Killswitch Engage - Alone I Stand Lyrics

A day of great tribulation is upon us.
A time of deception conflict and unrest.
I will not cower in fear and submission.
I will hold my ground and resist.
It all starts in the mind.
From the beginning of days to the last and final end.
Uncertainty bleeds from within.
Open wounds stitched with precision.
Mind and body conditioned to obey.
They call us sons and daughters.
Only sheep led to the slaughter.
So many times, so many lies.
I am disconnected from a system I've rejected.
No allegiance.
Defiant I withstand.
This resistance.
I reject what you demand and alone I stand.
Rank, file and number.
We are gears in the machine.
Unseen to the eye the shackles are on the inside.
Illusion of security.
Rejection of this supremacy.
Confusion lead us to submission.
Disconnection from a system I've rejected.
No allegiance.
Defiant I withstand.
This resistance.
I reject what you demand and alone I stand.
There is great tribulation.
Upon us all.
Deception, conflict, and unrest.
Upon us all.
I will hold my ground.
I will resist.

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Killswitch Engage Alone I Stand Comments
  1. Cody White

    This is a hard song to headbang to lol

  2. K i r k H 4 2 0

    The guitar riffs in this are amazing. It puts those fad drop-d bands (who's song got licensed by the US Army and played in recruitment commercials) to shame.

  3. mike anglada

    Several Years of <3 \,,/ <3

  4. Richard Gray

    This is good

  5. LegendarySnipez 7000

    Nothing beats Killswitch engage

  6. Brian T

    Im still listing bro there hitting dem licks way beyond there capabilty very machine head esc my fave son baby boy doggy shut and dance bitch

  7. Jay NoneYa

    when i play cod or apex i always carry and alone i stand

  8. obiwan kenobi

    I liked them better when I saw them on Uranus.

  9. heckdav3

    I have to admit I didn't like it at first but when that chorus hit I was like this is fukin 🔥🔥

  10. Luis Rodas

    Howard has that power in his voice that nothing can compare, Jesse has more energy and fit Killswitch engage fast stuff.

  11. Benji Banks

    Alive or just breathing was their best album.

  12. Sparky Robinson

    Yes!!! 😂

  13. J W

    Dam Jesse your clean chorus line for this song is Sik brother.. Glad your back and engaged against the world of crap and Satan.. Jesus already one.. Satan is a fool. And everyone else in kse you lay down the power brothers God has blessed you all.

  14. Gage Williams

    Ya know I've always loved this band since the first singer. But most people turned a blind eye when this guy came around. I honestly love his voice😂🤘 Dont get me wrong old singer was better but hey this guy rocks tf out🤘👊

    Jason McKillop

    This is the original singer. The actual old singer. Lol

  15. rooftop90

    Really nice!

  16. Cale Breaux

    Jesse: we will stand up as one against the world!
    Howard: My heart hurts, I'm in my feelings.
    Both great musicians, both great screamers, vocalists. I just prefer Jesse's original killswitch direction with the band. Just listening to the new material, cleaner sound, he sounds better, but not as hard. No matter the argument, kse has always been kickass.

  17. gav butler

    In killswitch we trust

  18. Rex M

    Nice haunted cover

    Amy Green

    Rex M haunted cover ?

  19. leblah

    Oh look another one of those 'resist capitalism' songs. How pathetic.

    The White Wolf

    Nothing about capitalism is even implied here. It's more about general overbearing authority figures that seeks to control individuals.

    Tim Durfey

    @winged_hussar      If you don't like it, fuck off of metal. Metal and hardcore have come from a long history of liberalism. Many of the original metalcore and punk bands of the eighties and nineties were very political and almost exclusively liberal/socialist. This is not a place for your ignorance. Fuck you, fuck capitalism and fuck Trump.

  20. Sergey Pavlov

    Отличная песня, но склейка аудио... просто портит всю картину. Скажите, я один такой особенный, начиная с 0:54 и дальше слышу дурацкую склейку? Если, кто-то будет проходить мимо из русской аудитории, поделитесь своим мнением на счёт этого.

  21. Ashley Jackson

    Beasts !!!!

  22. Jason Kuy

    I'm new to metal and just discovered this band and fucking love it

  23. LegendarySnipez 7000

    this song is so........ BADASSS

  24. Rodney Collen

    Really wicked song, Jesse sounds great, KSE rocks!

