Kim Burrell - Love's Holiday Lyrics

God speaks
Can you hear Him?
Can He hear you?
I hope He hears me
I hope you're listening, God

Would you mind if I touch, if I reach out to hold you tight till the morning light
Would you mind if I said how I felt so tenderly again 'cause I never felt

Felt this way in my heart before
God's love has found a way in my heart tonight

Would you mind if I looked into your eyes until I'm hypnotized while I lose my pride
Would you mind if I love you until you are satisfied with me again

'Cause I never ever felt, felt this way in my heart before
Because love has found His way in my heart tonight

Once again 'cause I never ever felt, felt this way in my heart before
Because love, love has found His way in my heart tonight

Love, would you mind
Yes, because love has found a wind
Love, would you mind
Love, would you mind, would you mind
Love looked at me, love, can you see, I am satisfied with you
Love, I am satisfied with you
Look into my eyes, I'm hypnotized
There goes my pride, I know you don't mind, don't mind, you don't mind

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Kim Burrell Love's Holiday Comments
  1. Antoinette Pitté

    Still the same feelings 🌹

  2. Free Spirit


  3. Donna Quartney

    thank you lord !

  4. Kamila B

    When I hear this I don't think of earthly love at all, I think of the Lover of my Soul, Jesus Christ. I believe it's a heart thing! Where are our affections?

  5. Ralph Garrett

    Amazing Video!!!!

  6. Carmen S

    That was always a jam. But if she was gonna try to make it fit the "format" probably shouldve taken more liberty to tailor another lyric or two. She rocked it musically, but lyrically it was a reach if u know what I mean.

  7. Kevin J

    more people will listen! you,re seeking a wider audience..smh...

  8. Mikey Jay

    Darrel Freeman destroyed this whole album... This dude had an agenda on that bass. He was really dope throughout the whole album.

  9. Mechelle Ivory

    This does nothing for me spiritually. You can't mix gospel with worldly things and expect it to sound Godly. Sorry but NO!

    Jevon Brown

    Honestly, she wasn't going for the 'Gospel Sound' particularly. It's a 'Love Album'. Agape, Phileo and Eros. Just that simple.

    Chris Gilrath

    And thats your opinion and you're entitled to it.

    Jeremy McNair

    Kumtekmeon Bingo! Tell the truth!

    Jeremy McNair

    Kumtekmeon Agree 1,000℅!


    I think both Heaven and Earth won out here. The bass though was truly divine.

  10. Keisha Chappell

    o.k. kim!!!!💜💜💜💜

  11. Lori Madison

    Good Lord!!!! That bass player! Whew! He is doing his own thang right through there! Love it!


    Lori since you like good bass lines, listen to this young man playing behind Kim Tadarius "T.Ray" McCombs Pray For Love-Kim Burrell Bass Cover

  12. Tyszhe Herron

    Its like she doesn't even try god bless kim

  13. Nicky P.

    This was amazingx

  14. Monica Kelly

    She's giving me liffffffeeeee right now Sing it KIM

  15. Miss Harmony

    She called it Love's Holiday. Earth Wind and Fire called it Would You Mind.
    But I cant be mad at her she killed it!

    Ron Moore

    +Miss Harmony nno earth wind and fire called love's holiday somebody else called it would you mind


    +Ron Moore Please tell it right Ron! U did just that and I am not feeling this version at all! All I hear is EWF version!

    Kev Lawer

    No wrong ..EWF also called it Loves Holiday, I got the 45....

  16. Darlene Merritt

    She never fails to minister to me.  I'm a die hard listener of Kim and this cut is amazing....loving this version.  Yes I agree the baseline is killing it!  As a fellow musician I'm impressed with this whole album!

    Renewed Mind Music & Media Group

    Darlene Merritt I couldn't agree more

  17. roxy sit


  18. It's Just Shawn

    love this song

  19. Peter Akinrinade

    The song lasts half as long as the video does.

