Killswitch Engage - Loyalty Lyrics

The twin blades brings the vengeance raised
Forged from the flames
Piercing through the blood red sun
To the watchers in the southern skies

Fighting 'til our last breath
Fearless and tempting death
Through honor and victory
We will be avenged

Loyalty until the grave
Unbowed, unbent
We are unbroken

Forked tongue to blind and divide
Choking on these venomous voices
We overcome our enemy
Until all are vanquished

Flames course through the darkness
For life to be avenged
Through honor and victory
We make amends

Loyalty (loyalty) until the grave
Unbowed, unbent
We are unbroken

Loyalty (loyalty) until the grave
Unbowed, unbent
We are unbroken


Silence these venomous voices
Forged from the blades
Her death won't be in vain
Loyalty until the grave
Loyal until death
Loyal to the grave
Loyal until death
Loyal to the grave

Loyalty until the grave
Unbowed, unbent, unbroken

Loyalty until the grave
Unbowed, unbent, unbroken

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Killswitch Engage Loyalty Comments
  1. CLuv

    We are un broooookahhhhnnnnnn

  2. Giancarlo Vizcardo Valdivia

    Wow, The best way to complete an album, I love it

  3. Devils Joker


  4. brandough crox aka ogb

    Loyalty... seems to be a problem with a lot of people I meet /:



  6. Pamela Natalia

    great song - great lyric

  7. BrantheBroken

    My favorite KSE track, or song from any artist.
    Just majestic from the first barre to the last.

  8. Wobbly Pops

    Fuck that ending is dope

  9. Gabriel Peixoto


  10. Luis Manuel Serrano Novillo

    This song reminds me This Fire from As Daylight Dies

  11. Michael David Schmidt

    Silence these venomous voices
    Forged from the blades
    Her death won't be in vain
    Loyalty until the grave
    Loyal until death
    Loyal to the grave

  12. The Great Western Trendkill

    IMO the best song on the album but ADAM if you read this...the album has too much "soft" mids/a somewhat cardboard sound

  13. Misael Droguett Gómez


  14. Jay Close

    Thank you Killswitch you guys have helped me so much only thing that keeps me sane love you guys

  15. I AM

    That hook though 🔥

  16. My High School Spanish Teacher

    this track should have replaced 'We Carry On' on the album. I know Adam likes continuity but the element of surprise is just as good

  17. Alexandros Bulai

    Melted faces at intro

  18. DaenerysPlaysMetal

    Nice \m/

  19. Johnny J

    Now I know why this album is one top pick of Killswitch

  20. McHaazelnutz

    I love how all the bandmembers has distinct silhouettes of themselves in the background of this and you can tell which is which lmao

  21. Derek Stewart

    It falls on me with Jesses voice had me feeling every bit of his pain and anguish loved that song

  22. Rodney Collen

    Both Jesse's harsh and clean vocals sound great here. Too bad, his clean vocals don't sound that great when he's singing live.

  23. Joseph Gutiérrez

    yes is the song of my house

  24. Stoyan Kanev

    Jesse sounds a little like Sully Erna on the verse

  25. SkorpSaiyan

    Lmao I thought Forked Tongue was Fucked Up. Should have known better. One of the few bands that does not use explicit words in their music. They are so unnecessary as you can see.

  26. robb flynn

    of course this song is AWESOME! Thankyou KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!

  27. JonaVan Winter

    Game of Thrones 🐺🦁🗡🤘

  28. Javier 然伝説 Garcia

    sXe anyone?

  29. Richard Holt

    bring loyalty back!!!!!!!

  30. Mert Kaan Türkyılmaz

    in 2018.

  31. AlfredoLeon77

    KSE needs to come back to the essence of metalcore. Songs like this one, This fire burns, as daylight dies, the end of heartache, unbroken, when darkness falls, etc... with that feeling, deep drums sound and that magical downtempo inviting to reflection. Obviously joined of powerful and motivational lyrics. For that reason I rather albums like "As Daylight Dies", "The End of Heartache", and some tracks of "Alive or Just Breathing". Because these two last albums feels like "All that remains"

  32. Timothy Holland

    Where is justice for my sister and her children?

  33. Unbox, Unbag, Unwrap! Santos

    Lmao fuck youtube. I skip the ads and it gives me french ads. Wtf for google knows my postal code and this aint no french speaking area. I click on all the ads just so that youtube has to pay people. I hope youtube stops ads lol

  34. Paola Scarpelli

    the anthem of house martell. inspiring.

  35. Creek da sneak

    I already came 0:12 into this

  36. Derek Stewart

    Jesses best work not named times of grace

  37. Jordan Roberts

    The lead guitar during the bridge adds so much to this song!!!

