Killswitch Engage - Ascension Lyrics

This is a dawning
A calling to face down consequence
No honor in hiding behind a wall, that keeps you sane
Shed the skin of past mistakes
No remorse and no escape
The burden of your consciousness
Don’t turn back. Your time has come
Draw your breath
Define your ascension
Put your fears to death
Define your ascension
As the tension builds within you
Let conviction conquer
All those who stand before you
This is fair warning. No turning back
There is no indecision
Don’t turn away
Your time has come
It all ends today
Your time has come
This is fair warning
Your time will come

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Killswitch Engage Ascension Comments
  1. Johnny In Japan

    Until The Day and this song have terrible mixing. I can't be the only one that hears it. Maybe it's just the YouTube upload itself. I never noticed it on the cd.

  2. Jeffrey Ratliff

    2:04: “Put your fish to death”


    😂😂 Underrated comment af

  3. Nommiixx Divine Counterpart Music

    My heart tho 🖤😍

  4. Tyler Fabish

    WILL COME!!!!

  5. Science Fiction

    This is a really bad KsE song, honestly been listening since like 2001 and this is the most generic song they've ever released on an actual album

  6. Dozenfury88

    This is fair warning...

  7. Goth Gator Goddess

    Ending reminds me of Temple from Within from AOJB.

  8. Σκατοψυχο Φασισταριο

    Theme song of Deimos

  9. Rodney Collen

    Such a badass song, Jesse's vocals sound terrific, and KSE rocks!


    Such an amazing album from such a good band.

  11. uk wildcat

    Jesse's voice has improved dramatically.toss up for album of the year with death angel

  12. QSdrummrz

    This album is so fucking fresh

  13. Adrianaisevil

    does anybody else air drum at 0:57? just me? cool.

    Son Robot

    Adrianaisevil I can play pretty much this whole album on drums a lot of it is pretty straight forward

  14. Altıpatlar Üstüçatlar

    OMG OMG perfect intonation of the guitar

  15. massiv pp man xddd

    This album's fucking great, it's like old KSE stuff that was thrown away and then came back in this album. It's fucking amazing.

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Sounds more like They combined the Old KsE with the Howard-Era KsE.

  16. garret phillips

    normally music doesn't affect my brutality feeling, but holy shit this is some stuff

  17. Cecil Williams

    If anyone has watched any interviews with Jesse, you know he's very open about dealing with depression and anxiety and that he's accepted that it's a part of him. When I hear "No honor in hiding behind a wall, that keeps you sane" I think that is the PERFECT description of someone who's on antidepressants, I know this from experience. I stopped taking them a few months ago, the stuff literally puts a wall between you and whatever the depression is doing to you. It hides you from it. Sure, the wall can help give you more time to think about your "plan of attack", but eventually you realize that there's "no honor in hiding behind a wall that keeps you sane". Literally endless inspiration from Jesse's lyrics for me.

    Zifah Meeqatsum

    I have to agree!


    you, sir, are a fucking idiot.

    those pills keep people sane, and alive.

    im sure your family would be thankful youd die with your honor intact rather than spend the rest of a natural life with them


    @evildaemo no need to insult people, pills dont work for everyone, maybe jesse isnt satisfied


    @Drumilo Gonna' go with you on that. No need to insult, but some people just have such huge chemical imbalances that forgoing medicine of this sort can have fatal, self-destructive outcomes, or for others.

  18. Symbiont93

    This awesome track is WAY too short man

  19. insystem7

    Is it Howard's voice on "Don’t turn back. Your time has come
    Draw your breath
    Define your ascension
    Put your fears to death" or am I just imagining things?

    xjagat33x ff

    no, either it's adams voice or jesse's in some sort of overlay thingy^^

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Might be Adam's voice. Jesse's cleans have that soft raspiness to them that Adam's and Howard's cleans don't have.

    Take into consideration that this album was made after Howard's departure and Jesse's return. With that being said, I hope Howard comes back to the band some day and sings along with Jesse. That would be absolutely amazing.

  20. Katt AD

    Listening to KSE is motivational.

