Kid Trunks - Good Riddance (Remain Strong, I Will Be Here Forever) Lyrics

You won't ever understand me
The pain i feel in silent leaves me empty
The feelings that i grew with flew right pass me
I won't ever stop until she tells me, i'm
And the pain it feels so good
And the pain it feels so well
I will throw all of my sins in the wishing well

I won't ever stop for no one
I won't ever stop for nothing
I won't ever stop for no one
I won't ever stop for nothing
She can't feel her face when she's with me yah
She won't ever stop until i bleed yah
I remember when she left me for you
Can you pass by my room
So i can give it to you
I would like all of my credit when the credit is due
She just want to touch my body when i'm lay'd down and snooze yah
I don't want that bitch no more
I don't really like that hoe
I don't want to see her busted open
Can you bust it open for a token

You won't ever understand me
The pain i feel in silent leaves me empty
The feelings that i grew with flew right pass me
I won't ever stop until she tells me, i'm
And the pain it feels so good
And the pain it feels so well
I will throw all of my sins in the wishing well

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Kid Trunks Good Riddance (Remain Strong, I Will Be Here Forever) Comments
  1. Lobo

    RIP X :C

  2. Guss Mckechnie

    this came out before he died

  3. Jey Purganan

    Trunks, my nigga, put this shit back on soundcloud

  4. luangelsan

    How is this tribute

  5. UnSoberBoyzz 14

    RIP X:(

  6. Vine 2

    This ain't the tribute

  7. Lil Vodge

    Glooks vro transmitted spirit

  8. Messi Hernandez

    ain't this the one that show on his INSTAGRAM?

  9. Eme c


  10. ItsJustAsia


  11. Tylor Cardinal

    JFMH sounding but ayeeeee I still bump this track

  12. Djdeathnote

    Aye 🔥🔊🙏

  13. Tom Foolary

    Shit took me by surprise. I like it

  14. playboi johnny

    Rest In Peace X

  15. Issa knife

    ...good...riddance ..?

  16. JBT Herbalist

    Rip x I still can’t believe your gone and I still have sleepless nights cause your music keeps me awake:/ we will always remember and love you❤️

  17. Raphael Yanez

    Yooo put it at 1.5 and itll sound sooo much better


    Oh my GOD it's been a month get over X already

  19. Eden Parks

    This had nothing to do with x lmfao

  20. N I K

    You Fr suck you don’t deserve any hype or acknowledgment at this point, this song was nothing close to a tribute you just used him for clout wack ass nigga.

  21. YungProdigy Murch

    She can’t feel her face when she’s with me yuh? How is this an X tribute🤔

  22. Tanya Buick

    Good riddance dreams of xxxtentacions murder that’s the meaning 100

  23. Veenzy10

    Stay strong TRUNKS

  24. Nadiya Khan


  25. Kozark Realm

    Lmao rip X but this garbage and he wouldn’t be proud

  26. that guy


    Forever in our hearts ♥️

  27. Hopperstwin

    This got nothing to do with x

  28. Tobi

    Jahseh When u not here with me I’ll feel Suicidal

  29. Magy Perez

    Long Live the Goat X 💔

  30. Spvce Wxlf

    I dont think this song has anything to do with X, he is talking about pain yeah but seems like a different subject. Maybe its just me

  31. Spencer Odom

    R.I.P X Long live X

  32. Tonka Parker

    How did i get this notification ? Anyway rip x

  33. Uk secul

    Lol now trunks can blow up what a douchebag... in stil listening to his shit tho🙄

  34. Lion Mon

    Miss Jah❤💔

  35. Tink Bold

    Rip xxxtentacion

  36. klipse killem

    fuck this lil nigga

  37. Amir Saleem

    Rest in paradise Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. Your legacy and music will live forever.

  38. SHYBOY

    This goes hard

  39. Dominating Tyy

    This notifications late smdh

  40. ruby sanchez

    Rip X ..KING of the dead

  41. S0phisticatedZ0mbie

    We all foreva stuck in X Gekyum

  42. NaVi Plays


  43. leonard sanchez

    I like how this song has nothing to do with xxx lmfao it sounds more like a love song

    Guerilla Clips

    leonard sanchez the title is clickbait

  44. vSKEESc


  45. drake rychcik

    1.25 speed

  46. Marcus Cloud

    Yall are clueless "good riddance" from the cold world

  47. ryaya10

    X. True legend. People don't change, cause none of us are willing to... X was tho..... Badd Vibbes forever.


    🔥 🔥 🔥

  49. ProjectsMusic

    Weak ass title

  50. Kenaiis


  51. Let your soul Rest In Peace

    Damn where the weed at

  52. lil Snuff

    RIP X

    But this shit trash asl

  53. ChrisThaKiD

    members only vol. 4 !

