Kim Petras - Clarity Lyrics

Clarity, I got clarity
I'm the bitch with the sauce, apparently
Give a few of y'all drip, that's charity
I ain't worried 'bout shit, you a parody
Clarity, I got clarity
VVS's 'round my neck, now they stare at me
Ain't no wonder why they all so scared of me
I'm a rarity, I got clarity

I know what I want
And I'ma go and get it, yeah
I'm a number one, yeah
I know you won't forget it
Keep my eyes on the prize, no surprise that I'm lit
Got one hand on the blunt, other hand on the whip
I be cruisin', you be snoozin'
That's why you losin', I'm oozin'
Confidence is boomin', boomin'

Clarity, I got clarity
I'm the bitch with the sauce, apparently
Give a few of y'all drip, that's charity
I ain't worried 'bout shit

I ain't worried 'bout nada
'Less it Gucci, 'less it Prada
'Less it Dolce or Gabbana
'Less a trip to the Bahamas
I wanna feel like Madonna
I wanna feel like I'm way up
Crew ain't pullin' up until you pay us
Made another hit, no lay-up
Stay lit every single day I wake up

Clarity, I got clarity
I'm the bitch with the sauce, apparently
Give a few of y'all drip, that's charity
I ain't worried 'bout shit, you a parody
Clarity, I got clarity
VVS's 'round my neck, now they stare at me
Ain't no wonder why they all so scared of me
I'm a rarity, I got clarity


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Kim Petras Clarity Comments
  1. Lady Jane

    I love your whole album Clarity. I like every song from it. You are one of my top favourite artists! My favourite songs from you are Shinin', Broken, Homework, If You Think About Me..., Heart To Break, I Don't Want It At all, Hillside Boys and All The Time. <3

  2. Jack Black

    (I) FUCKIN (CON) 💕✨💖🤤💯


    When she realizes that the fence is an
    electric ⚡️ fence.

  4. Sh'Ē is v't

    [55.08]Clariteē poppin' on me at Talbots gurll

    E C C L I M
    Mt. Climbers Junior cuz we sux

  5. J R

    This is song needs to be at least 2x as long. On second thought, this song has such clarity and intent. Such conciseness. Wouldn't have minded it longer though don't get me wrong, time to break repeat

  6. J R


  7. J R

    "You a parody"

  8. Staci Danyluk

    play this at 1.25 speed

  9. 【Chae】

    Zombies trying to pass trough the Fence in TWD:

    Amir Spacer

    【Chae】lmaooo u r so wrong for that

  10. Jizzie James

    This deserves to be a radio hit! A remix with Tinashe and Ariana Grande. 🔥💖

  11. Summer Provost

    how does she have 204k? she honestly needs more.

  12. Theronizer Thesecond

    What clarity was that, i am so like nothing really sense and it make sense but really you have a place somewhere to make clarity and that you think about clarity as you are clarity as a person or something

  13. William Moreira

    Nobody: A
    Me: Woo Ah!

  14. JoLu


  15. haidi murati

    Kim " now starr me "

    Me : " bro thats what ive beeen doing since i signed up"

  16. Erc

    This is so underrated!! I love Kim so much, I hope everyone sees her talent soon

  17. Ciel brillant


  18. Woah Luv

    I can’t this skinniness mom help

  19. Jean louis

    I ain't worried bout shit
    I ain't worried about NADA
    LESS It Gucci LESS It prada
    Less It dolce or gabbana
    LESS It a trip yo the Bahamas
    I wanna feel like madona
    I wanna feel like i'm way upppp

    She killed 🦋🔥

  20. Jasmine

    Two minutes of Kim just being cunt. Iconic 💜🔮

  21. Samy Zayn

    What is vvs


    It’s a grade of diamond. They are ranked on factors like color and clarity. Vvs is the highest rank I believe.

  22. julia haasnoot

    I love u kiiim. 💓

  23. BIANCA

    I really love this song.👌

  24. Amy Dornian

    Heavy drake vibes

  25. Home Gadna

    Te amo kim petras 21 veces.?

  26. Jamie Smith

    She looks like a super pretty Paris Hilton!

  27. Geminilove 69

    My favorite song by her

  28. Valerie Bear

    Bad bitch anthem

  29. KayneLivesHere

    dang she really snapped at 1:00

  30. グスタボStormborn


  31. .KanariRoses.

    I like the Fireflies vibe by OWL City.

  32. Neo the Loof

    You're valid kim 😊

  33. Tristan Gallicchio

    yess girl

  34. Cameron Stone


  35. home gadna

    kim petras te amo.

  36. ThequalizeNetwork ID's

    i don‘t know but kim f*cking nailed this track

  37. QuikGD /Aidan\

    this song, along with the rest of her music is very flat, bland, and boring.

  38. jair uwu

    la amo tanto uwu

  39. John Tandberg

    it's no coincidence that she is called Petras(Peters). ;)

    have a sense of humor.

    Garrett Morgan

    thats not funny even if it is a joke

  40. Katie

    She’s much better than any of the popular artists on the radio rn ❤️❤️❤️🥰

  41. Katie

    Okay yep I have now confirmed I am gay.

  42. Alexis Kochanski

    Yeah she kinda pretentious but did you just release the best pop album of 2019?... just saying.

