Killswitch Engage - Time Will Not Remain Lyrics

These are the days our lives will change and we will see our worlds collide
Life is a journey throughout the years that pass a lesson to be learned
There is a purpose to all that we encounter in this existence
What builds us up may one day break us down

These days, search your heart
These days, let courage overtake you
This precious time is slipping through our fingers
Become the change you have been searching for

These are the days,
Our lives will change and time will not remain
These are the days,
Right before our eyes, we see our worlds collide

These days, there is hope
These days, never letting go
The definition of existence is to be aware of consciousness

These are the days,
Our lives will change and time will not remain
These are the days,
Right before our eyes, we see our worlds collide
Worlds collide

None of us should be thought of
As anything less than a potential to change the world

These are the days,
Our lives will change and time will not remain
These are the days,
Right before our eyes, we see our worlds collide

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Killswitch Engage Time Will Not Remain Comments
  1. Sonia Bourgault

    Wow! Thank

  2. XTaKeRuX Music

    Amazing solo ,amazing tone getting the ironheart

  3. JrhJ vital

    Mix Metalcore

  4. morwen angelus

    their last two albums are their best work without any doubt. first one is the cornerstone no problem with that, but HJ era is mediocre mainstream shit compared to this and i say that as a hj fan and a kse lover since 2002. they are the metallica of metalcore.

  5. solarwind74

    They should seriously think about playing this live..Just saw them at the Metro in Sydney and they blew the FUCKING roof off!

  6. aaron rickenbach

    Dat chorus though

  7. Derek Stewart

    Jesse is such a fucking a beast


    7 dislikers your dats are numbered and there's nit that many days left

  9. Fran Peirone Peirone

    Who plays the guitar solo? Adam or joel?

    Jack X

    Adam usually plays the solos live and it certainly sounds like his phrasing voice so it's probably him on the record.

    Fran Peirone Peirone

    Jack X I think Joel plays the solo because the last note of the solo its similar to holy diver solo(sorry i dont speak english very well jajajaxd)

    Jack X

    I think you mean the vibrato sounds like his, I think maybe you are correct.

  10. FalloutFan66

    Who disliked this?! I will hunt you down!

    Andrew Black

    FIVE full albums and only getting better friend. Can't wait to hear their next album release! SKOOKUM AS FRIG!!!

    jacksoneous johnson

    It may have been me (just kidding)

  11. Lorenzo Monsif

    That chorus... Right in the feels

  12. Dennis roy Morgan jr Morgan

    I like this song

  13. KJack

    I actually love this song. The lyrics means a lot to me and i thank Killswitch for making this song! \m/

  14. United Rampage

    this is so true..

  15. CyborgDog

    sup buterful songs
    from MCPEcoolgamer

  16. Michael Murrey

    kse are bad ass because of the combo beautiful chorus and heavy verses. that being said they would build a bigger fanbase if they put out more softer more mainstreamed songs which i think they would nail that shit. but they should never stop doing their classicly built song structure. for us die hard fans we need that real shit. kse rules man plain and simple

  17. TheTremi


  18. cdwwg

    That chorus, holy shit. That's absolutely heavenly sounding. Shame the rest of the song isn't all that appealing to listen to.. but it does definitely prove that Killswitch Engage has a remarkable niche in the metal industry if they manage to hit those brilliant sounds often enough, which they haven't been all that much. Just takes one stellar album to bring that huge fanbase back.


    +cdwwg A matter of opinion bro, I think killswitch (especially on disarm the decent) have always had a good dynamic between their brutal verses and beautiful chorus'. Dont think it would be Killswitch without this combo!


    i dont think he is trying to say he doesn't like brutal verses in generall. i think he thinks that just this one isn't very good


    I thought the main riff/verse food was pretty cool. had a very nice groove going with the drum pattern

  19. Corn Wallis

    Only 7,000 views, such a shame. 

  20. Christopher Padilla

    Instantly a classic.