Kid Quill - Leaves Lyrics

When the leaves turn brown
And they cover this lonely town
And I miss your kiss
When the leaves turn brown

I'm my own devil, lot gives me hell
And I don't know where I'm going, man only time will tell
And I'm my own curse and I can't read the spell
But I'm feeling pretty good now
I'm a put a few down
I done been lost but I'm finally coming home now
Man I'm feeling rich one time, yeah
Ok I've been on my shit one time, yeah
Feel like I waited for a whole lifetime, yeah
So I'm a soak it all up, don't mind yeah
And you're the reason that I lost my voice
You had me chainsmoking cigs and that's not by choice
But it's 'bout 'bout time I got my bounce back
Tell me whatcha' know about that

When the leaves turn brown
And they cover this lonely town
And I miss your kiss
When the leaves turn brown

And they'll try to knot me but I'm in my groove
And I don't pick battles I know that I'll lose
And they run they mouth but can't run in my shoes
And understand I'm just doing what I am
And I ain't got no plans
Man I don't really think I need one
Cause I'm feeling rich one time, yeah
I ain't tripping over shit one time, yeah
Feel like I'm really going to miss these times, yeah
So I'm a soak it all up, do not mind yeah
I'm tryna' figure out what they gon' say now
I'll let it slide like a playground
It's 'bout time I got my bounce back
Tell me whatchu' know about that shit yeah

When the leaves turn brown
And they cover this lonely town
And I miss your kiss
When the leaves turn brown

How we get here in the first place
Spent the last year escaping the bad headspace
But now I'm in the mix
I got the city on my hip
I'm tryna' stay above the game like a blimp
And I don't wanna sound mad
But I been around the states breaking bread with my dad
Man we was busy on the road
We got 2500 for a show
5k in 3 days and paid back student loans, who you kidding
I got the ball and I'm hogging it
Used to run the city but I feel ok with jogging it
I saw the competition and they fell off
Finally 22 I should probably take the kid off
They know the sound, yeah I've been around
I'm the type to shake it up and break it down
Hit the ground running with my head down
It's about time they hear me though
Hit the TV before I even hit the radio
Man they say it sound like old school 'Ye
Mixed with brand new Drake
Well y'all made a mistake
Sorry for the confusion but I sound like me
I got the drive all I need is the tee
That's it

When the leaves turn brown

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Kid Quill Leaves Comments
  1. Stealth Darko

    Hits deep bro, Great job

  2. Veronica Isaac

    tueo ri uylwe ribcswkoyreplmj

  3. James Ruiz

    It’s been 2 years and I’m still keeping this on repeat

  4. Preston Menke

    Make more music please and thanks

  5. Harald Lundberg

    this shit's fire at 1.25x speed

  6. Casey Jones

    Amazing work. You’re a gem

  7. Lucas Coppens

    my favorite song from my favorite artist

  8. ReelTourVideo

    Last Verse Bangs

  9. Felix New

    damnn dude

  10. polygender banana

    THERES 666 LIKES I'm so proud also need a 1 hour version I like it too much keep spitting fire 🔥♥️♥️

  11. Hunter Weiss

    Even though this song was 3 years ago listening to it now and 3 years ago this song gives me chills I really like kid quill and I hope one of theses days I get too see him in concert that would be my dream come true💕

  12. Aussie Attack!

    This is awesome!

  13. Clout_Coochie_OwO

    Honestly I don’t know why you aren’t going off at this point. I’ve been listening to you since last year. I mean come on people open your eyes and realize how good this song is

  14. Pillo

    *beat drops
    Me: *whips but slaps herself with hair
    Me: OWWWWW

  15. Sergiu Pătraș

    Very enjoyable song, keep up !

  16. Anthony Vaccaro

    good job man i've been here since 3k

  17. FriedRice

    Here before 1 Million views

  18. Jairo Amezquita

    bro your music is lit bro keep it up your my inspiration

  19. addie hansen

    Love this song!! Can't get it out of my head!!

  20. Maggie chandler


  21. Isaiah R.

    this is amazing man 😁

  22. •Deswy•

    good vibes! keep going on bro!



    No Life

    Senpai Lover yes please

  24. Henry Frazier

    that last verse is fuucking heat!! new album is dope keep up the great work man

  25. Autumn Mackewn

    sad that im just discovering you noww

  26. cowbeaf 146

    fucking beast

  27. Michelle Rojas

    the freaking beat is amazing


    thanks swagytracks F.R

  29. ItsKneeCoh

    hm, seems like I've found my new favorite artist.. keep spittin

  30. dead pool

    Love this album

  31. Love Life

    Dayum! It's beautiful bruh. Love the music you making.

  32. Nicholas James

    I like this man ;) Thanks

  33. david guzman

    good job bro I love your music keep at it much respect !!!

  34. K3yira

    Im the second Person !:)