  25. clinton debeer

    this dude sounds like the guy frOm war of ages

  26. Luke Skywalker

    freakin sweet

  27. Przemek Rudnicki

    new pwd's song doesn't even compere to this song

  28. josh murray

    And alone I stand💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck yea

  29. Wasim Momin

    When he says, "and alone I stand!" I get fucking energy to demolish something!!!

  30. Andre Metal


  31. Steam Gamer629

    Fuck Yeah! Metal will never die.


    \\m//  \\m//

  33. Nate Sassoon

    love this one

  34. Cookie Cutter

    Damn, that time signature though.

  35. Wasim Momin

    Who the Fuck says Jesse god bad voice? 😡

  36. Molly Wilson

    107 people don't wanna stand alone.

  37. AlfredoLeon77

    2:30 til 4:30 The essence of KSE. Guys never miss it! So motivational and powerful... 💪

  38. Cole Aiken

    666k views lol

  39. Logan DeMott

    thank god it doesn't sound poppy

  40. LastResistanceBand

    Greetings from Italy! You KSE are inspiring us since 2007, thanks for all guys

  41. Heverton Perez


  42. Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T

    It is very off beat..

    Nate Jones

    Their time signature changes

  43. Dalton Robert Pepple

    Prog Sound

  44. Ryan Dunn

    Can't imagine metal core getting better than this

  45. Chris Monvel

    KSE is so fucking badass

  46. Connor Sheridan


  47. Kamran Khan

    fucking Jesse!!! you complete this fucking band.

  48. UKFreedomFighters

    A new KSE album I havent heard.... wtf!? Where have I been?

  49. James Taylor

    This is fucking excellent!

  50. Dan

    reminds me of Reckless and Relentless era Asking Alexandria

    Ninten The Metalhead

    Dan Blasphemy. Asking Alexandria is shit. Pure garbage. Not comparable to a band like KSE

  51. Dao Yang

    The time signature is so weird. I love it!!

  52. Matthew Wheeler

    go kill switch

  53. DarthScorpio11

    #resist Trump

    Ninten The Metalhead

    DarthScorpio11 Maybe you could be a normal American citizen and wait it out like many people have done in the past. I'm ok with Trump imo.

  54. Nergigante

    I have not listened to this band in a while now because i have been discovering alot power metal bands but holy mother of earth this album kicks major ass. killswitch engage rules!!!

  55. *DARKVOID*

    I've not heard of such a blood pumping song in forever fuck yeah! KSE ALL THE FUCKING WAY!!!!

  56. casey millard

    This is freaking awesome! I thought i would be disappointed after Howard left.

  57. Inception Part 2

    Amazing intro from the new Incarnate album

  58. Love Metal

    one of few band that still kick some ass!!!!

  59. Johnathan OldChief

    Summer 2016 my best cruising boozing song

  60. Christopher Moore

    I cant decide between Trivium and KSE, I like them both

    Andres Santiago

    Joshuasonson my two favorite bands!

  61. Manny Aldama

    Miss Howard jones but Jesse is great too

  62. snaPeaz Musics

    Song lyrics -

  63. Bruno Mars

    best band imo

  64. Chris McCarty

    I still miss the old singer

    Shit show Sierra

    Chris Mccarty I mean technically this is the old singer too lol

    Manny Aldama

    Chris Mccarty who Howard jones? His not the old singer

    taco slayer

    This is the old singer

  65. Adam Kramm

    Why am I just hearing this for the first time. Unbelievable. The riffs and vocal. As an early 2000s KSE fan....this is like that...only 3D. Amazing

  66. chris wheeler

    im gonna be honest i like jessse leach alot hes a badass vocalist but tbh with everyone i love howard jones hes a badass vocalist and hes great asf but they are bothe bad ass good job killswitch engage

  67. Awesomeplace Studios

    This whole album is FUCKING AWESOME the new singer is great!

  68. Ashton Wyaskey

    just have to say thanks for metal my head ach is gone


    Its the same fucking loud devil voice bullshit everybody scraps off of each other for the past garbage metal thrash years.. At least the old singer had a voice that was more legendary than this same old nothing new..The listener just becomes a robot to the status quo of garbage metal and not breaking the bounds beyond..tiring and we know that Hate By Design is really hate otherwise you would have had both old and new singer involved in that mix that would have really broken ground, but I know.. The record execs pay the check.. So kiss ass as you must. I realize you have to get paid..Its the nature of the business.


