Killswitch Engage - Triumph Through Tragedy Lyrics

Triumph through tragedy. Every decision, every choice that we make
All it takes is just one victory or just one simple mistake
To change the course. Count the loss. Determine the road that we must take
The road that we create
Strength through the determined
Can’t you see that triumphs through tragedy?
Cause us be there’s no illusion. This life will drag you through so much despair
Draw your own conclusion. Through reason and purpose we persevere
To change the course. Count the loss determine the road that we must take
The road that we create
Strength will bleed through the determined
Can’t you see we have a purpose
All we need is to believe. There is triumph through tragedy
Never give in to despair and hopelessness
Never give in when your will begins to break
Never give in
When you’re on the edge step back to find your balance
When the walls are closing in tear them down

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Killswitch Engage Triumph Through Tragedy Comments
  1. begone thot


  2. Itz 0men

    0:39 if you don’t violently headbang to this part, then there is clearly something wrong

  3. Valentin THIEBAUT

    Haha, that Adam voice. Incredible!

  4. Caden Dudley

    You know the song is gonna be a '10' when Adam is having a fucking exorcism while doing Vocals.

  5. jobson metal

    hardcore na cabeça

  6. jobson metal

    KSE old school foda demais mano

  7. ACE Music


  8. Sinergia IPED

    que lindo es levantarse temprano de mañanita con este tema al palo!! te dan ganas de romper todo de temprano !!! killswitch engage es una maldita maquina...

  9. bassman plays

    Personally, really underrated. Surprises me, I actually like their bonus tracks more than most of the albums, they’re that good.

  10. Derek Stewart

    Once you learn gutturals like Adam does in this song it opens a whole new range in your lower vocals for different techniques and more depth I love doing them

  11. TeamSesh97

    Sounds jus like old “The Ghost Inside”

  12. Rodney Collen

    Hype song with an inspiring and positive lyrics, and Jesse's vocals sound wicked, KSE rocks!

  13. Jason Aus

    Boner giving

  14. Arthur G

    I love Killswitch Engage, for me this is the best band of the Word!!

  15. Rick Sanchez

    Man I just bought Incarnate and this song wasn't on the cd. Now I'm a sad panda...

  16. Louis-William Gagné

    The "most Alive or Just Breathing" song they’ve ever made

  17. Brad’s MK5 Jetta

    Wow. Killswitch Engage has changed so much. I heard them back in "As Daylight Dies." but to be honest Im not disappointed. Killswitch always was and always will be a badass band


    Brad Navarro that was a different lead singer on that album. This is the original lead singer.

  18. Kayo Jaguar

    Ohhhh fuking great

  19. AnotherDay AboveGround

    This is the greatest song you guys have ever written.

  20. Big Perm

    They never disappoint live....Awesome band.

  21. artur master

    Ja greath song!!

  22. DemonOfTheWest88

    miss Howard Jones

  23. Jdm 757

    This song singlehandedly carried me through my breakup with my ex.

  24. supernaturalterror 420

    This whole fuckin album is great. And unlike the newest A7X I didn't have to listen to this more then once to decide if I liked it.....

  25. Brendon Davis

    grew up listening to this band this is one of my favorite songs I've heard by them

  26. Mister Bolticus


  27. alpha omega

    best album of 2016

  28. John Futral

    holy shit i don't think i've ever heard jesse do death growls before

    Jack Tyler

    fueledbydeath Adam d is the one doing the growls :)

    John Futral

    +Jack Tyler oh wow i've heard him do clean vocals but i didn't know he does uncleans as well

    Jack Tyler

    fueledbydeath yeah, he does all sorts! Haha, if you haven't heard it already, definitely check out Times of grace, he does some lead work on there, great album :D

    Derek Stewart

    fueledbydeath Jesse can't go that low but that was Adam , Jesse has great mids and drags them out a lil longer but I never heard him ever do low pitch death growls in any album he was on but I'm sure he could if he wanted to

  29. Templum Rhajat

    This song is basically what playing Danganronpa looks like.

  30. Graham Dalton

    I've been loving this song but damn. I'm getting annoyed... with what you ask? since I noticed it its been driving me mad and its that they spelled the song name wrong in the gfx on the right of the screen. things can't be unseen.