  38. Wolf moon



  39. Dustin Sims

    bought this album and the song isn't even on there????

  40. Logan DeMott

    adam d stills the play the guitar like a fairy princess who is awesome at metal when it comes to metalcore

  41. Troy G.

    this might be my favorite song on the album and its a GD bonus track

  42. brian ellis

    need some more vocals from the d! Jesse couldn't ask for a better back up

  43. Hola123

    This song is perfect to play at the end of Mother's Mercy
    The Outro + The Ending: Perfection (And Sadness)

  44. NIHlLISM

    Favorite song on the album.

  45. Rachael Ashbrook

    Can not wait to see these guys live in decemeber!! Q_Q

  46. Holly D

    This whole album rocks.

  47. The_ Daddythema_

    Fuck yeah Known them for 10 years and still the last ending part gets to me.
    Makes me drum like crazy.

  48. OmriSama

    Yo is anyone else reminded of No Knock by All That Remains when they listen to this?

  49. Lee Mathew

    kse always meant to be hard musics...thats y i like jesse more over than Howard cuz he cant scream that yea..jesse

  50. alpine 279

    adamsınız amk

  51. Corey Shepherd

    oh my fucking god.

  52. Erick Hofmann

    This has AOJB written all over it!!!

  53. Heavy Metal

    R.I.P Oberyn

  54. Meh...

    How does one create such a a masterpiece of an album!?

  55. Mike Melara

    I think KSE should do a studio recording of the song "the end of heartache..." With Jessie, the same wAy Howard did "fixation on the darkness...." That would sound dope. It doesn't have to be that song either. Just saying any song recorded with Howard re-done by Jessie would be DOPE!

  56. Daniel Kitchka

    my eyes got wet hearing the lyrics, i dont know why.

    Bryce Harney

    Not lying here. Mine did too.

  57. Drew Wallace

    The bonus tracks always end up being some of my favorites! Killswitch fucking rules!

  58. Chris McArthur

    incarnate is just another awesome album. Killswitch just never stops pumping out awesomeness. please never stop.

  59. Grind Store

    This fucking riff make me cum


    This song got me into GOT, I mean the other version with the Tyrion and Oberyn dialogue intro

  61. Jonathan Beller

    Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken. You got to love House of Martell's motto


    song like a divine heresy.

  63. Tobi kun

    hey look killswitch still have shitty guitarists in the band SHOCKER.

    Tobi kun

    @Robert E
     YOU want me to show you, their is no burden on me to show you anything.

    Robert E

    @Tobi kun You made the claim this was bad guitar playing, therefore to prove that claim, proof is needed. That burden lies on the claimant. He just so happens to be you. 

    Tobi kun

    @Robert E
    I honestly don't have to show anything.

    Robert E

    +Tobi kun Then your claim doesn't mean a thing, and you look like an idiot.

    Jon Babcock

    What a douche bag

  64. Patrick Duarte

    This album is such an evolution from 'Disarm The Descent'. They just keep getting better.

  65. Child of Father Goro

    I like how this is a year old, and it was in game of thrones and they decided to rerelease it on their new album lol, just saying, still a good album tho

  66. Troy Sinclair

    My current favorite track on the record. That breakdown my god is it sick.

  67. DecrepitOrigin888

    Not Bad!!

  68. MetalGuitarCovers

    I honestly like disarm the decent better only like one song or 2

  69. Michael Celis

    I love this song

  70. Jonathan 47668


  71. XxCr4zyDAVExX


    Robert E

    +XxCr4zyDAVExX Would you people fuck off, already? I mean seriously, get over it. Go do something.

    Child of Father Goro

    +Robert E hey calm down man

    Doruk Uysal

    XxCr4zyDAVExX you can listen to Howard in a band called devil you know..


    Fuck you.


    Just listen to light the torch

  72. INGSOC

    I want to bring those, who have wronged me, to justice. And all those, who have wronged me, are right here

  73. Mike Melara

    So many people sortie the wrong lyrics at the start of the 2nd verse before they released this song on the album last week. "Forked tongue to blind and divide...." Are the lyrics as compared to "fucked up to blood and to death." But that's not the only interpretation I've seen in the lyrics. Jessie has never not ONCE cursed in his lyrics. Neither has Howard.

    Evil Toad

    Yeah when I saw those were down as the lyrics I was like "That can't be right."

    Timothy Sabbath

    Except for at the start of Numbered Days


    there are no swears in numbered days


    Timothy Sabbath he says/sings/screams "Fall" not "fuck"

  74. Gopnik Boris

    I've listened to this song so many times, it only gets better..

  75. Semih Coskun

    Süper !!

  76. Justin Mitchell

    this new album is fucking fantastic! good job

  77. Gonzalo Chairez

    This is the kind of album Trivium should of done!

