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All the pain and the drugs
Got me feeling so right
But I can't do it every night, I'll try
Why does it feel this way, oh why?
And if I do it again, I'll die
All the pain and the drugs
Got me feeling so right
But I can't do it every night, I'll try
Why does it feel this way, oh why?
And if I do it again, I'll die

You can never run away from pain
You can never learn to take the feeling away
I'll just try to find happiness 'til it's my last day
All the pills that I popped, I just put them all away
Didn't matter what I took it always had me off the hook
And my heart was really racing and it had my really shook

All the pills popped
All the pills dropped
Don't care about no bitch naw
Hop in the pussy like Criss Cross
VVS diamonds, my wrist watch
You could see it in the light
You can feel it when it rising
You would know when it's time, yuh

I just wanna fill you up
And you just wanted to be cuffed
And love is nothing but a touch
Yeah, you were the one I never trusted
Look at you disgusted

All the pain and the drugs
Got me feeling so right
But I can't do it every night, I'll try
Why does it feel this way, oh why?
And if I do it again, I'll die
All the pain and the drugs
Got me feeling so right
But I can't do it every night, I'll try
Why does it feel this way, oh why?
And if I do it again, I'll die

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Kid Trunks E-Wave Comments

    This hit me hard my boy thats life we live to die i feel this 100%

  2. Don Fuego

    He's beautiful.

  3. Randy Rodriguez

    I see you bass Santana MO

  4. Devin Hughes

    Ah hah . You started singing 😂😂.

  5. Troy Phan

    Should do a colab with goten..

  6. 4 74

    The only thing bothered me it's too fucking short

  7. FreakShow MG


  8. Dende Sol47

    Here just drop off a sensu bean for my boi trunks 💊

  9. yellowWeebtrash

    I wonder if he ever watched berserk

  10. mark Sanchez

    01:04 off that powda

  11. Mohammed

    More tracks like this one!

  12. Payio Phimu

    I'm sure you will replace XXX 😔😭

    Morpheus Bott

    No one can replace xxx have some respect

    Payio Phimu

    @Morpheus Bott 1st know who is kid trunk and deal with it

    Morpheus Bott

    Payou Phimu lol “deal with it” kid trunks is a flop u loser get over it

  13. GemsOnFiji

    Gang shit - emo


    Kid's trunks 2020

  15. Joey Pokestar

    ❤️ this song

  16. Nitro swood

    Yo kid I saw u at the fair the one with vegeta jacket

  17. Marco OG

    Alguien es español?

  18. VeeYT

    Damn trunks got almost 10k of his subs liking his music video with 1 mill views

  19. Gary Coto

    Here before a million views! Kid trunks got this banger! R.I.P X AND R.I.P JUICE


    Roblox niggas when they see their friend:

  21. elusive mane

    future trunks the only trunks that relevent.
    Trunks ain a rapper he a monster from the future

  22. Mighty Mystic

    Everyone trying to be a rapper now

  23. soulful2767

    Someone reupload this in 432

  24. Risotto

    Damn he even has his hair like trunks

  25. Prolific

    ReST iN PeACe JuiCE WRLD!

  26. lance swisher

    I was here yesterday, came back today before 2mill. Can't wait for Kid Gotenks next!!


    we drug smoke every where

  28. shea davis


  29. William Freeze

    Solid song!

  30. Jason Jamaican Bacon YT

    X: ayyyyyy
    Ski: waterrrr
    Trunks: gling gling gling
    Juice: zzt uckh hack


    Jason Jamaican Bacon YT ur not funny

  31. H.R. Henri


  32. Hòa Nguyễn

    việt nam đâu

  33. Kid Ghoul

    nice chill

  34. Tony Nuñez

    O can't stop hear this ! Stop the drugs Trunks , make for X'

  35. Sleepy and Sunny

    His name: Is Kid Trunks


  36. Fabiola Gonzalez


  37. Hòa Nguyễn

    việt nam đâu
    quá hay

  38. soulful2767


  39. Francisco Davis

    Trunks the man. So glad him and Ski cool again.

