Killswitch Engage - We Carry On Lyrics

Morning breaks from a night awake, that laid my heart to waste
Here in this anguish. Knowing what will end just begins again
Somehow through it all. We carry on
Raise you up when you fall. We carry on
Heal these wounds to break the skin again
What’s done is done. Nothing’s the same
Vacant expression. As the waves wash over your motionless face
Bury the past. Wounds remain through it all. A desire to live again

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Killswitch Engage We Carry On Comments
  1. Adrian Tay

    My god what an incredible song!

  2. Law Dawg

    The Founding Fathers of Metalcore. KSE.🎤🎶🎸

  3. Eddie Garcia

    Everyday, I work hard to keep a healthy lifestyle for me and my 2 kids. But no matter what I do, the weight always comes back again.

    Renzø Rk

    Keep fighting my friend...EVERYONE goes through this type of hardship in there life♡

    Eddie Garcia

    @Renzø Rk Thanks for the encouraging words but this was just a quote from an obnoxious ad I kept seeing on everything I was watching on YouTube around this time. 😀

  4. Jacob Kyle

    My God still gives me chills

  5. Goth Gator Goddess

    Both Jesse and Howard are men who suffered depression and anxiety in the past, but Jesse's so far got the heaviest ones.

  6. Fenrirlobos

    Killswitch Engage makes me want to destroy hordes of zombies with a claymore.

  7. Steakneggs Hernandez

    This song, just let go, strength of the mind and in due time quite literally kept me from killing myself when i was on the brink and staring into the abyss. I looked in and it stared back. I decided to walk away instead of falling in cuz life with all its bullshit and troubles is still worth living. Life aint so bad no more

  8. Michael Garcia

    Every song I've heard is so great not one bad song. Thank for this song and this album.

  9. Paulo Henrique

    Amazing band. Amazing song. The Better metalcore band in the world! T_______T

  10. Erickgtr3123

    Times of grace vibes come in...

  11. DreamsOfMadChildren

    this album is a metalcore masterpiece and fuck jesses lyrics make it even better <3

  12. Profeta Zaccaria

    Beautfull song..i love KSE👍👍👍

  13. Wasim Momin

    Feels like cut me loose to me! Anyone???

  14. Rodney Collen

    Really heavy but still melodic, plus Jesse's clean vocals sound great. I wonder how will his clean vocals sound when he sings this song live.
    On the other hand, I love what this song is all about. Its message is somewhat inspiring/motivational to me.

  15. Dustin Varner

    Such an INCREDIBLE song

  16. SkorpSaiyan

    They didn't play this song live when I saw them. :(

  17. SkorpSaiyan

    This song is so underrated. What a beautiful, melodic acid trip straight to the heart.

  18. Jordan Mendez

    My life doesn't need saving if Killswitch Engage keeps making albums, granted my life never needed saving to begin with, but you get the point.

  19. ilovegamestoo

    Wow man this song made me freaking cry dudes aahahahha thank you Killswitch for such a beautiful song. Jesse Is a beast on this album

  20. Inception Part 2

    One of the best songs of the record, and one of the best KSE songs ever!

  21. Dark Matters

    there is an emotional bond with this song

  22. Joseph Gutiérrez

    how this song don't have a video?

  23. Freedom Guru

    Well there is one thing I am certain of and it's that we all have great taste in music!!

  24. wolf waffles

    I like the old singer... Js

  25. Lucas Veloso

    0:46 WTF dude what is this feeling? I can't explain it... the guitar "crying" in the back hits right in the feels

  26. ThePreciseMoment

    Them onions..

  27. Xavier Daniels

    Cuhs this shit hard. No joke this fire

  28. Jason Bottoms

    I recommend this to everyone who has their hearts in a far away place. This song is definitely one we can all relate too.

  29. míster G C.C.

    the best rock

  30. Joseph Calvey

    To carry on is the essence of life itself. This song speaks volumes in ways I can't even begin to describe...

  31. Fran Bellagamba

    Holy fuck

  32. Mario Alarcón Navarro

    I listen killswitch engage everytime im broken. They are....literally, killswitch engFEELS. This band saved my life :).

    Dave Seymore

    Mario Alarcón Navarro hell yea bro turn them on every time I'm feeling down

  33. Solace19k

    Just wow...

    This song to me is a complete index of all stages of this bands's all here...
    There is is elements of their debut sound and AOJB ... You can hear Howard's influence. You can hear Times of Grace.
    Beautifully done and they couldn't have picked a better name for a song that sounds to me like a fully graduated and refined Killswitch Engage.

    Easily one of my favorite songs on this album.

  34. Toma Cristian

    Somehow this song reminds me of Always. The best song on the album!!!


    agreed it has that feel to it

    Wasim Momin

    Toma Cristian it reminds me of Cut Me Loose from its melody!

  35. o Sunnyside o

    I never get tired of Jesse's amazing voice

  36. NurseLoz87

    This song is amazing. I love playing this album when I'm driving. I've played it so many times and I am still not sick of it!!

  37. Bryton Lilspruce

    kse!! thanks for this album, my favorite song from this album!!! love it

  38. gary kelly

    pure class!