    GRAMMATON DAVID This is the original singer Jesse Leach, he was here before Howard. He brings the heart back to the band.


    +cReDiiTz Just because some people didn't already know and love KSE before Howard, doesn't mean that he made KSE what it is today. wtf dude? He didn't contribute shit to the sound and style of the last two albums (which obviously is what they are today). And as for "being popular" the band could've easily grown with Jesse over the years. Howard wasn't needed in any way for this band to become popular. Hell I'm so glad that Jesse is back and brought the original KSE with him. Two of the best albums in years. I don't miss Howard one bit now that the real KSE is back. And yes, it fucking matters that he is the original one. At least for the fans of the first hour. I don't give a fuck about the fee fees of those who joined later and were only able to enjoy Jesse's place holder.

  70. Sam Khoshnood

    gonna see them on sunday in vienna so blessed im gonna lose my shiit in pit

  71. Obscure Creation

    Absolute perfection.

  72. Ashley Beasley

    Get to see them at Louder Than Live festival in Louisville, KY tomorrow! I can't wait!!!!

  73. Alex Gonzalez

    saludos de chile yeeeeeah

  74. The Anonymous AcclerDew

    This song is dedicated to us in the Libertarian Party and our struggle against the political establishment that's trying desperately to get us to vote to preserve the duopoly

  75. kyle wilson

    I stand alone! Always!

  76. Johnathan DeWitt

    this album is so fucking awesome!!!

  77. Captain America

    good song

  78. Gilbert Mcdonald

    bithch ..YouTube

  79. Gilbert Mcdonald

    bithch ..YouTube

  80. Gilbert Mcdonald

    bithch ..YouTube

  81. Lord Brandon Cross


  82. Spencer Chumley

    this song is badass

  83. Cornbread

    Godsmack is that you?

  84. Dexter Carlson

    1st minute sounds like August Burns Red. Anyone else think so?

  85. Michael Hammel

    Jessie Leach's vocal are just sick.

  86. sexualmanchocolatemilk

    The riff at 2:10 makes me headbang so fucking hard

  87. Nacho Man

    Song is perfection. The tune, the vocal, everything matches.

    Richard Holt

    i agree and loyalty is the other heavy hitting track these guys in my opinoin r in league of there own.

  88. Eric Oberoi

    look at the ratio of likes to dislikes for this video (audio)

  89. Míchele Cobré

    I am loving this especially the tuning

  90. De'Narrius Williams

    I love KSE

  91. Tommy Guerrero

    wow, they are topping themselves again...,I have KSE fever once again, just like the old days, JESSE is back singing with his heart on the palm of his hand, something that Howard always missed, even thoug his cleans and growls range was much more, he will never top Jesse as a true inspiring metal vocalist....Hands down


    Honestly I think his range is the same now if not greater than Howards. Plus Howards cleans have declined since he left KsE

  92. Xxxzssdf Yuhhjjk

    I reject you lead ship LOP gethigh and LOP ripper LOP sinister you guys will never be leaders in this world you guys ate not leaders but bitches who do not get what they want so you abouse you leadership in LOP you are worst leader I ever seen in my life the worst fucking leaders in the world one world for just one world you 3 are fucking trators

  93. Alex campbell

    KSE Is fucking awesome !!!!!!

  94. Sean

    Jessie knows whats up, fuck the illuminati

  95. Noah King

    lol what are they saying

  96. Jeffrey Sixkiller

    I want to hear some more low screams from leach. from what it sounds they're pretty good.

    Ninten The Metalhead

    Jeffrey Sixkiller He definitely wouldnt be out of place in a death metal band. Speaking of which Adam is playing guitar and bass for a death metal band now called Serpentine Dominion, with Corpsegrinder on vocals and Shannon Lucas on drums. It's good, check it out, it shows that Adam has a death metal side to him.

  97. J Nice

    got this album a few days ago and i can't put it way. killswitch blew me away with this one. its cool they got Jesse leach back too

  98. exzeaon

    just saw them live... absolutely fantastic!!!!!