Killswitch Engage - Save Me Lyrics

So much that I've done wrong it's an open book
I've done much more than my fair share of damage

What once was hidden now is crystal clear. Transformation is within me
To break the cycle I must turn to you
What I lack I gain through your virtue I gain through you

Even when I fall will you still believe. Even when I'm lost will you still believe

Shattered by the hate that I carry
Take me as I am and make me whole again
I am lost without a purpose always consumed by self
I freely give this calloused heart can you forgive me

Even when I fall will you still believe
Even when I'm lost will you still believe
Now I don't have much, will you save me
But I'll give it all, will you save me

I've made so many mistakes
And I've broken so many promises
I've searched inside and I'm empty
Will you save me Will you save me

Even when I fall will you still believe
Even when I'm lost will you still believe
Every time I fall will you save me
Even when I fall will you save me

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Killswitch Engage Save Me Comments
  1. Randell Harwood

    I've followed Howard from KSE to Devil You Know and then to Light the Torch. Jesse is good at making metal, while Howard gives off more feeling. Both are great.

  2. Alek Martinez

    Miss howard..

    Ninj Yang Productions

    He's still making music

    Just Pass'n by dont mind me

    Yup check out his current band Light The Torch if you haven't already.

  3. Crust Ocean

    Damn do I miss these days

  4. begone thot

    For some reason, the first two seconds reminded me of Land of Confusion by Disturbed


    Why ı wanna die while ım listining this

    Ninj Yang Productions

    That's call nostalgia my friend XD


    @Ninj Yang Productions :D

  6. Jason Bottoms

    Even when you fall, I will still believe.

  7. Skaosti Holland

    I'm sitting in the dark of my garage and all I can think about suicide and this song is helping me

    Zane Drak

    Skaosti Holland I’m not sure if you saw my comment I just posted because I think it got deleted but I suggest you check out us against the world by killswitch (it’s another uplifting song)

  8. Daniela Echavarria

    I've made so many mistakes, I've broken so many promises,
    I've searched inside and I'm empty, Will you save me? 
    Will you save me?...... BEST PART EVER

    Marcelo Terrones


  9. Anthony Hill

    This song always brings a tear to my eyes

  10. Graveyard_of_Empire

    My feels on this song.. Pls save me

  11. Black Spider

    This song never fails to bring me to tears... <3

  12. Nene Westwell

    Will you save me 😢

  13. NIP

    This is why i love kse

  14. NIP

    W1Ll u SaV3 Me!!!!?!?

  15. Cedrik Iván

    Howard is a Leyend...

  16. Robert souza

    isso sim e musica de verdade kkkk

  17. xTaeTae21x

    👾Alien: Liked them better played on your Uranus./ Alien Replied: 👽That's what she said. :)

  18. teresa churchwell

    How did no one like this album foreals its not that bad

  19. Dillon Williams

    I love Howard as both a lyricist and a vocalist. The stuff he sings about just sounds more sentimental compared to Jesse who kinda sings politics which I hate. Don't get me wrong Jesse has got some great songs under his belt but Howard is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

  20. Castiel Angel115

    Howard come back

  21. Cody Moreland

    Save yourself!

  22. Avi Bhaskoro

    Please comeback Howard!!

  23. Greg Malcomb

    Both Jesse and Howard are amazing. KSE is lucky to have had both

  24. Silver Jay

    This is a good song, but i think my songs are not bad as well

  25. LatinoAD

    I wish Howard would return😔 that be dope😍.

  26. Jay Kay

    My favorite KSE song! Love playing it and decided to do a cover with guitar tabs ->

  27. Misael Droguett Gómez

    🤘 🤘

  28. cody gouchie

    Howard’s a lot better than Jesse that’s I’m listening 2 there old stuff stopped listening 2 KSE once Jesse came back! Lol

  29. Vincent Portais

    I'm quite bad in english so can you please explain, is Howard talks to his ex GF or to god ? thank you. And is howard who had write the lyrics ? thanks !

