Kid Trunks - IDK Lyrics

All I gotta say, stay away from the fake
Ice up on my neck, it look like I just swam today
I just told that bitch to give me face, get out my place
We got on Revenge, you shop at Payless day to day
Make a quarter milli in a month, ain't got a date (thank god)
I just wanna feed my family like every day
You a fake and you a snake, I see it in your face
Why you talk about me? boy you always say my name

I forgot, I'm the one that's 'bout to pop
I'm the one that's at the top, I'm the one that she gave top, bitch
I forgot, I'm the one that's 'bout to pop
I'm the one that's at the top, I'm the one that she gave top, ayy
I forgot, I'm the one that's 'bout to pop
I'm the one that's at the top, I'm the one that she gave top
Ayy, I'm the one that's 'bout to pop
I'm the one that's at the top, I'm the one that she gave top, you dig

Bitch I forgot, you not at the top
You talk behind your phone and your whole family work for cops
You say you a ganster but you always be with opps
I seen your bitch walk down the street and then she ask for cock
You let your homies talk about you right behind your back
I get the work, I flip the pack, and that's a Fendi fact
I got Givenchys on my slippers, they ain't come from Saks
I got my brothers right behind me, you can't fuck with that
I got the forty with the dick and I'ma let it go
I got too many bitches throwin' ass and snortin' blow
And when I pull up, that mean 10K for a show
I'm Gucci'd down and also I got Polo on my shlo, bitch

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Kid Trunks IDK Comments
  1. Zachary Jones

    Black fortune u a BITCH 💯😤🙅‍♂️

  2. LilBeasty

    The 808s are just mmmmm

  3. Taariq Bacus

    When u come across takashi 69 cousin

  4. ArsenArtz

    my second favorite korean song

    (first be gangnam style)

  5. Yung Rich

    When the asian kid gets his first tattoo

  6. Eugene Partin

    Some of them are wearing mask to not catch the coronavirus

  7. Alex Schmitz

    Great song just less bad stuff

  8. Robert bmx Florea

    Esta tan mal que ni le afecta el coronaviruz

  9. Cuervito's Vlogs

    Cling cling cling, ayeee 😂😂😂 WTF

  10. Camo Queen

    I wasn't expecting a - nevermind

  11. xMosty's気身理真悪

    Freezer Has left the chat.

  12. Ari Gonzan

    Yo encore this guyz musick

  13. SpookyZ Diamnd

    When the Asian kid works with the ghetto kids on a project


    SpookyZ Diamnd lol

  14. Natanek

    Coronavirus is here boys

  15. Gameplays & Trailers

    Did he get tested for coronavirus?

  16. Mystic

    Manz made the corona virus by making this song 😳

  17. David Jack

    I’m Asian and this cringy to watch

  18. Papi Roach

    This on its own will destroy the coronavirus

  19. FA TM

    Asian n word pass

  20. Kauzey

    It’s was lit until everyone got the CoronaVirus

  21. Clownn

    I bet they called him pussy boy when he moved in

  22. Jake

    It’s so cringey when Asians try to act hood. Like sooooo cringey. Idk why anyone would aspire to act like that in the first place.

    Dusk 777

    Jake cause Asians totally can’t be from the hood right?

    Charles Baylor

    You got asians who grew up in the hood, just like how you got some white folks who grew up in the hood. You also have asians in black gangs, just like how some whites have joined black gangs. Don't be so quick to judge. Everyone don't grow up in a middle class/suburban type of environment. Some people was raised in a "ghetto" because their parents couldn't afford better. That goes for anyone of any race.


    Lowkey go hard

  24. #SippinTeaInYoHood

    1:41 anyone heard Tay K instead of 10k?

  25. Danny Sanchez

    This is so fucking garbage I actually smelled shit in the air.

  26. OwoNebwula

    Do my homework

  27. Derian Aguilar

    Oh shit Is that rice gum?

  28. Yung Ounce

    Check out my music stop sleepin.

  29. WilliamV

    I googled Kid trunks so I could see his gi from the Buu arc, instead I got yet another soft "rapper"

  30. Xavier Graves

    This song has good momentum

  31. fearblast

    I wanna feed my family every day*
    What are you gonna give them? Crystal meth?