  54. laila


  55. s0ci3ty sxcks

    This song bout a gir. Trunks snapped though

  56. felix Cortez

    All you kids dumb as fuck thinking this is an x tribute.

  57. Dithh

    The song title is a bit disrespectful don’t you think? Anyways rest in power to my idol 💔

    Antonio Rosario

    Either this isn't am actual tribute song or Kid jus a really bad song writer

    Jarick Robinson

    Think it is a old x song he never did guys


    not disrespectful at all.


    Whatever y’all make of this song or’s his feelings in a form of a song about his close friend or something he learned from him. No one knows but just vibe guys. Peace and Love. RIP X...

    Dylan Jordan

    Not sure if this is even an official song, but the title wouldn’t be disrespectful regardless as it’s obviously playing on the fact that “good riddance” was a lot of people’s reaction

  58. Multiverse

    Spotify pls .. .

  59. Elliott Smith

    Rip xxxtentacion

  60. Rashad Duren

    This is not a tribute 👎👎👎

  61. NL Entertainment

    R . I . P X 😔❤😢😭

  62. Hector Skarecrow

    A real friend so issa real tribute. Shout Trunks
    RIP X 💔

    Alfredo mendoza

    Hector Skarecrow llj

  63. goddezz29

    RIP X 💖

  64. The weeknd


  65. Romello 20

    How is this even an X tribute. Reaching with these titles


    Gekyume Romello bruh, I just said the same thing ha. Fo real tho


    It's not

  66. Durodes Duvo

    This would’ve been a cooler song if there was a talented singer. Or a decent one. Or an average one.


    Durodes Duvo shut the fuck up

    jet leonard

    It’s true kid trunks can’t sing


    It is true. Trunks is not a good singer or rapper. Not to hate but how is this an X tribute? It's about a girl hes sad about?

    felix Cortez

    Baller he's right tho you nerd

    Marty Mcfly

    Right I don't know why YouTube recommend me this bullshit

  67. Romello 20

    Good Riddance ?? 🤔 is this shade to X

    Romello 20

    Ryan Voltaire so basically if you died and your friends came out with a song called “good riddance” (Ryan tribute) thats not shade

    evan mack

    Gekyume Romello i think he is tributing him with versatility

    Y Tf My PP Hard

    This isn't a real tribute to X, it's an old Kid Trunks song.


    Chrispy clout off his name ? When did trunks eveerr claim this was a X tribute, it's not his fault this YouTuber put the thumbnail as a picture with him and X

    kim stew

    Nah it's no shade nor its a tribute, this was just a regular sad girl song made by Kid Trunks ( Xxxtentacion friend ) but the song itself has absolutely no relationship to X or his death

    So its highkey a clickbait from Uprising

  68. Jared Adams

    Here before a Mill, R.I.P. X❤️ 🔥

  69. __jack dailłe__

    Lil rip x

  70. Gucci Wayne

    R.i.p x u is a legend 🙏❤️


    Old X vibes


    So true

  72. Goingcrazyyy Fyee

    Relatable 😞🖤

  73. badvibes777

    long live x 🙏

  74. Tommmyyy

    R.I.P X! 🙏🏾💔

  75. ooze


  76. Dang Paul


  77. Debanhi 333


  78. Jojo23

    R.I.P. Xxxtentacion ❎🙏💯

  79. Dreamer jaay

    Rest easy X❤

  80. Conner Michael

    This made me like this kid and also here before 20mil(:💖

  81. weapoN

    early squad

  82. Cooli3Cut

    Masterpiece 🖤💯

  83. RÅW

    Long Live XXXTENTACION 🤟🏻

  84. SlapsSounds

    tonight is breaking me down so this is good timing :) im still gone be dying inside but at least im not alone


    SlapsSounds There you go; put your heart, soul & mind into it. the outcome will leave you in awe.


    Osas I appreciate you brother and keep your positivity


    SlapsSounds Always, never went negative never will. Your mind is Diurnal; when shit gets dark outside go Nocturnal.


    A lot of dark shit happens, it depends on what you chose to get over it because every hill has its peak and after the peak it’s all easy and fun

    Dilpreet B.

    ur not alone i wanna die reallly fuckn bad too

  85. PandaLimon11

    First and it’s fire RIP prince X

    sad songs português translation

    PandaLimon11 rest in peacefull x

  86. Trash Thetic

    Long Live X 😇⭐️