Kim Burrell - Love So Pure Lyrics

For god so loved the world that he gave his only son
I'm so glad he loved me that way
I'll let nothing separate me from his love
It's what keeps me from day to day

Love so pure, love so kind
Your love is everlasting, divine
Love so pure, love so kind
Your love is everlasting, divine

It's what you are
It's what you mean to me
I don't know where I would be without you
You're everything

Now that I have found you
Oh, what peace of mind
I found what I was looking to find
It's so amazing, the love you give to me
Now with you I'm so complete

Love so pure (oh your love)
Love so kind (oh your love, your love)
Your love is everlasting (hey)
Divine (your love is so divine, your love)

Love so pure (ooh), love so kind (love so kind, your love is)
Your love is everlasting
(It's divine) divine

Love so, so pure
Love so divine
(Your love is so divine)

Love so (oh), so pure (so pure)
(Love so) love so divine
(Your love, your love is so divine, ooh)

I will always love you
Because I know you love me too

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Kim Burrell Love So Pure Comments
  1. Yolanda Wright

    Soft melody been a fan since day 1 her voice is so anointing.

  2. Ms Love

    💘 IS SO PURE... YES

  3. Isiah Forsythe

    I love this song

  4. Ronnie Berry

    she very anoiting

  5. Paul Logan

    kim burrell has that voice. wow its so beautiful.