  32. my pain

    These types of rappers are shitty

  33. Duy Pham

    When your parents disowned you for getting an A- in English

  34. facika tafara

    Bitch africa

  35. facika tafara

    Oh sheeet

  36. facika tafara

    I forgot no like actually

  37. facika tafara

    Zoom zoom zoom

  38. facika tafara

    Stay awayyy

  39. memebig boy

    Who else is here because of Timothy

  40. facika tafara

    Then make up history of united stats bitch I’m James bond

  41. Popular Vídeos

    love jahseh

  42. facika tafara

    Joker from mortal kombat

  43. facika tafara

    Orange soda

  44. Jaden Evans

    Kid trunks xxxtencion friend he was in moonlight

  45. kidd_gokuu

    You kid krillin

  46. Ayғee

    when kim jong un finally lets you out of north korea

  47. Fernando Ramirez

    Timothy know the vibes!!💯💯

  48. facika tafara

    Shut the fuck up and isolate be like women


    *k-pop has left the chat*

  50. Lane Bowen

    bloody as shit

  51. facika tafara


  52. Never ever sober Need drugs for my composure

    Ricegum and lil pump have a baby

  53. MasteR Zxd

    This kid sayin he at the top🤔Even though if it wasn't for Timothy nobody would no one would know him 😂

  54. Gaurav Rai

    that's rice bowl cartel for you, for initiation you need to eat 2 vitamin gummy bears instead of one, also say no your grandma if she asks you for some food.

  55. L. Morse

    "I just wana feed my family like everyday" has do be the deepest shit like ever made

  56. Mrclassic7

    Watch where you point that gun lil buddy. You might shoot a booty

  57. Troy Fletcher

    Bruh dude spilled his drink on his shoes 🤦‍♂️

  58. Christian Roseo

    That shit corny

  59. bob

    when ur parents kick you out for getting a B+

  60. WayneTube78

    That beat knocking though..

  61. Ty Sprangs

    0:17 best special effects i've seen made those face tats pop.

  62. Arturo Calderon

    Damn I cant believe he sang that shit in Chinese

  63. Gopnik

    People still taking this shit serious😂😂

  64. Руслан Бессмертный

    Who is that bitch?

  65. M3bEa5t

    Another soon to be snitchn9ne

  66. hylozoic

    China Mac murdered this beat.

  67. nycjin816

    this is better than china mac? FAIL

  68. xFrohty

    This song made me shake my ass

  69. Cameron L

    I thought that was ebe Bandz out back😆😂

  70. MASHAya Nako

    6ix9ine Chinese Version

    808 slaps


  71. The Unknown Music Nightcore

    Ay I work whit IDK

  72. JO DITP

    Gling gling gling

  73. Zayne lol

    Imagine being a die hard kid trunks fan

  74. Cody Wright

    This trash is disrespectful to dbz lol

  75. Moises Dominguez

    0;36 when you ask ur mom if u can go to the store with ur friends but u know ur mom listens to kid trunk and u have to wear a mask

  76. 420 Everyday


  77. Mike Dee

    Parents: We don't accept any grade less than an A so bye

    Kid Trunks: Streets it is


    I like how 1 asian boi are around black people

  79. WidmoCiała

    Greetings from Poland🇵🇱💪

  80. youngboy angel

    This nigga going to be like 69

  81. Trxll Gxng

    Kid Trunks should collab with Kid Buu

    Morpheus Bott

    Lil vegeta would disagree

    Trxll Gxng

    @Morpheus Bott lmao

  82. Mojix Productions

    Why his adlibs sound he eating a bomb ass meal.

  83. Ricardo Milos

    0:11 xxxtentancion fake? Jajajajajajaja jajajaja You are a pussyboy nigga :v

  84. Keaven Murphy

    Asian kid: ima show you the way
    69: you got it bro

  85. Crush

    Get Of Kid Trunk Dick🤣

  86. P.O.E. Richard

    SheTaki 96?

  87. Sequoia Dvoir

    When you dropped out to live fast and furious on your Tokyo drift shitz

  88. Najewto

    So this where ricegum been.

  89. Goku

    Bro I don't understand wtf is going on

  90. AnimeHQ

    Vegeta is just shaking his head like wtf did my son become

  91. Tyrin Vince

    He look like an anime gastner

    Morpheus Bott

    Lol when anime and hiphop collab

  92. SAX ??


  93. Sylvain Gallo

    Ikon as changed wow.

  94. Deven Persaud

    Smh half of y’all don’t even know what kid trunks did for the underground scene with ski and x and ronny

  95. Wavy pat

    This guy is not better than stupid young or china mac.

  96. Rusty Rat

    Is your tongue numb? You're mumbling dude. Meh, guess this is just this generation's version of the Teletubbies.

  97. donkey kong

    Mother love me
    Long time
    Long time