  20. cashia mcniece

    God would you mind.....EVERY LYRIC IS TO GOD. ...GLORY! the ending is just superb. ...and that BASS PLAYER??? GOSH...I'm a female producer and I hear eeeeeeevery frequency from every instrument in this song....the whole album is just phenomenal! !!! Kim Mrs. Lady you are anointed to the MAX ..thnks for giving the gift back

  21. yvette hunter

    This is so smooth,uplifting, and amazing.

  22. Sandra Barrett

    Brilliant album !!!

  23. King CASON III

    Maurice White would be proud...

  24. Ashley Ford


  25. keefee79

    Kim killed the song, but the bass player put it to rest man!!!

  26. naizha johnson

    go head on ma

  27. mamajama24


  28. BBT609

    An Earth Wind & Fire love song turned into GOSPEL!! YES!!

  29. Kimberly Rusley

    I think that's a spiritual conflict for you as an individual. If you can't get past those old thoughts and feelings, that's no fault of the music or Kim Burrell's. That's a demon you have to fight on your own. I'm not trying to bad-mouth you or anything, because we ALL need to spiritually grow. And for you, you may have growing to do when it comes to music. Much love you brother!

  30. chipeojackson


  31. chipeojackson

    Because you're an AH in Jesus name. Go to where ever you're from. you are ignorant

  32. billiealrob

    If you go back and listen to EWF's early albums, most of their cuts were spiritually and love based. If you truly love music, you probably like ALL types! .Singing and enjoying all types does NOT make you love and/or praise God any less! Being closed minded only keeps you from hearing some amazing music!

  33. MsJae77


  34. Kareon Montgomery

    Simply Wonderful!!!!

  35. MrAveryBrown

    Kim's album is amazing! I encourage everyone to purchase the album on iTunes!

  36. nathaniel darling

    Whether gospel, inspirational or worldly AT LEAST its some love pure love music in the world thats NOT talking about dicks pussies asses n mess. So deep til u cant even see the positive. And for this we Thank You Kim! #CarryOn

    Robin Hemphill

    nathaniel darling. You are so real and amazing Nathaniel Darling.

  37. deliverednow

    It's not about being deep...this song takes my mind back to Earth Wind and Fire, and carnal thoughts and feelings. I dont think about God when I hear this, I think about my girlfriend and stuff like that. But Kim Burrell ministers outside of the 4 walls of the church, so her music is a BRIDGE for the unsaved. This MAY be a nice album on my wedding night, but other than ain't for church lol.

  38. De'Osha Logan

    People always tend to forget that we are ALL human and regardless if an artist begins singing gospel and switches to R&B or vice versa, it does NOT mean that they love God any less!!! They are just using the gift that God gave them in more ways than one and I don't think there is anything wrong with that and I doubt that GOD would be upset at that action either. No wrong is being done and I'm sure she was referring to God in these songs to begin with. Only God can judge so know your role :)

  39. Robin Townsel

    haha; fellow Christians...did ya'll forget that Songs of Solomon was in the Bible or something? Since when is it a sin to sing about love when an ENTIRE book of the Bible is dedicated to two lovers? Back up. Honestly. There's nothing wrong with singing about LOVE especially when the GOD you claim to serve IS LOVE!

    Jeremy McNair

    Robin Townsel Wonderful observation and explanation! Couldn't have said that better myself.

  40. latia johnson

    great song

  41. ringerringerroses

    Well said.

  42. TheDayveion

    Some people really are SUPER SPIRITUAL. Kim is right, the most critical people are those in the church. Instead of being open minded until after the song, the FIRST thing you do is talk about the music. I'm a singer too. This is one of the reasons I stopped singing in church, because no matter what..they talked about you. Doubted if I was doing it for God, or not because of how I approached a song. Losen your clergy colar.

  43. fispet

    darrell freeman (bassist)..KILLED THIS SONG..AaaaaaaaRrrrrrrrgGggghhhhhh!!!

  44. The Art of Learning Channel

    so i'm the only one who thinks this is awkward..... :/

  45. Khemberlee Loving-Scranton

    i love her...

  46. Donnia Mckee-Griffin

    Thank You Jesus for allowing Kim Burrell to make this album. Can you say well done?

  47. Michael Madison

    Her voice man...