Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design Lyrics


Born into this world of hatred.

We are born free
from the restraints of this society,
helpless to what is instilled.
To all those who raise us, mold us, and shape us:
there is a time to separate,
from this.

A reason why, a state of mind,
there's a disconnection.
A judgement made.
Fueled by hate, it's your mistake,
it's a choice you made.
It's tearing us apart.

hate by design,
is destroying our lives.
Seek to find,
some understanding.
Redefine your life!

Consequence, effected
in a life that is rejected,
anger misplaced.
A burden on our hearts,
that's keeping us apart,
no love,
no understanding.

What we design is hate inside,
a misconception,
a judgement made.
(a judgement made)

It's our mistake,
what we create,
when we lose compassion,
it's tearing us apart.

hate by design,
(hate by design)
is destroying our lives
Seek to find
(we'll seek to find)
some understanding,
redefine your life!

Redefine your understanding.
Redefine your own life.

hate by design,
(by design)
is destroying our lives,
(our lives)
seek to find,
some understanding.

Redefine your life!

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Killswitch Engage Hate By Design Comments
  1. mkrool

    i think using both singers is better like they did for atonement

  2. Barry Robinson

    Who's still jamming to this song in 2020!

  3. Devils Joker

    Kse one of the only giving goosebumps fuck.....

  4. brandough crox aka ogb

    Wow what a song

  5. Bertner Bert

    'Unleashed' brought me here...I'm digging these guys.

  6. Mirjeng [PhYx]

    I was listening to this song before my first date.
    Date By Design
    And yeah, it's 2020
    Late by Design.


    LOVE the way Adam makes that guitar scream 🤙😝🤟

  8. Adam McMahan

    Fuck yes!!!

  9. diego 88

    0:30 we are boyfriends

  10. This guy

    Howard is better. There, I said It.

  11. ViX420


  12. Szilard Csizmas

    Now I know why we don't have sabertooth in the 'Logan' movie.

  13. Mike Madison

    2020.. I say lean into the hate! ImI

  14. Heverton Perez


  15. iang1066

    Too much singing. He never just shuts up and let's the music breathe. That's why nowhere near as good as the Swedish and English melodic death metal bands. Firstly they have better melodies and riffs, but their music is much more mature and sophisticated and composed better. Guess this is ok if you a teen who wants some feel good metal at the same time as it being noisy enough to show ya parents you are being rebellious.

    James Tpac

    I understand what you mean, but I still love this song.

    613 Car Guy

    Death metal is garbage lol


    @613 Car Guy to you because you are not a proper metal fan. Just a plastic fan. Probably be listening to Hiphop next week. You just follow the crowds to fit in.

    613 Car Guy

    @iang1066 shit why are you telling me this ? is that how you feel about yourself ? poor thing

    Beats jotuetui

    This is metalcore it’s supposed to have singing you twat

  16. Moonchild

    Surprised to hear tambourine in choruses in a track like this :D

  17. Denice Mongeon

    Omg he fking Roxxxxx..2020

  18. Jungletraveler00 12


  19. Helsor 666

    People think heavy metal makes people aggressive. Lol what about mumble rap and rap its self literally makes people cheat,steal,kill,and ruin family's bc of it. Heavy metal does not. Heavy metal for life

  20. Fahrizal Nr

    Hack by design

  21. Nightsaber

    why all other metalcore bands sound the same? only kse is different

    613 Car Guy

    also parkway drive, fir for a king, crystal lake, affiance

  22. Cheryl Connelly

    The molly ringwald. And Adam d's solo!!!

  23. Ariel Estigarribia

    aguante river
    plate esta musica te da ganas genar campeonatos. vamos killswitch

  24. William Cap

    Never been truer words in a song about our country ! Racism, hatred it's tearing us apart ! Love this band ❤ listened since the beginning always will !

  25. Dale Putnam

    This song was obviously made in honor of our Lord and Savior Marcus Aurelius.

  26. Fausto

    This Saturday ....Mexico......that will be CABRON!!!

  27. Andrew Moody

    Listening to this while working on my entry for a t-shirt illustration contest

    Rate my design

  28. Travis Brown

    You'll never beat the old KSE.

  29. Damián Marcelo Vergara Zuñiga

    De maldito, directo a la vena ajaja notable!!

  30. OutSide Movement

    Killswitch Engage sempre muito bom!

    Roberto Cahuevos

    Siempre, no tienen ningún disco malo así es


    espectacular cancion

  32. darek owens

    Can't wait to see you guys in Raleigh in March. #fknready

  33. Michael Fataaikitama

    Eddie flicked the Killswitch and know its been engaged for more metal mayham 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  34. Mudslut Music

    I’m smoking a fatty....Baked by design

  35. Andrew Star

    Love where they went with this band!

  36. PerfectCell71

    1.9 thousand deaf morons ...

  37. Donnie Y.


  38. Coltin Green

    The guitar solo still gives me goosebumps in 2019...

  39. Inertia Air

    *1.9k archons disliked this video*

  40. Jacop Gutte

    Adam ups a notch in this one metal by design

  41. Dwak Solo

    So fucking good

  42. Anthony P

    I like and respect every member of KSE!🤘🏽

  43. John Doe

    Every time I inject 1cc Tren Ace into my quads pre-workout I put this song on and porn hub.

