heart broke with it

    Taylor Swaft

    HEYCEREZA at what point in the video are you referring to?


    3:25 . revisiting it right now I got chills again

    Dani D

    What about 6:03 - 6:11

    Jonas Cleber

    exactly, i cant prevent the tears

    Pedro Ramirez

    i cry listening this

  68. Thỏ Nâu

    someone please give her a Grammy !

    Thỏ Nâu

    but... like... Lorde can have it but Kimbra can't??? seriously???

    Bryce Katz

    Lorde isn't anything special, musically speaking. Lyrically, yes, she's amazing, but I've yet to hear anything from her that's particularly interesting or challenging. In fact, her songs seem to work best when Postmodern Jukebox covers them. Lorde is decidedly a mainstream pop act, which is why I'm not at all surprised she got a Grammy nod.

    Contrast with Kimbra. She's a bit of a musical chameleon, who not only writes and sings, but also produces her own work. Look at the stylistic differences between "Vows" and "The Golden Echo", then contrast both of those works with her live performances at SpaceJam and on stage with David Byrne at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Prince tribute concert (there weren't many invited to perfom with The Revolution, y'know). The American popular music scene has no idea what to do with Kimbra.

    Thỏ Nâu

    @Bryce Katz you mean Kimbra has so many different potentials that many people don't understand?? okay! that explains alot, thankyou sir!


    Queen Kimbra does have a Grammy though. Sadly, it's because of Gotye and not her solo stuff but she's literally more than deserving. Especially after seeing the nominations this year lmao

    Okiyuko -

    Kimbra has like 2 grammys

  69. tennislover78 jj

    There is nothing more to say!!! Just crying my eyes out! So so beautiful!

  70. Jason Jackson

    Chills X infinity beautiful (L)

  71. Jugo de luna

    nunca entenderé por qué tiene tan pocas visitas este video...


    Really beautiful. I got emotional 😭

  73. Kalexambing

    I hope Kimbra is single, cause she is wife material! :D

    Sam Paguio

    I've been saying that to myself for years lmao


    Hahah as we all

    Pedro Ramirez

    Kimbra best waifu

    Jennifer H.

    kimbra would probably eat u alive, just sayin ; )

    Mark Anthony

    Yeah, get in line....

  74. Julian Williams

    Never have I felt so connected to an artist. You are a gem. Thank you for this gift.

  75. My Name

    very off key on the high notes, not good at all

    Suzi Anthony

    My Name sometimes key doesnt matter when emotion carries it. Shes real about her art.

  76. JulianFernandez

    Classic stuff right there... Hey Kimbra, would you have a cup of coffee with me?

  77. Thỏ Nâu

    it's not one of those the catchiest song which I've always been into but the melody itself, the lyric and Kimbra's voice make me feel haunted. It sure reminds me of what I've been through ... OMG I can't get it outta my head.

  78. ludsat1

    Yeah What he Love you Kimbra

  79. Laura Blanco

    I cried

  80. DvC Wulf

    So much power. The message to the execution. Brilliant.

  81. 0perativeX

    That was beautiful

  82. xBradsrucax

    Really hit home for me. Breathtaking.

  83. Ko Zushi


  84. Jake Frisbie

    she's incredible

  85. mpedr001


  86. Rylee Krantz

    This is going on my list of beautiful songs that make me want to cry. This is a modern wonder, and Kimbra doesn't get the publicity she deserves.

  87. howsbao

    i miss the old miranda sings

    Relya Voy

    +howsbao stooop it, u kiddin?

    Zeo Khan

    Lol wtf no Miranda is way better now.

  88. Claudia Madden

    This performance gives me chills. The emotion here is so pure and real...



  90. Nani P.

    My favorite song from her

  91. UB SLAM

    I love the act of storytelling in the intro, like beginners poetry.

  92. Camilla Munaco

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Could you all please check out my version of this song and tell me what you think!

  93. Relya Voy

    Kimbra plays in her own league.
    I can't describe how stunning this is. I loved the studio version, but this one hurts even more and showcases her vocals so well.
    This is by far my favourite live performance of anything i've seen yet in my life

  94. Nathan Ezell

    Is there a way I can download this version? So amazing!

  95. ijustjake

    3:20 - 3:29 The best part!

  96. Tim West

    this was so beautiful and uplifting to me while i was depressed.

  97. Kamaran Cola MusiCola


  98. Taylor Swaft

    Truly a beautiful performance.

  99. Violet R.

    I never met an artist explain her emotions through music as well as her. She is one of my inspirations and love her voice. Although it makes me depressed and emotional listening to this song. I guess it's because of the amount of emotion and feeling put into the song.

  100. Malia' Bartholomew

    kimbra is my inspiration