  39. Dorian Arévalo

    nepe? :v

  40. The Fury Of Bona

    This song together with Until The Days, We Carry On, The Great Deceit, Just Let Go, Strength of the Mind and Hate By Design are the best in Incarnate!

  41. Trey Frye

    Adam fucking DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  42. Ginette Pine


  43. артём соловьёв

    просто потрясающая песня. продолжайте в том же духе. супер!

  44. Daniel Clark-hughes

    Oh man, right in the feels

  45. CLuv

    With out a doubt the best comment section you'll find on youtube

    Matthew O'Connell

    Well sometimes youll always find that genric asshole who is never satisfied with different varieties this band has made. There is no best record with this band. There is only killswitch engage. Every album is different. All of their music is their best work

  46. Sean

    This song saves lives

    Mario Alarcon

    Sean Cheek this song saved my life.

  47. Alex Hollon

    Why isn't this the last track?

  48. SDN GMS

    We Carry On;;,,,,,,,, d+

  49. Belowthemire

    This song gets me every time. Every. Damn. Time.

  50. Amber Dunmon

    My favorite on the albulm so far.. So uplifting 💕 Jesse's lyrics are Amazing..

  51. Kaelan McAlpine

    It feels nice to free myself from the electronic scene and listen to some metal from 2016. Next stop, Obscura.

  52. th3FT pUnK

    This is the best song on the album oh the feels and his voice just fuckin amazing enjoyed it a lot as always great job ‌KSE

  53. Vatroslav Morbidović

    This is probably the best song on album. Very catchy. \m/

  54. Symbiont93

    omg the song is perfect it's so hopeful and vicious at the same time

  55. Jose Ovalles

    the song it is the song

  56. Chris McArthur

    so much talent, and bringing the old singer back was a great idea. Jesse is great.

  57. Chris McArthur

    I love this track. It is the follow up to always. Awesome metal ballad

  58. Zachary Werner

    I think this would make a great radio single, reminiscent of "Always"

  59. mason

    I'll tell ya what a fucking KSE fanboy i am.

    I don't care if it's Jesse OR Howard. I just want THIS THIS THIS fucking style. That melodic, yet heavy AF mix of all aspects of what metal should be.


    I honestly would like to hear more of that shoegaze-y styled guitar work like this song, It Falls on Me, Embrace the Journey, Tribute to the Fallen, Desperate Times, etc have.

    Gabe GR

    Yes, do that but then break it with a sinister heavy sounding violent ending like the one in It falls on me.
    Also don't use it as a main resource, shoegazey resources in a KsE album could sound repetitive or tired, but they are good to contrast the hardest violent bits

  60. Ben Action

    KSE are incapable of making a bad song!

  61. Jhon Roca

    Cut Me Loose 2 ?

  62. Gustavo Carvalho

    No words to describe how much this band helps me to get through the day!

    Sem palavras pra explicar como essa banda me ajuda, através das mensagens das músicas, álbum foda pra caralho!

  63. Alecore

    This song like a Times of grace

  64. ZiggyIsGrape

    I know they're the same guys and all but I get more of a Times of Grace vibe from this album moreso than KSE, and I'm loving every second of it

  65. Bo Jangles

    Beautiful! <3 Adam

  66. The Black Skulls

    this is absolutely wonderful .

  67. Hegster551

    Killswitch... Why you bring these feels to me?!

  68. Sean Townsend

    This song brings me to my knees

    garret phillips

    i see what you did there 0-0 in due time is a good song by them

    Tylor Wilhelm

    i don't know how I'm going to carry on from all those puns, but really, I love your work, I hope you do a piano cover for this song, one that will really rase me up when I fall, ya know?

    BlackWOLF 87

    Sean Townsend please do a piano version of this

    Homer Simpson

    An arrow to the knee brought me to my knees.


    @Radiated Aviation it's all falls on me is amazing and so beautiful

  69. insystem7

    I just hopes this guys' creativity never runs out. I remember when I was just a 13 year old kid discovering this band. This band is one of the reasons I love music so much.

  70. beebosean

    This is an incredible song. It's in my mind always v2 and its such a beautiful track. The harmony on this song is AMAZING! Such perfect vocals by jesse and adam on this entire album holy shit.

  71. Chris P. Tenders

    This record is gorgeous...

  72. Maykel Esser

    This album is gold! Its like a Times of Grace Part II. So unbeliaveble


    +Maykel Esser That's exactly how I feel, the 2nd Times of Grace album I've been waiting for. Has that same vibe

    Roger rtewwr

    yeah that's the problem, this is KSE not Times of Grace :(

  73. zz092083

    if disarm the descent is like the sequel of as daylght dies incarnate is the lost brother of alive or just breathing.


    I always felt like As Daylight Dies was kind of Howard's Alive or Just Breathing, or perhaps the AoJB sequel, with Disarm the Descent reminiscing on both classic and modern KSE and Incarnate being a combination of all their past works.


    This is my absolute favorite song on this album. It just speaks to me in a way that I love.

  75. Lucas Russo

    Beautiful music!!!