  40. Mr TooBad

    I admit this song better than idk but kid trunks still garbage

  41. iSnoopy Beats

    [Bulma has logged into the chat]

    Francisco Davis

    *Bulma has flagged the video*

  42. Sauce kami

    Don't tell me you on drugs too trunks please get rid of those. 💯

  43. NitroDan

    I think rappers finally realized what drugs do. RIP Juice Wrld

  44. LXb B

    Another druggie don’t get ya hopes up boys he be dead soon

    Treyvon Smith

    LXb B Not cool bro. Potentially true but still


    listen to the fucking lyrics u degenerate these are actual human beings struggling with actual problems


    Bruh u need to listen what he is singing about

  45. hugo pereira

    funny how a song with a drug-awareness message came days before Juice WRLD's death...RIP

  46. SuDzY Ayy

    This shit hits different after you find out Juice died


    it took juicewrld to die for u to realise how fucked up drugs is ,lmao


    Not really.


    Just in general it's a song people should take in and it helps us realize we're loosing too much people in this world because of drugs

  47. Kurlyo

    why is this louder then the audio version?
    i like this one way better & you can feel the bass 🔥🚀

  48. Miguel Minions1995

    Rip juice wrld


    So beautiful

  50. Max_Snorlax

    Lay off the drugs trunks were losing to many talented people #llJW #llJ💔

  51. Jaytee 23

    R.I.P Juice wrld 💔

  52. Rafiki Green

    Stop the drugs trunks 🖤

  53. Kimlee F


  54. aPoCxMoDz

    RIP JUICEWORLD - 12/8/2019 :(

  55. Mjol ninja

    When Kpop didn't work out for you

  56. delvius


  57. Fxck Bleaches

    When the Asian guy gets 2nd place in Mario kart

  58. Jairo said Orellan guillermo

    Xxxtentacion 💔😔🤘😥

  59. Liljohnnie Cage


  60. D DamnDiesel187

    This is straight ass....

  61. Organic Life

    I like where your mind is at in this track.. keep at it stay clean and focused

  62. pLAy bOi

    I miss the old crazy ass trunk


    life changes people, those who stay crazy, are the ones who didnt go through anything real. Just my opinion.

  63. stef V.R

    1m finally :)

  64. Young God OB

    407 shei. On jah this shit one of the hardest songs from 2019 PERIOD.

  65. MMJV Beats

    Gling gling

  66. karan sherwal


  67. luis lopez

    when you tell mom ur just going to the homies crib to play video games.

  68. Alex Ybera

    Bet this guy is the next snitch to come out

    Alex Ybera

    veu this nigga going to snitch one day on his squad


    @Alex Ybera why would he do that?

    Alex Ybera

    LIL B`s EVIL TWIN looks like a 69 type of nigga


    sao tao dao


    skir linky link

  71. Exile Francisco

    I already knew this song was gonna blow up its fucken fire 🔥

  72. caleb_brah

    1 mill... we commiN!

  73. Germán Heredia

    Está bien puto feo XD

  74. Bee Diggler

    Dude ur asian!! study and shit! be a docotr lol fuck


    Fuckin lame

  75. Casey Reynolds

    This dude looks like a g’d out version of 905 the shooter lmao but🔥 song tho

  76. Jesus Navarro Huaman

    PERÚ !!!!

  77. Hite Colt

    This is my planet,all you got is coastal bombardments!

  78. Ace wannabee227

    Y the fuck r rapper geting there names feom tv shows like kudd buu now kidtrunk what next a rapper named gokua

  79. Sergio Santiago

    Future trunks ssj rage

  80. Mingo_teh _Great

    A bottle a pair of blunts and laid back chair and feel the vive

  81. Zaki Khan

    is he foreal?

  82. Rap-Beats Instrumental

    Check out my beats show some love 💯💯🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏

  83. Aqworlds TheShoe

    the asian jokes lame asf

  84. Lil uzi Vert

    This manz looking like big Z from surfs up 🤣

  85. David Corinthe

    Type beat ?

  86. musicVOLT

    How to people like this shit lol

  87. Xx Visual Cure xX

    been waitting so fucking long

  88. Bodhi Shiva

    This is how many people who thinks he talking bout ecstacy

  89. Etienne Rojas

    Yaaaa lets all pop pills. Now its the new trend!!!

  90. Plan B

    What a fucking vibe trunks, Bass looking like a mf g as well

  91. Minjae Kim

    danm it
    he looks handsome at the moment


    /e wave on Roblox

  93. Žygimantas Tamošiūnas


  94. tr4pped

    Errrrrbody on melodic shit I sweaaarrrrr