Kim Burrell - Is This The Way Love Goes? Lyrics

Can somebody tell me how did love know?
How did it know I needed it so?
God knew I needed love
I've been waiting for that answer to find
Have I chosen love?
Or is it that love chose me
Maybe you have questions too
About how love loves you
Ooh love what can we say
For me, for you, for them, for we
Love, I believe in you
I believe in you completely
All of the things you do the words you say
Always seem to show me another way
So I'll, I'll pay close attention
To whatever you'll ever need from me
So, love you'll never leave me
Oh, how I need you love
I'll forever seek to know you
Cause the more I know, I'll grow in you
Because you can make me
Just what I need to be
So, here I am
I'll tell the world of what love said to me
To save me

So here I am tell me, is this the way love goes
Is this the way love shows
From the heart to another heart
Show me love
Show me my part
I wanna use my heart
So give me more of you
Oh please, the more of you
I'm paying close attention to what you need me to know
You've held nothing from me
So I'm ready to show, just what love is
And what it can do for you
And, through you
I need you to shine through me
I need you to flow through me
I need you to flow, flow
Flow through me
Live through me
Speak through me
Sing to me

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Kim Burrell Is This The Way Love Goes? Comments
  1. Keymar TV

    This song has me in tears😫I LOVE IT

  2. Hailey Marie grande


  3. Sienna

    This song shows her versatility and vocal ability 😋😍😍😍😍 YES KB!!!!

  4. Lavita Scott