  21. Jason Gabriel

    asheville nc April 22nd can't wait!!!!

  22. Zachary Werner

    Ascension is the new "Rise Inside"

    Depresso Espresso

    Pretty much every last song on each album is though.

  23. Christian

    01:42 - 01:57

  24. Sd Ny

    This album has so many great song's on it. I like this one has the classic KE brutality. The great deceit is a sick track. I love the breakdown @_the end fading out. Great album worth buying.

  25. storm wickham

    Yeah of course but would have been better with Howard for vocals


    no, Howard's voice is only suitable for soft core chick lyrics. This is Jesse ALL THE WAY.


    Eh, I don't feel like "shutting the DUCK up". I will say this- Howard is a good singer, but I hated his lyrics. He made KSE way too softcore. Jesse is a perfect fit for this band, both vocally and lyrically. KSE started as a hardcore metal band, then went soft with Howard, then Jesse came back and KSE returned to its original roots: Heavy Metal. I can't picture Howard singing these type of lyrics that Jesse writes; his words are way more powerful than Howard whining about girls. So please, get over it. Just follow Devil You Know if you miss him so damn much. PEACE.


    Have you heard the album 'Start Again'? Fuck Howard's vocals. He destroyed this bands image!

  26. Michael Davenport

    On a side note...from one graphic designer to another, and from one Mike D to another. Kudos on the album art! IMO its your best work yet!

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Agreed so much. That album art perfectly encapsulates the very theme of this album!

  27. Miguel Salas

    2:12 Sex begins !!!!!

  28. Ryan OSullivan

    I can die happy!

  29. Guitarheadleo


  30. thanethagreat

    holy shit this album is fucking great, amazing

  31. Sd Ny

    Best breakdowns since aojb. Great job on this album. Sick as fuck.

  32. Felipe Andrade

    #killswitch engage if the band dont bring the tour to brazil -são paulo I will come to die !

  33. BrejetyKirby

    Finally the crash cymbal fills I've been waiting for!

  34. K James

    It can't be real.

  35. Bruce Wayne

    Official Stream for "It Falls On Me"? Is that so? :)

  36. Zifah Meeqatsum

    The intro sounded from an A7X song xD from Waking the Fallen, BADASS SONG BTW

    Evil Toad

    I don't hear any similarity personally.


    Yes, it reminds of Radiant Eclipse. The beginning sounds very much like it

  37. thezztop666

    epic album

  38. 93Druvan


  39. booalexj

    niiiice! !

  40. Alvin Tingson

    Reminds me of trivium album


    They do sound like Trivium, but I think a bit more heavy.

  41. agressor dos kraken

    thank you so much for this audio,  i love this álbum , waiting for my buy.

  42. Mike Melara

    Definitely the heaviest song on this album

    Nickolas Worthington

    +Evil Toad That song is godly. Is that Jesse or Adam doing the gutturals? I recall Jesse doing gutturals on Irreversal off of the very first album...

    Evil Toad

    +Official Nick The Trick I feel like its Jesse

    Mike Melara

    +Oscar Saucedo your right now that I listened to that Song just now 🤘🏼

    Oscar Saucedo

    +Official Nick The Trick Adam is doing the gutturals brother. \m/

    Evil Toad

    @Oscar Saucedo Well, Adam is amazing at them

  43. Bern Heisenberg


  44. MetalGuitarCovers

    My favorite track


    song is too short.


    No it's not lol "AC-130" by Attack Attack! is a short song.

    Northern Ninety7

    Short songs are the best. It makes you want to replay them.

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    3 minutes is pretty average for most songs.

    Johnny In Japan

    @xFitzMan91x Hey we don't talk about those bands on here. Adam D would be shaking his head in disappointment...

  46. Luiz Felipe


  47. TanoGG

    i can rest in pepperonis now. eargasm.


    Rip dude

    Creek da sneak

    RIP bro


    Rip in peace with the papa in the sky

    Hearty Oatmeal

    @Logan papa emeritus?


    papa john, papa bless

  48. Six Sail

    Ayy lmao

  49. Gonzalo Chairez

    Fucking legends