Kim Burrell - I Surrender All Lyrics

I surrender all
You know Lord that I surrender all
And unto You I owe
I owe You my soul
You know that I surrender all

All to Jesus
I surrender
Lord, I give my self
My self to thee
You feel me with thy...
With thy love and power
Let, Lord, let thy blessing fall on me

You know that I surrender all
Lord, I surrender all
And it's all to thee my
My blessed Saviour
I surrender it all

Everything I am, I do, Lord
I surrender it all to You, Lord
My heart I give, my soul I give
Everything to You, I freely give
Over to You, Lord

Everything I'll be
I owe it all to thee
Lord, I surrender it all
Humbly at Your feet I bow, Lord
I surrender it all, Lord
Everything, everything, everything
I give it all to You, Lord
I surrender it all... yeah

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Kim Burrell I Surrender All Comments
  1. MzKarma D

    Love it

  2. None Of Your Business

    Yes, Lord! She's anointed. I've seen it for myself...and felt it.

  3. ericka lucas

    so beautiful....true love

  4. Jô Passos

    Amazing Song! beautiful voice! I surrender all, Jesus, for you

  5. Woodrow Wrenn

    I'm praying for you they did a bad thing you was so right God bless you I am a musician myself trumpet and drums love from va😍!! you told the truth in love😍

  6. Chigbu Ebuka

    Abstract Singing... am loving this

  7. Chigbu Ebuka


  8. Angel Alaina Victoria Jackson

    sing it girl"!!!

  9. Angel Alaina Victoria Jackson

    very nice

  10. bafana mahlabane


  11. Jeremy Williams

    vey smooth

  12. Mary Deen

    Love it!

  13. Christian Njikonye

    This is soulful and amazing...

  14. Jeremiah Anthony

    I don't like Kim Burrell cece Winans song stealing ass . Cece owns it and CLAIMS it take vocal classes before I call Karen Clark Sheard to come work ya betts yet cece Winans will work ya

    Chris Leger

    Jeremiah Anthony You idiot, "I Surrender All" is public domain. It's a hymn for crying out loud! I started not to even dignify you, but this was something I felt even you should know.

  15. Jah_mystical

    who is playing god I felt like speaking in on point!

  16. Atlas _

    1:14-1:19 >>>>>

  17. Marcus Turner

    a great touch of jazz, amen

  18. momo251985

    she did a jazzy sounding version. love it

  19. Samone Church

    I love this song and this is my first time hearing this song.. It speaks to my SOUL

  20. Tamiris Baptista


  21. Coconutt8

    Bless you Kim. Thanks for not allowing the statis quo to hinder the working of the Holy Spirit in you. May He continue to shine upon you,freely given and not ours to keep.

  22. Lydia Marie

    You better sanggggg Kim Burrell!!!

  23. kyle2318

    3:15-3:17 keyz nice

  24. Donnia Mckee-Griffin

    I think that Ms Burrell could sing the alphabet and make it sound wonderfully jazzy and classy. It will make you say Thank You Jesus.....Thank You Ms. Burrell. Be Blessed.

  25. impactedN

    i'm at loss for word to express what i feel!!...thnx kim abundantly blessed!!!!

  26. rodrigo silva

    ela canta de mais

  27. marcus Flair

    Love kim Burrell!

  28. Aviolarama

    Thank u Jesus!!!!!! wow.... #sigh

  29. Philip Wambua


  30. Teekay Campbell

    Hmmnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! This song made me speechless!

  31. SongBird LadyD

    Her voice is sooo beautiful!!

  32. Carmella Callins

    Thank God for her using her talents and sharing her talents for the works of the Lord..

  33. nino brown

    I've heard this song in many versions, but this one is great. Is it okay to say even sexy

  34. Muffy Platt

    my dear Lord Jesus, help me completely surrender all to u........ u r my bright n morning star, the bread i need, n the only life i need!!!!!!!!!!! I love u LORD

  35. Valance Walker Music

    i loove to here your voice it touches my soul god bless u i am a inspired gospal and r&b singer

  36. tbaby1279

    I love this song! She is amazing.