  78. Tixer

    best album by farr and jesse is nailing this shit uncontrollably like my head banging while doin dishes

  79. Jason Bottoms

    This whole album has helped me, in such a way I can't explain.

    Sastra Gunawan

    me too.. :)

    Cole Aiken

    Taught you loyalty didn't you


    3 years later & it still helps people push through shitty parts of their lives, man I love Killswitch Engage

  80. natas313 3

    I didn't care much for the previous album, but, damn this album is good. I always preferred Howard over Jesse, but Jesse really delivered.

  81. crecker05ru

    OMG, that crying guitar after 2:13 awesooooooome!

  82. Hegster551

    The Kings of Metalcore make a comeback.

    Rex Kelley

    comeback? they did that one album ago.

  83. Polyphery

    Damn this goes hard.

  84. The Great Western Trendkill

    this is nice. I like jesse way more on this album so far. gritty/mature and less tryhard feel. here he stays more in his natural range with the cleans. like on AOJB

  85. Melissa Wilson


  86. Robert souza

    essa foi a primeira que ouvi a dois mese atraz so soltaram essa so pra dar mais anseios kkk

    Javier Romero

    yeah this is a bonus track that was part of Game of thrones that's why you herd it months ago

  87. jobson dias

    estamos aqui vei killswitch na vêia porrada na cabeça

  88. jobson dias

    kse porrada d+

  89. Danny Fink

    Ist it a new album? Pls somebody answer! :)

  90. lmventura1

    Really, KSE really needed to get Jesse vocals back. It made another revolution in the style of KSe and boosted the sound for a higher level! AWESOME!

    Tobi kun

    +lmventura1 This album makes them sound like every other metalcore band that is currently out there. :|

    Johnny In Japan

    @Tobi kun pffft pleb

    Tobi kun

    @Johnny In Japan their last few albums have been complete garbage.

    Johnny In Japan

    @Tobi kun You're garbage

    Angshuman Bhattacharjee

    @Johnny In Japan descendant from a family of garbage

  91. Wes Lockwood

    I've had this song for a while now

  92. Isacque de Souza

    best song 😍

  93. Draco Yolo

    Man, this song is fucking great.

  94. David S

    Howard was a fantastic vocalist, but I've always thought Jesse screams better than Howard

    Lukas Krasnauskas

    c,mon guys howard is awesome, I love his voice how he did My Curse how he expressed it, as well as Arms of sorrow, Rose of sharyn . But jessie's last serenade just got me ...


    They are both great in their own way. But i am glad jesse is back and howard has devil you know


    Jesse just has a much bigger tool box to work with ;)


    both have awesome growls and screams, Killswitch will not be what is now without Jesse and Howard

  95. Der Rammsteiner Junge

    Ich hoffe, daß sie in meinem Land Deutschland spielen werden.

  96. tobeinhimalone

    Song originally appeared on "Catch the Throne: The Mixtape, Volume II".
    Here are the LYRICS adapted from vocals word for word:

    The twin blade the vengeance raised, forged from the flames.
    Piercing through the blood-red sun to the watchers in the southern skies.

    Fighting 'til our last breath, fearless and tempting death.
    Through honor and victory we will be avenged... avenged.

    Loyalty until the grave. Unbowed, unbent. We are unbroken.

    Forked tongue to blind and divide, choking on these venomous voices.
    We overcome our enemy (our enemy) until all are vanquished.

    Flames course through the darkness for life to be avenged.
    Through honor and victory we make amends.

    Loyalty (loyalty) until the grave. Unbowed, unbent. We are unbroken.
    Loyalty (loyalty) until the grave. Unbowed, unbent. We are unbroken.

    Silence these venomous voices forged from the blades.
    Her death won't be in vain. Loyalty until the grave.
    Loyal until death. Loyal to the grave. Loyal until death. Loyal to the grave.

    Loyalty until the grave. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.
    Loyalty until the grave. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.

  97. Cam Par

    This song was on the game of thrones compilation about 3 years ago


    +Sd Ny I honestly don't think it fits the album. The theme/instrumentals of this song just don't fit the album. Every single song, including the first two bonus tracks, had a feel to it that would flow into the next, but this song just stands out too much. They should've kept it on the Game Of Thrones Mixtape 2. That's my opinion, though.

    Cam Par

    @1MusicsMyLife1​ some songs on this album don't fit with others either. Like the hardcore influenced ones vs the times of grace sounding ones. Thats that beauty if this album, its a culmination of all the styles of each album

    Brandon Rickett

    How was it on a compilation 3 years ago if it was just released.

    Cam Par

    @Brandon Rickett loyalty was not just released. Look it up

    Brandon Rickett

    @Cam Par Oh true Lol thought it was a new song. Since its on the new album and all.