Kim Burrell - Sweeter Lyrics

Today is another day, new mercies I see
Lord, I'm in your hands, I know you'll comfort me
It gets a little rough times, don't know what to do
But Lord, I know you will help me make it through

Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day is sweeter, learning how to love you more
Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day is sweeter

Waiting for the sun to shine
'Cause I know my joy's coming in the morning light
Oh now that my eyes do see
Lord, I know, you really really love me
The more I get to know you I find out that you're so good for me
You've been so good to me

Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day is sweeter, learning how to love you more
Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day is sweeter

Every day is sweeter, sweeter to me
Every day's sweeter, You're so sweet
Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day's sweeter

You're good on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the Sunday
You're getting sweeter
Every day makes me wanna add another day to my week 'cause you're so sweet

You're good on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Cause every day you're getting sweeter every day

You're good on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
You're good to me every day
You're getting sweeter

You're good to me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Everyday is sweeter to me

You're good on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
You're getting sweeter every day

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Kim Burrell Sweeter Comments
  1. Denise Matterson

    Still in love with this song.


    Another song I love

  3. Lashunda Nicholson

    Beautiful song!!

  4. Lukas Anthony

    So calm and refreshing

  5. Esther Akpan

    What a classic Jazzy, sweet, cool music. Keep shining Kim

  6. Mondo1Bongo

    Words are Beautiful!! Voice.... is Average! don’t know how she’s got so much attention, can’t Preach either... IMO

  7. Nicole QueenDaBil

    Oh my! Love this song! I can’t stop listening to this song! On repeat for the 100th time! Early morning song!

  8. TriumphinChrist

    Oooo sweet jazz blues & lovely chords.Please let me know more christian artists like this.Thanks for posting.

  9. Dennikia Love


  10. Aja D.

    Here in 2018

  11. Dennikia Love


  12. Angelia McCoy


  13. Angelia McCoy

    Sunday is getting sweeter then the day befor

  14. Consciousness institute

    This Song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Kiesha Lova

    Yes, everyday is sweeter, even when the world is agents you,just the peace of Jesus cant toss it all out.

  16. It's Tee

    One my favorite songs I'm here for it 2018 Everyday Sweeter to me

  17. tyrelle19able

    I don't really care for her but I love this song...

  18. Stephanie WOW LOOKS SO NATURAL!! Booth


  19. Joseph Woodlin


  20. Jacqueline Burrell

    OMG...Beautiful and so true

  21. NanJacks 913

    Thank you Lord!

  22. Alaina Commander

    Love this song!

  23. prasiethelord 123

    love this by Kim Burrell

  24. Tara Wells

    I forgot all about this song and how much I love it. On repeat right here while I'm at work thinking about Jesus!

  25. Alaina Commander

    Love this song!

  26. Pamela Y.Howard

    Already love this song.

    Brian Cadet

    the 😒

  27. Vel Boone

    #TeamKimBurrell... I'm with her!!

  28. Jamaal Maddox

    Whoever is on the bass guitar is KILLING IT!!!

    Jeffery Love

    Sho nuff!


    LOVE YOU!!

  30. Catherine Mann

    my lovely children on their wedding day❤❤

  31. al bryant

    you should sing that on the Ellen show

    Jordan Moore

    al bryant 😂😂

    Terrance Jones

    al bryant TOO SOON!!😂

  32. corporalbrig

    smooth. very nice.

  33. Angel Fedrick

    a beautiful song

  34. Tonya johnson

    beautiful song

  35. Dramahawk Promotions


  36. Jamarkus Palmer

    love this song. so beautiful

  37. Dawncember Willis

    I love this song, so sweet. Go Kim...

  38. Malebo Langa

    Sweeter than the day before

  39. GEMSTONE 2014


  40. spartans12able

    Beautiful Song!!!!

    Beauty Nicole


  41. Mansha Khan

    i love her songs so friggen much kim burrell you are my whole entire life i love you more than burritos

    Kasino Marxs

    Damn. More than burritos? That's Love for real!

    Anna Lisa Cook

    I love this song kim .you know i know what it is to be close to god having that relationship .god loves when you give him that kind of attention .when you made this song i knew then that you had strong relationship with the lord .i fail in love with this song i sing. this song to him and its like hes all into it with you .So i know when you sing it to him its bigger .love you kim continue on allowing god to use you i love it .god bless you

    Eleje Michael

    Same feeling here

  42. Mary Deen

    Love it!

  43. Lori Madison

    Still love it!

  44. Bridge3


  45. Georgia Keitt

    Love Her Music Had A Chance to Hear Her Live At Prayer Tabernacle in Bpt Years Ago.

  46. moses richmond

    This is my new theme song......

  47. Kelly Wilkerson

    Kim!!!! This is who EVERY singer needs to STUDY daily. She is too good for words!!!

  48. Dee's Loft

    I love Kim Burrell's voice…


    Totally impressed with her riffing!

    Fannie Dixon

    Dee's Loft me to

  49. Words Of Encouragement

    Smooth song

  50. Ron Wess MusaQ

    Awesome ("

    Ron Wess MusaQ

    Kim has a great ministry in music what a voice what a Blessing ( "

  51. Danielle Reed

    I listen to this every morning

  52. LaQuincia Mcmillan

    Love this song!!