  76. kl number7

    This is like what always was on the last kse album. A slower melodic emotional track. Done right with some heavy moments included. Awesome track.💯🔥🔥🔥

  77. Bob Perley

    Liking it, now I am just wishing for an offical acoustic version. someday...  "Always" acoustic is my number 1 favorite song of all time.

  78. Jason Bottoms

    Somehow through it all, WE CARRY ON.

  79. Sarojin Abhi

    This is quickly becoming my favorite track!

  80. porkbeast3000

    Best song on the album imo. I wish I knew about more music like this

  81. Sir Wilhelm Steinway

    Jesse dude your vocals are fucking magic

  82. Nathan Gagne

    The chorus gets me every time Jesse kills it on this song Love Killswitch \M/

  83. Sammy Nass

    my favorite song in this great album,i can't stop listening to it!

  84. Ezequiel

    "But The Wounds Remains..."

  85. Nickolas Worthington

    This album is the perfect blend of melodic and heavy...and brutal. And I couldn't have it any other way.

  86. dimon

    the quality of the recording drum is much worse than before


    yeab ive noticed killswitch drums always sound a little too quiet. but thats what the king of metalcore adam D likes


    +duckeradin13 sounds much better and in the end of heartache


    +dimon as i lay dyings drums on an ocean between us and the powerless rise sound killer. the perfect drum sound.

  87. Anthony Chiara

    Definitely best metal album of 2016. All of the songs are top notch and don't sound the same. Also, Jesse sounds unreal on this album.

    Love Metal

    Anthony Chiara
    i will go with The stage
    this is second
    dystopia is third

    Christopher Oliver

    Anthony Chiara definitely was the best metal album of 2016...

  88. Gary Frano

    the best album of 2016

  89. Theresa May's Fringe

    but the wounds remain...

  90. CLuv

    I'm having flashbacks to when I first heard Jesse's singing on Alive or just Breathing


    @Greggory Carroll high five my internet buddy


    love that track just barely breathing


    that one and life to lifeless are my favorites

    Creek da sneak

    +Charles Lovely vide infra is one of the heaviest songs I've ever heard

    javon colter

    Saaaaaaame my first album I ever heard from them back in 2007

  91. Victor Strange

    Can't wait to get the new KSE album \m/

  92. sizz0708

    This is amazing.

  93. Maycon Barros

    Best part 02:05 / 02:25

  94. Kacie Evans

    How can anyone dislike this?! These lyrics hit you on a level of understanding, the members have been through shit just like anyone else! You guys are fucking great! Thanks for starting off 2016 right! \m/

    _ Ceegle _

    +Kacie Evans After the burial is the ones who started off 2016, this is just a juicy gift from the Easter bunny to tickle my nuts in a great way

  95. Lennart Lindh

    Bury the past. Wounds remain through it all. A desire to live again.

    Thank you Killswitch Engage

    garret phillips

    +Lennart Lindh but the real question is, is it to physically live again, or the spiritually live again?


    +garret phillips Both.


    I agree, I think it's both. The desire to feel alive again emotionally and physically, but also a desire to feel alive spiritually.

    Bo Jangles

    For many the physical wounds that remain are transgressed into the actual spiritual desire to live again.

  96. Jão

    eu tô ouvindo ToG?

  97. Luigi Thebaud

    KSE, has saved my life countless times, no joke.

    Dennoz Code-Gaming

    Cuckford Libtardian VII you know jessy and adam havr a side band called times of grace? Tell me you if thats not christian band. Sure, kse is not a christian band, but a lot of their song refer to jesus in a way or another.

    Skorp Saiyan

    Yes, totally understand what you mean. I remember at 17 was about to end my life with an extension cord and hang myself. Just full on depression, it was so awful. My Curse came on in my playlist and that just helped me stop and just gave me a second chance of outlook on life. No more depression and happy in my adult far. :) I did go through depersonalizaiton as a adult, but that's a different story lol.

    I AM


    Luan Nogueira de Souza

    Same... Like now!

  98. Glennguin

    This song defies a lot for people, it's definitely my favourite track on the album. Best album I have heard in the past 6 years!


    +Glenn FosterComedy *Defines


    +robenger64 yes that, but you have way too much time on your hands.

    Josh Baltus

    +Glenn FosterComedy Haha! ^

  99. tobeinhimalone

    Here are the LYRICS adapted from vocals word for word:

    Carry on... Carry on...

    Morning breaks from a night awake that's laid my heart to waste.
    Here in this anguish, knowing what will end just begins again.

    Somehow through it all we carry on, we carry on.
    Raise you up when you fall. We carry on. We carry on.

    Heal these wounds to break the skin again. What’s done is done, nothing’s the same.
    Vacant expression as the waves wash over your motionless face.

    Somehow through it all we carry on, we carry on. Raise you up when you fall. We carry on.

    Bury the past (bury the past), wounds remain (but the wounds remain).
    Through it all (through it all) a desire to live again.

    Somehow through it all we carry on, we carry on. Raise you up when you fall.

    Carry on. Carry on... Carry on. Carry on. Carry on.

    David Bläck

    Thanks, man!