Kim Wilde - You Came Lyrics

Someone I know is staring at me
And when I look into her eyes
I see a girl that I used to be
I hardly recognise
Cos in the space of a year
I've watched the old me disappear
All of the things I once held precious
Just don't mean anything anymore
Cos suddenly

You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

I've never felt good with permanent things
Now I don't want anything to change
You can't imagine the joy you bring
My life won't be the same
And I'll be there when you call
I'll pick you up if you should fall
Cos I have never felt such inspiration
Nobody else ever gave me more because

You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

I watch you sleep in the still of the night
You look so pretty when you dream
So many people just go through life
Holding back, they don't say what they mean
But it's easy for me
Since you came
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place
You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

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Kim Wilde You Came Comments
  1. Tim

    I loved this song when it first came out. I love it just as much now. Heavens above, she was stunning!!!

  2. Александр Цвилий

    музон класс зачет мощь словами не передать не давно узнал про Ким просто меня не было в 80х я 2005 ого хочу сказать что музика тогда по лучше была чем сейчас, теперь слушаю Kim Wilde CCCatch Sandra Modern talking и в том же духе класная музня была,а щас со всем не то что может порадовать(

  3. Александр Цвилий

    0:43 komrade is buling like on KPP in borispol airforce base))

  4. vash

    Still mesmerized by Kim's beauty

  5. Pietro Cocco

    No sex scandals!
    No alcohol!
    No drugs!
    Pure talent !!!
    I still hear them in 2020!!!

  6. Tom Gleeson

    Thinking about someone

  7. Jorinhos Viegas

    You look so beautiful when you sleep. I love

  8. Harut Harutyunyan

    your voice cannot be compared with anyone. I am a fan from 80s. you are super Kim!!!!

  9. Forest Dweller

    There is good acts. And there is great acts. This one is awesome.

  10. Błażej Żwawiak

    Piękna piosenka

  11. Camille Bossard

  12. Camille Bossard

  13. Krzysztof Krawczyk

    Ja słucham w 2020 roku

  14. Miguel Martins

    Gente sem total tadinhoo pequenino

  15. Pavel Zábranský

    Nechte mne byt

  16. Klajdi Cela

    Wonderful woman and song. Good time and memory. Just amazing

  17. ELO 70

    Die hübscheste Frau aus der Pop Szene der 80's !

  18. Tom Kuhbrügge

    Bevor sie von den ALIENS heimgesucht wurde...akkustisch wie optisch ;)

  19. jason preston

    Beautiful woman

  20. Виктор Абакумов

    самая красивая девушка моей юности!!))

  21. David Thompson

    Me definately

  22. Pagona Chronaki

    Yes indeed stunning.

  23. Андрей Пастушек

    I wonder how she managed to look gorgeous with no botox or plastic surgery in 80s.

  24. Henio

    Kim Wilde zróbcie coś z nutą pomarańczy 🍋🐦 słowiański głos skowronka kim jest de best niepowtarzalny klimat utworu w zakresie i celu uzyskania dzwieku 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🎹 siewodnia prazdnik wiesnia zgury dziękuję za długoletnią tradycją i kulturą i nie ma już takich lasek jak kim ⭐🥭🔥⭐👩‍👩‍👦🥀✨💫💫🥝🍉🌌🥕🍒⭐⭐

  25. hermes mann

    when I felt in love with her...Kim "you came" into my life...

  26. Людмила Анисимова

    Наталья Ветлицкая на нее похожа и по манере исполнения и внешне ! Но оригинал Ким - Сильнее!!

  27. jamiegrifter

    Anyone else see her perform this when she supported Michael Jackson on his BAD tour in 1988?
    Great memories! ♥️

  28. Martha Aounallah

    It's such a wonderfull song who let me dream. And you have a great voice and powerful.

  29. Thomas McBurney

    Yes Kim, I did come. Don't act surprised.

  30. Louise Paris

    this song is dedicated to my obsession with 80s music.

  31. Fly with Nic

    Great Music in 80s

  32. Matteo monster

    Pezzo di figa allucinante!

  33. Irish Kabyle


    J'ADORE KIM WILDE, OH LA, LA, oh oui !!!!!!!!!

  34. REBEL.Ins'

    If I recall,you came as well Kim.I absolutely ruined yer...!

  35. Anthony Eaves

    Damn I had a massive crush on her

  36. vash

    No plastic ,no silicone,no collagen,natural beauty.
    2020💪 still listening

  37. Antti Luomanen


  38. Jörg Rogge

    Kid of her time....immediate percection

  39. Jörg Rogge

    One of the sexiest Woman I ve Seen.....