    The sweetest gainz phaggots

  44. Hunter Gibbs

    God, Adam's solo in this makes me want to run through a brick wall. Such a badass song. Definitely helping me in a time of pain right now

  45. Brad Valentine

    I listened to this song while doing the lawns
    Rake by Design

  46. Michael Caine

    Fucking brilliant band

  47. K i r k H 4 2 0

    Im really glad you're back Jesse!
    I still love Howard though, I mean the man bleeds talent. I hear that you guys are planning a colab with Howard. I seen the videos where you performed live with Howard guest starring. Oh man, I bet that was a fuckin kickass show. The crowd must have been Lit, the bootleg videos can't do it justice. I remember seeing you guys at Ozzfest 98 at the Tweeter Center in Chicago. Howard was playing at this time, on 2nd stage. This was my first dose of KSE. Goddamn shit is addictive.....😈

  48. Максим Максимов

    Сука, как это охуенно. Даже в 2019 году

  49. Monique Oliveira

    Cadê o negão do killswicht

  50. Helane Ruslan

    I hate Howard vs. Jesse. The band is lucky to have two amazing vocalists.

  51. Bernard Villalobos Mendez

    I love this song 🤘

  52. Anson Reid

    Idk bout anyone else but in this song and many others but this one to me brings tears to my eyes and u can hear the pain in his voice in this song. Not saying this is the only song that has that same feeling but man in this song u can hear it. Does anyone hear it in this song or just me

  53. Anthony P

    I love it!🤘🏽

  54. amy harrington

    Whenever I’m down and life is unfair this is what I listen too


    Me too.

  55. Cheryl Connelly

    Adam D at 2:57. Jesse dancing like Molly Ringwold

  56. Inertia Air

    It’s 2019 and this song becomes more relevant as each year passes. The message is a wise one, but it’s hard to live by when the hate machine is manufacturing at this pace

  57. Edgar Serna

    Almost sounds like Armageddons song from crossing the rubicon

  58. Deff Doens

    gemme back howard

  59. Elliott Briggs

    Jesse is good, Howard is magnificent. Howard performed much better live.

  60. RetroHabit82

    I'm high listening to this song
    Baked by design

  61. Jetstream Kel メ

    Come on world hahahahahaha

  62. Felipe Zorzi

    So awsome

  63. Chan Cartwright

    I'm painting while listening to this....paint by design

  64. Han Halo Shot 1st

    Listening to this while burning some herb, BAKE BY DESIGN.


    can Jesse sue overwatch devs for stealing his dance?

  66. Dillon Wong

    xHateByDesignx is my psn name now after this song. KSE is one of the best bands to ever exist

  67. Mike Moore

    Lyrics that have even more meaning now than they did back then.

  68. Adam Kelley

    Love the Witness t-shirt!
    I'm ES cousin and was in Hank Crane with him, and still tight with Craig S. Great to see the OLW love.

  69. Nightsaber

    I hate his beard style

  70. Nel Berkheij

    WHY is Youtube pauzing my video"s all the time??? So ANNOYING! "Do you wanna continue to watch?" DUH!

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    Really? What device do you use?

    Nel Berkheij

    @FanRose FabRose Spencer , I use a PC for watching video"s.

  71. Precious Metal Head

    I like him better than Howard but they made good stuff with Howard so ....

  72. Christian Cb

    _I like this band_ 🔥🤘🇵🇪

  73. Michael H

    OK I'll admit; I don't always listen to KSE, but when I do; so do the neighbors

  74. Nathan Explosion


  75. Luis Gore Gonzalez


  76. Charlie Farson

    Perfect workout motivation!!

  77. metal maniac

    Good to hear killswitch again ...sure helps you get through these hectic days can be rough but this music flows through me peacefully...horns high my metal friends from all over.

  78. BIG GAME


  79. Keith Smith


    Me at 3 am: 0:07

  80. amomymous mymous

    Studio jesse and live jesse. Not the same. Quality tune.


    Re picantovich

  82. darkKyrios13

    I love Jesse's dance at 2:16 as much as his dance at 1:15

  83. GrayEyes Beenjaamin

    MY FAVORITE PART IS 0:16 YEEEEEEEEEEAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. XchuggsX

    Ummm I hate to be *that* guy but....

    If you like this plz check out my band *Horror on 24* 🤘🎶🎵👀
    Appreciate it!

  85. Adam Nacario


  86. chearlyspop

    Não me canso de ouvir e ver esse video... Espetacular essa musica... muito boa mesmo

  87. Lobo

    \m/ Killswitch Engage Forever \m/

  88. DaMir ERGALy

    Where is new songs😭😭😭

  89. - Popcycle -

    2:04 that was such a causal way of shouting . Just looked normal

  90. Peter Rodriguez

    I was in a comma recently for a month and a half and when i came to these guys and other known metal groups help me getting better and help to walk again......

    Thank you guys for the music that helps me \m/

  91. Lasol

    I love this band, my fav band ever

  92. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen-Tee

    The chorus is like super heavy Dance Gavin Dance

  93. Squatch32

    I still don't understand all the arguments on who's better. Especially since they had Howard featured on a track on this album.

  94. Tyler Agee

    0:32 it gets me every time 😂 I love it

  95. Niora

    Filling Howard Jones' shoes is not an easy task, but Jesse really puts his heart and soul into the lyrics.

  96. Batt0usai377

    I'm listening to this with my girlfriend. mate by design