    Graham Dalton

    I guess trumph through tragedy is fitting also though.

  31. Dad Whitaker

    Where the fuck is the live performance lol

  32. Adrianaisevil

    seriously please no more of that softcore shit, and bring more of THISSSSSSSS

  33. Adrianaisevil

    too short! I NEED MORE BR00TAL!

    Sourya Bhattacharyya

    It's metalcore, lady.
    Go listen to gorgoroth.

  34. GiveYouDaJuice

    Best song on the album, easily the closest to their original material.

  35. Canal Metal


  36. Sean


  37. JSR Motorsports

    that scream @ 43 secs in. nasty

  38. Reign Of Ashes

    Listen to Aftershock, Dutkiewicz brothers band which Adam was in before he was in Killswitch it's awesome


    I blast this song in my car to the point when my whole car is shaking. FUCKING RAD SONG. EDGIER THAN A CLIFF.

  40. Brandon Tomalewski

    nothing gets my veins pumping with blood better then this it up Adam .strong powerful an in your fucking face

  41. Astrid Orozco

    CHRIST IN HEAVEN! SO MANY EARGASMS! How am i still alive?!

  42. Ash 517

    Am I the only one who hears "GIANT FRUIT TREES, TODAY!!" in the intro?

  43. LocoPro98

    this song remains me the wasteland of shadows fall

  44. LAMSY

    y u no google play music

  45. Xayde Gonzalez

    Can't wait for that Album with CorpseGrinder of Cannibal Corpse and Adam D! it's gonna be fucking BRUTAL!!

    Oscar Saucedo

    Shannon Lucas is going to play drums ex Black Dahlia Muder drummer

    Oscar Saucedo


    Mister Bolticus

    Xayde Gonzalez here to confirm you were right and that album is pure savagery

  46. joeykong94

    Holy hell the more I listen to this cd especially this song I can't fucking wait to see these guys in Binghamton on a few weeks !

  47. Josh Bilow-Morin

    Draw your own conclusion!

  48. joeykong94

    Adams growles In this are fucking brutal and I love it and

    junior D.

    joeykong94 ............and what? Enquiring minds want to know.

  49. tnyeh

    Song should have been just a little bit longer.

  50. WTFOOL

    Vinyl version of the album please!

  51. Chris McArthur

    Might be the best song on this CD. I have never heard Adam add that low growl to a song. Plus the riff is punishing. I get an adrenaline rush every time I hear it.

  52. 713skywalker

    Adam went hard on this!!!

  53. Luis Palacios

    Adam eres el puto amo lml

  54. Jhon Roca

    El Groove Metal en manos de Killswitch Engage suena Brutal!!!

  55. Roflfuckyou

    Adams vocals are shit here lmao all the fan boys saying its good.


    +Rennerp Well, they're not bad, but I do agree the fanboys are going a little crazier than they should lol. It was more of a surprise element for me. It's not like I didn't know Adam could do that, I just didn't expect them to do it in any of their songs.

    Derek Stewart

    Roflfuckyou they sound great and if u can go lower please prove if ur a screaming vocalist


    I'm disappointed as well. Just like I was when I witnessed mudvaynes lead guitarist did the same thing in concert

  56. jonathan

    adams got the beast voice!

  57. ronald Morrison

    can I double like this 👍👍😈

  58. Cherish Collins

    Just to be clear KSE stayed true to who they are, thank God!

  59. Cherish Collins

    Best song on the album! I'm sick of hardcore bands going soft. If hardcore made you what you are today, why change your style? Stay hard & metal on! STA


    +Cherish Collins What ATR did is a prime example of this. I don't know why bands are so insistent upon going crazy with the clean vocals as they get more popular, but it really kills the sound of a lot of great bands.

  60. DPatt19

    Kind of sounds like Life to Lifeless

  61. King Of The Ozone

    hands down heaviest song on the album.

    Derek Stewart

    King Of The Ozone yes it is bc it has traditional death style vocals and lower tone chugging riffs but not a full fledge death song but mix with metalcore , fucking love it and u have great taste my friend

  62. Sebastián Benítez

    This is so damn powerful

  63. pimkingetje

    I'm so glad I got the cd with the bonus tracks now!