  43. Victer Branch Jr

    This is fucking cute.
    Pop Bop Rap

  44. Donut's Memes

    *builds RAID array*
    Parity, I got parity.
    I'm the bitch with the SAS, apparently.

  45. Skinny Buddha

    Iggy Azalea ooks terrible

  46. Mary Summa

    Who else feels pure motivation !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Got Clarity Vibes

  47. Lana Boquitas

    where’s the official music video for this sis ?

  48. Lazaro Falcon

    hes literally just leaning on a fence

    Scott Henderson

    She is caged because she's too powerful

  49. Lazaro Falcon

    this is like the shittiest music video if you think about it.


    ur dick size is the shittiest ive seen

    Katy Kenley

    I bet you think about it a lot.

  50. limpbizkitfan420

    its craze how far plug beats have gone bro lmaoooo

  51. SRT Lifestyle

    Thank you james Charles 🥰

  52. Person McPerson

    I meditate to this song every day

  53. Immortal Sirens

    Move aside ariana lols, i love this new fresh sound♡♡by Petra ♡♡♡♡♡ and she can rap omg iggy,bad bish right there effortless also love all her other songs close my eyes and icy,stayed up all night since i sound hound her at kfc,and waiting to buy all her songs this week on repeat cruising through the city full blast close my eyes song lols.

  54. Alyssa Russo

    Hmmm... This feels like... Not her sound 🤔

  55. Noah Strange

    “Ain’t no wonder why they all so scared of me” is a whole mood! The haters can’t handle us! Clarity is one of the best opening songs for an album I’ve ever heard. She has my wig and my money

  56. Gabriel

    Every one of kims songs deserves a million+ views

  57. Muhammad Mahmood

    more tracks like this pls kim


    Why are her songs so good tho

  59. Dominic Hughes

    A whole song that I never seen her lips move

    Katy Kenley

    It’s....a lyric video babe. Not a live performance 😂😂😂

  60. carolinelizabeth

    bitch i'm so gay and i have this queen to thank for letting me love myself for it

  61. Perez Hilton And Family

    Here listening to this again!

  62. ちょんじょんぐく

    えぐいて、😻 very cute

  63. - mandomantecado -

    Espero que esto se convierta en el sonido de los años 2020

  64. Cinnamon Guy

    Why nobody do know you?
    You're perfect!!!!

  65. Anthony Rogers

    This song SLAPS.

  66. Eduardo Niño

    First song I listen from this gurl, slaaaayer message 😏🤭😎 luv it 👽🖤

  67. Brooke Cunningham

    She liked kirby for her whole life my cousin said

  68. Brooke Cunningham

    It's sounds like kirby

  69. Flavio Oliveira


  70. Honeymoon Globe

    Kim pertras:yah
    Ariana grande:Yuh

  71. Christian Avery

    One of my favorite songs ever released. The best and the lyrics are perfect . Confidence is boomin boomin

  72. Кирилл

    chicken nuggets when they are made not from soy, but from chicken meat

  73. sleep deprived

    clear skin for eternity

  74. scott15236

    You’re soooo gorgeous and talented!!!

  75. Ricardo Deleón

    I swear I better hear this on the radio
    Fight me

  76. The Mexican Globetrotter

    A longer version of this would be SO fair! Love you! 😍 😘

  77. Antonio Moreira

    Nikita Dragun brought me here 💜🐲🐉🔥

  78. darren van weelden

    i think i broke my rewind

  79. allthingsbgi

    stunning ICON

  80. Mercedez Brady

    Shes so talented i cant the whole album is a bop i listen to every song she puts out. Keep up the good work love you kim.

  81. Fidha Thidil

    My tablet has high clarity! ><

  82. Age24

    Anyone here from James and Nikita’s ig stories😂

  83. Twepy

    Nikita Dragun brought me here ❤️❤️ love this song

  84. Ahren Robinson

    OmfgGGGG Kim Petra's is SOOOO underrated!!!! I fucking loooove her!!!! I didn't know she did this song but I kept hearing it on Instagram stories from like Gia Gunn and Nikita Dragun and i was biiiitch lemme see what the FUQ this song is cuz it's a mothafuckin BOP and goes who comes UP!!!! Kim Petras🤑

  85. Zaid Khan

    I’m here from nikitas ig story

  86. ZailahAaliyah

    Heard this on Nikita’s insta story & had to look it up bc WE STAN.

  87. Ash Lee

    THIS HITS. WOW! I came here from Nikita’s Instagram story and I’m so happy I have this song in my life right now. I’ve been going through it and this song just made me realize...I’m THAT BITCH.

  88. Caroline Isabel

    Nikita brought me here

  89. amber

    Why is the production value so low and she’s rapping about Gucci and Prada? I’m confused

  90. Natsu Dragneel

    I'm in love with your Clarity

  91. limpbizkitfan420

    talm bout drip 🤣🤣🤣

  92. ella beaming

    Soft boss anthem 🌈☁️💚🖤🤟

  93. Paul Jhon Villaro

    can't stomach how people sleep on this song. this is such a bop

  94. Lxxrt

    I love her but some of her lyrics are cringe lmao

  95. ꧁Navneet Pandey꧂

    Well , a contender to post malone has arrived in the feminine realm❗‼❗‼🤩

  96. _adaydreamaway_

    Wig fucking snatched