  53. Marsha Drane

    Yes, He(Yeshuwa) gets Sweeter every day! Love this song, thanks for posting


    Have a Sweet Day!! Smile ♡♡♡♡♡


    romancing the Lord

  56. Taurean Whitfield

    This song makes me feel at peace no matter what's going on

    dom.t bom.t

    Mm jpppp mm ij null ghoul bio

  57. Blue Daiz

    Beautiful song!

    dom.t bom.t

    Hmm names EskiMo origin poll mm m 'll

  58. Timothy Stevens


  59. T Gordon

    Kim did that. Everyday is sweeter with The Lord.

  60. Charles McKinney

    If we spent half as much time in prayer/meditation/Bible study instead of debating/discussing if holiness in in certain gospel records, we would be much better off as a Body of Christ. We are the lights of the world to set it on fire with the passion and conviction of the Holy Ghost. When are we going to learn that time is of the essence for completing the work of our soon coming Master?! LORD make us excellent stewards over our time, treasure and talent in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  61. Emeraldjonz

    We forget that Jesus is in the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs). The love between the King and shulamite woman....Yes, Jesus is a love song and everyday is sweeter!

  62. chimakalu41

    Songs are eternal

  63. chimakalu41

    Sweet and true.God is good and has blessed us to bless him in song.

  64. Marius Carter

    Every time I hear kim it gets sweeter than the last time I hear.

  65. Faris Crudup


  66. D Braziel

    Every day of life is sweeter than the day before.. God is soooo good... Thanks Kim for the encouragement!!! #LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

  67. cee jenkies


  68. Tracyce Diana

    Love this Song, It's So Inspiring and Know Matter What U Go Through just Trust & Believe In GOD. It will get Sweeter. #LoveInspiringSongs.

  69. toni pettus

    This song is sweeter!!!!!!!!! It brings about a peace within. Thank the Creator for Kim, she is a true Christian.

  70. Alissa Pryor

    Love this song!! Me and my fiance sing this to each other. A song I would dance to at our wedding for sure :")

  71. Jaz

    Oh I love this song

  72. Marlena Brown

    and the devil is loving every minute of it! The time we spend distracted by dumb little things is time we could be drawing in others to Christ smh

  73. xstend2

    What we have to remember is that we don't all suffer from the same chains, nor are we delivered in the same way. What may work for you may not work for others and vice versa. It's okay that this song doesn't work for you, but it probably works for a lot of other people. Sounds real good to this Christian woman. So I'm happy that you don't want to dis anybody or this song.

  74. K.G. Joei

    You're too funny :)

  75. K.G. Joei

    This song has an ethereal feel to it. Kim's voice, most times, is pretty raspy; which is ok, but this song makes it sound real smooth. It's like you're floating on the song. Thanks for reminding us that everyday is a sweet gift from God. Love the bass!

  76. Troy Spann

    Kim Burrell's vocal capability is amazing.Her harmonies are unbelievable.

  77. DoublePraise Twins

    love this

  78. Jerry Banks

    This is one of my favorites sang by Pastor Kim Burrell. It is so sweet to my listening ears.

  79. MsShopaholic2011

    Amen! I was blessed just by hearing this song.... :) we need more music like this in the world today.. :)

  80. Rockahmillion Bangz

    @cvarriejeff Zznznznsnxxjxjdbbah as. An. B g, Bean xb a Semmelweis. Mcm n nnhn

  81. T Washington

    This is a truly beautiful song. Thank you jesus for everyday day and each breath we take.

  82. anetra cornell

    Every day it's sweeter I find out that your so good for me


    I love this song and I love listening to Kim Burrel from Houston, Texas.

  84. Marlena Brown

    i looooooooove this song!!!!

  85. Chrissy Varrie

    The album is dope

  86. AdotDREAM

    best female singer of all time hands down

  87. Janayna fagundes

    Hello, does anyone here has heard about the guy who is singing in the video "aldo canta é tempo"? I would love to contact him to give us, but can not get no information. I appreciate any help, In Christ, Janayna.

  88. billrockin9 should be ashamed. If you're up to read your bible and put on praise music- DO THAT instead of being on here creating posts. Do your part. Go out and visit/minister to the broken, and the poor, and the "dying people". You being on here to respond to mess puts you right in it. You stopped to READ the messy messages obviously. You didn't have to read them- you could have just put the music on and walked away and still had a great day. Smh.

  89. Moisés Rangel

    I love the her voice! ç2

  90. VideobyTrish

    I really like this song. It is personal. A prayer unto God, thanking God in advanced for sweeter, brighter days! comes in the morning! Another day, Lord, I thank you and for showing me more about you, Lord, I thank you. You are good and your mercy endures forever. Thanks Kim! I can see that you are blessed and you are not ashamed to say so!

  91. musicbabylove1

    omg, just amazing !

  92. JTruth9419

    This song always has a nice groove to it :)

  93. Donna Bryant Jones

    Great Song Kim Burrell! I love your sound... Blessings, dbj

  94. Nastacia Ruiz

    Beautiful Song!

  95. Prophet Samuel Black

    Awesome song love it!!!!!

  96. praisesinger83

    @MrBrian1202 Yes, that is SO true!

  97. broncofangj

    This is such a beautiful song!