  64. Wrathchild1995

    Pretty gucking brutal song, Adams vocals though, damn son :o

  65. Dad Whitaker

    Throw back \m/

  66. Jordan Matthews

    Haha! Love those gutterals.

  67. Brian Reeder

    these vocals are great Jesse leach death core vocals buddy with the vocals from alive or just breathing perfect mix

  68. oussama Ali

    this song and until the day are the best of this album , beside hate by design and strength of the mind the others are shit


    +oussama Ali Surely you're joking. Embrace the Journey... Upraised, It Falls On Me, The Great Deceit, and We Carry On were also really amazing. In general, the album was extremely strong, one of their strongest if not their strongest... and that's coming from a guy who assumed these guys would never top AoJB or As Daylight Dies.

    Derek Stewart

    Jacob u got that right but I thought disarm the descent topped aojb but in a way bc aojb put them on the map but as day light dies and incarnate is the bands best work

  69. TheAlbinoskunk

    Those lows!!!!!!

  70. Justin Archer

    More wisdom from a great teacher.

  71. padjo tangs

    How is this a bonus song this song fucking rips AMAZING

  72. Troy and Tiffany Ulshoeffer

    this goes HARD!!!!

  73. Bridgitte Velez

    Adam needs to make a band like a side project that would be awesome I love his voice!

    Miss Jessica

    He does with corpsegrinder and Shannon Lucas. They're record has been pushed back a few times though.

    Miss Jessica

    +Jessica Prieto their no they're

  74. Nahshon Markil

    Lol "trumph through tragedy"

  75. queerdeer12

    dude, this song should've been the single

  76. xXAscendingPhoenixXx

    If Jesse ever leaves again, they already have a replacement within the band.

  77. The Black Skulls

    Is Adam doing the fucking death growls :o ?


    this is demolishing

  79. Timothy Holland

    This has Adam D written all over this track, question how drunk or how many drinks was he in while recording his backup vocals? Lol.

  80. SgtActivityy

    Anyone else notice that it says Trumph through tradegy in the video and not Triumph? LOL

    Hi-Gain Guitar Channel

    SgtActivityy damn bro, took more a minute to find it....Good eye

  81. dustin billings

    This album is fucking heavy WOW jesse you are completely badass and can't wait to see you next month in portland oregon....

  82. Psycho Wolf

    Fucking Adam D dude, holy shit man! KSE forever \m/

  83. Donald Walsh

    go Adam!!!!

  84. Metallife666

    Those vocals

  85. August

    Anyone else notice the description? "It Falls On Me"

  86. beebosean

    Adam's low growls are fucking insane on this track holy shit. This is the heaviest KSE song since to the sons of man.

  87. Daniel Cooze

    The first minute of this song blew my face off, the rest is great but that first minute in particular is fucking amazing!

  88. Nickolas Worthington

    This is probably their heaviest song since Irreversal off of the very first album.

    Creek da sneak

    Ir reversal was off end of heartache. But I agree this is the heaviest shit ive ever heard! DTD was pretty heavy too

    Nickolas Worthington

    Aaron Knaus It was off of the first Self titled album, and then re recorded on The End of Heartache lol

  89. Kev

    Fuckin amazing album! I'm so glad Killswitch stayed true to their path!

  90. Christopher Hickman

    Really good album. I don't understand the bad reviews on this album. The only bad thing about this album is that they did not take too many risks. 8.5/10

  91. DM Punk

    Cancer bats anyone?

  92. dillon buckley

    mind fucking blown. this albums fucking nasty.

  93. popal52

    Fuck i can't get That fucking song out of my head... Old killswitch taste !!! SO FUCKING GREAT !!!

  94. thanethagreat

    not trying to do this, but this may be their best record yet, vocals are out of this fucking world good


    +thanethagreat Yeah that's what has really stood out to me as i've been listening to this album since it came out. Jesse and adam's harmonized screams / growsl are so fucking brutal and add so much to their songs.

  95. jobson dias

    q isso manooo