Kid Trunks - Bay Bounce Lyrics

[Kid Trunks:]
You dig?
I got (Yeah), I got (Yeah), I got (Yeah), I got (Yeah)

I got one in the head (Yeah, yeah)
That's what I said (Yeah, yeah)
And I know that you be talkin' to the feds, uh-huh (No cap)
Every word I gotta say, it's a bet, uh-huh (No cap)
Behind your phone, you isn't hero, I'm a threat, uh-huh (I'm a threat)
If you speak on my name, it's up, uh
It's up, it's up, it's stuck, yeah, yeah
It's up, it's up, it's stuck, yeah
It's up, it's up, it's stuck, yeah

[Mikey More:]
I'm the darkest, I'm the farthest
From the point, don't get me started
I'm the hardest to employ
When you see me, cross street, hold your head down to avoid
Mama been about her bag, daddy been about his coin (Shake, shake)
Walking on cocaine, P.O. wanna probate
Lady go to Dolce, she my lil' soulmate
Where the real niggas at? I'm one that lay
I don't do Cash Apps, GoFundMe to donate (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Beast take bread from the ones who flexin'
I never told on my mans, didn't block your blessings
Never fold on a bag, I done learned my lesson
I never worry 'bout a bitch, it'll keep me stressing, uh (Ayy)
'Bout blue strips, boy, we been the cool kids (Uh)
You can use my kicks for a new crib (Uh)
I can make the dick give you a new lid (Uh)
Niggas love to play the game, but I ain't lose since (Uh)
She don't like my music, then it's fuck her then, uh
She ain't let me smash but her mother did, uh
Bay bounce, baby, but act dumber than, uh
But I got a pack on me like I'm Stunna Man, uh

[Kid Trunks:]
Got that pack on me like a Stunna Man
Feeling like the running man, you're looking like you're bluffing, man
All that cap, but you ain't on shit, uh-huh
You want smoke, I'm forty deep in the VIP, uh-huh
Hit your head with a fuckin' hollow tip, uh-huh
RIP, you talk down, yes, you rip, uh-huh
It's some kicking in the back, smoking propane
With a white bitch snorting coke and doing whole things
I can't remember all the loss or the worst days
So I pick it up and get it back just like my wordplay
All my shooters keep that forty on them, uh-huh
If you need us, we can solve the problem, uh-huh
Check your background and check your caller, uh-huh
Check your DNA test, I'm your father, huh

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