Kim Burrell - Yes To Your Will Lyrics

Let this mind be in you
That was also in Christ Jesus
Yes to your will, Lord and to your way
Oh yes Lord, we will obey

Shun the very appearance
Of evil
Yes to your will, Lord
And yes to your way
Oh yes Lord, we will obey

Yes to your will, Lord, and to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey
Yes to your will, Lord, and to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey

Seek ye first the kingdom of God
And his righteousness
Yes to your will and to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey

God will do exceedingly and abundantly
Above all that you ever ask or think
Yes to your will, yes to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey

Yes to your will, Lord, and to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey
Yes to your will, Lord, and to your way
Oh yes, Lord, we will obey

Let this mind be in you
Let this mind, let it be in you
Let this mind, let it be in you
Let this mind, let it be in you

You know, the word of Lord says in Philippians 2 and 5
To let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus
I truly believe as we yield our minds to the Lord
We become more like Him
I would just like to encourage you, even now, wherever you are
To forget those things that are behind you
Think on the goodness of God and He will bring you peace

Let it be, let it be Lord
Let it be in me

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Kim Burrell Yes To Your Will Comments
  1. Raevondolyn Hill

    Needed this today!!!!Yes , Yes !!!!!

  2. Michelle Brooks

    KIM WHERE ARE YOU?????????

  3. Vincnet Keels

    Yes Lord to your will and your way.

  4. sandra hutton

    yes Lord hallelujah

  5. LifeIsAMystery

    Kim Burell is something else! Her voice is literally a song.

  6. Ssekelo Zungu

    2019 Im still blessed!!

  7. Warren King

    I love you Ms. Kim Burrell!

  8. Brenda Padro

    Yes, Lord!

  9. Raymond Escobar

    Christ Jesus will strick you down u like. Burell.. hypricrite ,no more money.. u are a false prophet...BOI JESUS.. DOWN.

  10. TaNiesha Dhan'a

    She sound like a cat in a bag fighting to get out and she have a chest and throat cold

    Jermano Mayfield

    That's all that wax in your ear blocking the true notes coming thru. My suggestion is q tips

    TaNiesha Dhan'a

    Jermano Mayfield 😂🤣😂😭😭😭 you wish the big ugly fat bitch still can’t sing little boy bye

  11. Lemuel Reid

    Beautiful singing!!!

  12. God's Child His Servant

    His will is what's best. Yesssssssss. It's because of the anointing.

  13. Brandon Burrell

    Yes to Your Will Lord Jesus Christ. Where else can I go. I was made for You and You alone. Yes to Your Will Lord.



  15. AJ-Trey Jones

    5:53 was so pure when it came out 😍😩

  16. Romario Brown

    love this lady so much

  17. Angela Moore

    Thank you Lord for being so good, so good, so good to me.

  18. Angela Moore

    Yes to your will

  19. Marcela Oliveira

    Yes Lord !!

  20. Anita Johnson

    I can tell from the comments that the God got his work done through her, through this song...look at how many "Yes Lord" were commented.  He sees that.  Father you have my Yes as well.  Love you Father.

    James Yamkela Qeqe

    And mine too!

  21. Ask Jafar

    1:42 that run was beautiful

  22. Ask Jafar

    RUN BURRELL!!!!!!!!!

  23. Michelle Sudduth


  24. Monica J

    Yes to your will God I will obey....

  25. Ralph Garrett

    This is your season for GREATER in Jesus Christ name!!

  26. Solomon Edia

    Beautiful , Yes to your will Lord

  27. Cheryl Wilmore

    Amen love this

  28. Ofentse Kau

    Kimy Kim! You the best!

  29. Samir Petrocelli

    2:20 That note... She is a Messenger of The Lord.

  30. Shay Lowe

    Yes my Lord I will obey!💜

    Shay Lowe

    yes it's good to love him, Amen!!

  31. Sherell J. Lewis

    Yes Lord!

  32. Holly Hoagland

    nice and sincere. Ukulele Atlanta Holly

  33. cockstrong3333

    Eh. she is overrated. mediocre ass songs.

    214 Dude

    cockstrong3333 Name one person who can out sing her? There's no artist who can do better riffs, runs, or scats. Your favorite artist is probably a fan of hers.


    Yea. He's just one of those mad gays

  34. maria shipp

    kim I love to hear you sing that song by shirley c jesus i love calling your name you can sing that song you hear me I love it one of your fans Maria shipp yes

  35. S Ann P

    I Don't think Riff n Runs make u a great singer....Yes she sounds good sometimes if she is singing in the Anointing but she is not the Queen of gospel stop it!...I think her voice is overrated! U have Yolanda, Tina Campbell,Karen Sheard, Tamela Mann,Le Andria Johnson and many on now!


    She ain't the Gospel selector. FOH

    Alexander Youngster

    S ann Palmer Why should there be a competetion between the daughters of God. They all have great voices and we can enjoy God through them. Everybody got his own taste.
    But I understand were you are coming from. If you wanna speak about skills and range.

    But still. God has no gospel award show !!