  30. Herman Pesina

    Why did they never perform this live!!!!

  31. Chris Cayford

    They should do an album where they song together. That shit would be crazy

    Miss southerland

    that would be Epic

    Александар Вучић

    @Miss southerlandthey actually are, their next upcoming album, I'm not joking. Howard will be in 3 songs

  32. Dany Dan

    Hello, my guitar cover of Killswitch Engage.

  33. Gene Phillips

    Such an awesome fucking scream/growl at 0:16 Holy fuck!!!

  34. Amnesios

    Howard was really heartbroken when he wrote this album,his lyrics are beyond touching

  35. B Turn

    cant stand jesse's voice. just cant do it. howard or bust. mostly cuz i discovered KE after jesse so im a lil biased. but i just dont like his voice lol


    I like jesse, but i also prefer howard.

    Rittiron Sontimaung

    As a fan I love both they are great in their way however I did agree Howard absolute amazing but you don't have to insult Jesse at all

  36. Anton Kleiner

    Tim! Hi!

  37. Bogu Lans

    That song is just perfection

  38. Kucu

    best song from kse. i fucking love it so much

  39. Destroy-Erase-Improve

    I loved Howard on the end of heartache but every other album he was on was garbage, apart from a couple of songs. Jessie is far better than Howard in my opinion.

  40. Dober Mann

    This is best KSE song...Howard sounds amazing.

  41. Bob Lansing

    I like Howard's voice more than I do Jesse's. I like his cleans. They seem more controlled and more powerful. Jesse's voice is more scratchy and raspy to me, but with Times Of Grace it sounded autotuned and shit. Just my opinion.

  42. larinha kawaii


  43. Gartrell Jones

    no one will ever replace Howard smh

    ba kapitan

    this is true

    uk wildcat

    they already have and still sound great

    Reflect All But White

    uh.... jesse will. lol


    Howard is talking about reuniting with kse !


    We can only hope! why not have jesse and howard on a album?

  44. Rob G

    Howard was the best but now idk?

  45. shawm mathews

    I miss Howard too, but we have lots of old stuff to listen to. Plus, Jesse really is pretty awesome on this last disc.

    Reflect All But White

    jesse is the best lol

    Jean-Olivier Couture

    The most popular years of KSE were with Howard

  46. jarrod mauller

    love this song Howards amazing voice

  47. O B S O L E T E

    Fuck, can you imagine what KE would be like with both Howard and Jesse...

    jarrod mauller

    like Jesus and furgie

    Michael Davenport

    It has happened Youtube "Irreversal"

    Victor Sauvet

    "Irreversal" and "Take this Oath" contains the voices of both singers.


    People are always arguing who's better than who... Maybe someday they can perform together :D

  48. fatalityfriday

    I gotta say both leads were great, but for me personally, I prefer Howard. Both have written amazing songs! But for me Howards list is longer :3

    Jesse JWR

    +fatalityfriday Yeah I agree with you. They both have their strenghts. For example, I think Howard has more emotion in his voice, meanwhile Jesse has as more agressive voice. Both good, I'm glad they have both played a role in Killswitch Engage.

  49. Lonelyshinobi

    i miss howard

    Mr Kelly

    But howard has been singing songs like fixation on the darkness and my last serenade for years. it all evens out, both are great. pointless conversation


    Howard misses you.

    Kevin Bartram

    He’s back. Check out - LIGHT THE TORCH

    kehneen maccormack

    romeo5-5 we all do buddy hopfully he will come back

    kehneen maccormack

    Kevin Bartram there drummer is ass tho

  50. Andrey Espinoza

    I love this band

    Ninj Yang Productions

    I know right :)

    Adam Collins

    This band loves you

  51. Zack Jackson

    killswitch is the shit... with howard of coirse course!

    Ninj Yang Productions

    howard was dope