  40. Егор Иванов

    Прелесть, не устаю наслаждаться , Браво !!!

  41. Steven Orr

    absolutely stunning. what a woman. wow

  42. Teresa Cioni

    Anni 80 favolose canzoni

  43. wendy32ply

    Mint xx

  44. Adam Stefański

    Stare czasy ale jare

  45. Zwuppel

    nicos you must doc brown about time machine lol

  46. Aymen Khotani

    A message to the new generation
    Look closely to pure beauty and art
    You missed a lot but it is time to thank youtube

  47. Sveta Zharkimbayeva

    Точенная фигурка👍👏🌹🌹🌹

  48. David Forika

    still missing a dubstep edition of this

  49. Miguel Martins

    Está música ai meu Deus quando oisso para tudo só arte

  50. alexandre christen

    Even if it was released in July 1988 , almost 32 years ago , this timeless song is still as pleasant to listen to in 2020 . Kim Wilde with his natural charm and his beautiful voice is certainly the prettiest female singer of the 80s . 😚 😚 😚

  51. Miguel Martins

    Momentos lindos Kim muito ela

  52. Pablo Navea

    Beautiful song! Thanks!

  53. robbofizz

    What wasn't perfect about Miss Wilde? In my opinion the most gorgeous Pop Star ever!

  54. 伊集盛健


  55. Oran Scully

    A real English Rose. Watching in Ireland.

  56. Miguel Martins

    Vamos gozar um bagaço bom o ge e de muita harte não ligo só provar rir ser

  57. Petra Frieblová


  58. fabio ramos oficial

    Além de linda canta demais 👏👏👏

  59. Miguel Martins

    Amo está música

  60. Polivnet


  61. Miguel Martins

    Nada de computadores só brochura ler muito ir ao local o físico e fisico

  62. Miguel Martins

    Amanhã vou recordar viver sou de asservo

  63. kevin most

    Always loved this tune,one of Kim's best

  64. Xubann

    Kim Wide comes to the Summerdays Festival 2020 in Arbon (Switzerland). Therefore I sing "Relax"! See here:

  65. Murodbek Muminov

    Фигура класс

  66. Miguel Martins

    Tadinho pequenino

  67. Lianne MURPHY

    I remember that sadly she was dubbed “chubby” at the time! Stunning with a perfect proportioned figure.

    neville garland

    Hardly anything of her.......... and god, the sexy confidence she exudes

  68. Annie Lu-Ann

    The best year, a real music!

  69. Irish Kabyle


    J'ADORE KIM WILDE, OH LA, LA, oh oui !!!!!!!!!

  70. Eliane Feger

    J adore

  71. dawid31m

    Kim looks like Kelly McGillis...booth beautifully...

  72. Sturmuli muli

    I came..

  73. Ruben San Mauro Del Bosqur


  74. Kei

    mari wilson

    zinger +

  75. Gary Jonathan

    that body xxxx

  76. Василий Петров

    От неё ослепнуть можно. )

  77. Monika Wieczorek

    My beautiful Singer 🌹

  78. Zsuzsanna Walbaum, Levai

    Ich liebe dieses Lied!! Die ist ein sehr schöne Frau gewesen ist!👍👍👍🌹🏵💮🌸💐

  79. Lyov881

    Both the singer and the song are precious

  80. Irvine Q

    Best woman, best singer..! 😍

  81. enzo bonardi

    2 0 2 0 ..... ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  82. Ian S. Rutter

    She was the opening act for Micheal Jackson's Bad concert, in Liverpool.
    She was miles better than Jackson. She was the only great thing about the Bad concert.

  83. R 1

    просто красавица

  84. René Böttger

    still amazing

  85. Kourwa

    Indémodable une époque de fou

  86. David Day walker

    I've got the pop corn.

  87. John Skelton

    Who didn't have a crush on Kim? I still do! She just so gorgeous!!

  88. Paul Coursaud

    the charm and talent of English 80s singers



  90. Alan O Brien

    Kim the uber femme fatal, her face wakes us to joy

  91. andrew wyatt

    In 2 minutes

  92. Football Denis


  93. Real Fabio Platero

    Brasil 2020?

  94. Ali Baimaganbet

    🇰🇿😎👍 14.01.2020

  95. Allan Bennett

    Loved this song back in the day and it's still a great track now... especially played loud!

  96. emJay !

    So sad I never got to live in the 80´s :( I was born a generation too late..

  97. Los Peilos

    Kim came & stayed in our hearts!