    Caleb Mallard

    Yes there are singers such as crystal rucker,tiffany mosley that have a better voices but kim has her own style and delivers the message differently than any singer with passion and feeling along with the anointing that lifts the down spirit


    Your opinion is valid but Kim Burrell placement and runs are the cleanest for any vocalist I’ve heard. Kim has an ear that many artist don’t because she studied music and knows how to play the piano. Now Twinkie is the only other vocalist I know who is just as good heck even better than Kim is with her ear and placement.


    dhuwellsmatheus5 with ear and placement Twinkie doesn’t rival Kim at all. Kim is better mostly because her runs are slapped in jazz and I don’t mean just the common “jazzy runs” that most people think are jazzy. Kim actively chooses notes you would expect from instruments.


    yes Lord to your ways and your will

  37. flowerpink33

    Yes Lord

  38. key bronze

    6:50-7:03!! Just rewind this all day lol

    Markel Rice KelTalk

    the voice is this woman is amazing. like omg wow

  39. Thandiwe Misisinyani

    What a voice! Glory to the most high God! He is Yahweh!

  40. Samuel Toomer

    I love her!!!

  41. Tyace Norman

    Yes I will obey lord

  42. Tyace Norman

    Yes I will obey lord

  43. Rose Darline Eloi

    yes to your will, I will obey!

    Rose Eloi

    I still say yes Father of heaven! Yes!

  44. Rose Darline Eloi

    yes to your way Jesus!

  45. chidinma grace ugbaja

    loving jesus is the best thing i have ever done

    stephen mccall


  46. Trudi-Ann Vernon

    That run at 53 seconds...slayed me..phew!

    Just Guy

    Her voice tears me all to pieces! Whew! Such anointing!

  47. Angela Moore

    Love my enemies....Yes Lord, I will obey...

  48. Lillian Edwards-Walker

    Yess!!!!! Let this mind be in me, Christ Jesus!...

  49. Zanele Mathyi

    mmmmmmm yes lord

  50. Kimbry Allen

    Yes Lord Yes.

  51. Edgar Galarza

    yes GOD is Good

  52. IDUB 300

    IDUB300 Love it

  53. Yummy


  54. Hattie Hunter

    yes lord

  55. Clayton Moore

    Yes Lord: To your will and way!

  56. Tiffany Fincher

    Yesssss Lord

  57. Latecia worlds

    Amen ❤❤❤❤🎼🎼🎼🎶🎶

  58. Sandra Owens

    Yes Lord!!

  59. Michelle Jones


  60. Bondye Fem Gras

    Yes Lord I give you my all today and forever Amen.

  61. Katia Valeria

    Me preparando pra ir ao culto ao som dessa voz abençoada! I love Kim Burrel songs!

  62. MsThankful

    Yes Lord I will obey...Kim Burrell a gift to the believer and the Body of Christ...

  63. Derrick Christopher

    Yes Lord have ur way in my life!!!!!!

  64. Sharon Umukoro

    Hmm yes Lord

  65. Tangela Bradford

    Yes Lord!

  66. Donna Quartney

    Yes Lord !

  67. Annie Reed


  68. Lerato PML

    Yes to your will Lord

  69. ddoddy76

    I'm not a fan... But she's a great singer an can minister with her jazzy raspy self

  70. clara hamlin

    I LOVE the LORD!!! Yes to your will Lord!!!!

    Santiago Flores

    Just like I figured, black supporter who doesn't relize Obama is also white. Not just black, lol. Do research instead of what Cnn tels you is true. Trillions in debt, open boarders, ebola in ATL. More illegal immigrants taking the American civilian job like black and white people. Your to busy being savvy and cool with BET and MTV. Lol, poor idiot

  71. Steven Reese

    Thnx @LadyGem

  72. Sylvia Baanvinger

    Say yes to the Lord!!!

  73. Samuel falalé Sovogui

    That very amazing

  74. Kendra Bates

    Always and forever will be my favorite!

  75. Marsha Drane

    Thank you Lord for Kim Burrell, she can truly sang!

  76. Phostar Siyawareva

    Yeah yeah Yes!!!

  77. victor

    lovely blessed song, advert through the middle vid spoiled wonderful song
    9/10 for song  1/10 for advert through middle of video

  78. Kenn Farr Gospel Music

    Yes to your will. Lets do a gospel song together.

  79. margloon chatelier

    yes to your will Lord <3

  80. Benjamin Eddie Cudjoe

    Yes LORD

  81. gabrielle fisher

    yes Lord YES!!!!!

  82. Tomas Oquendo

    Today 2/20/20014 I've just heard this song. Today I will be saying YES..With my lord watching over me just saying the word yes I know he will be doing the rest.. i release my self only to you my lord.. In jesus name amen

  83. nyaur urro

    Amen,yes to your will

  84. Karreem Smith

    God I dont know what is in your will for me, but i surrender to it. Completely and whole heartedly. I need you now more than ever

  85. Charvis Stevens

    yes, Yes &  YES!!!

  86. Makayla Liddell

    She hitting runs and not even trying. Now that's a real Singer. YES LAWD!!!

  87. Myriam ACCAJOU

    Amen, Yes TO YOUR WILL MY LORD...I say YES

  88. kristal rawls

    Yes Lord!

  89. Steven Reese

    Is this recorded? If so what cd? Awesome worship song!! YES LORD!!


    I know this is a late response, but if you haven't found it, this is recorded on her No Ways Tired CD ... It's her and her Sister Kathy singing.

  90. tswanigan69

    Them runs them runs!

  91. elida hall

    Its time to say YES to the LORD. YES YEAH YES lORD

  92. Zenildo de Oliveira

    Love you

  93. Donald Boston

    She ministers a song. She doesn't just song it....and goodness when she sings.....

  94. Cedrianna Chambers

    Lord lord lord ill obey tew your way nd will