Kid Buu - I Try / ++LuV $ick Lyrics

That's why you gotta sometimes just try to find and create moments in life, just for this
Oohdem Beatz
I heard love's hard to find, love
I'm still tryna find love
I heard love's hard to find, love
Not sayin' I was tryna find love

I try so hard to find
I get lost inside your eyes
Can't make up, make up my mind
Do I want more or less of you? I can't decide
I try so, so hard to find
I get lost inside your eyes
Can't make up, make up my mind
Do I want more or less of you? I can't decide, love

Oh no, I can't decide, love
I'm not tryin' to pick sides, love
But I'm tryna decide, love
Is it money? Is it you? I don't know, love
All I know is I'm just tryna go off
Seems like you love me more ever since I blown up
And since I blown up, you not livin' sober
I'm just livin' different, different bitches comin' over
I'm just sippin' different, mixin' codeine with my soda
All these niggas switch up, wanna be friends ever since we blown up
Bitch, since I blown up, only got more designer
Got more bags now, bitch, I don't mean to brag now

Got up out the trenches, young nigga got his bag now
Now you see me in a Jag now
New diamonds, new Rollie, watch me cash out
That's the reason that bitch mad now

I try so hard to find
I get lost inside your eyes
Can't make up, make up my mind
Do I want more or less of you? I can't decide
I try so, so hard to find
I get lost inside your eyes
Can't make up, make up my mind
Do I want more or less of you? I can't decide, love

I can't decide, you said you love, still can't decide
I can't decide, love
I can't decide, you said you love, still can't decide
I can't decide, love

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Kid Buu I Try / ++LuV $ick Comments
  1. NeilLeChachamoew

    You si dogshit man

  2. Ñêwbïëz Yøûñg X

    A lot way more better than trippie
    I love it i really love it bro keep it up BUU

  3. The One AJ

    If your younger than 12 like and comment who’s better Trippie or Kidd buu

    Obviously Trippie

  4. D A S H 4 9 0

    Kid buu stole the song of trippie redd,trippie kick out kid buu cuz he was trasaaash and kidd buu got mad so he said he stole my song

  5. rzney

    first of all this is trash
    2. the location looks alike trippie redd’s i try video
    3. same melody.
    4.this man is out here only copying

  6. Faze Greg Paul

    Is this the walmart value version of "I try"?

  7. Tuss

    L L L L L L

  8. hey apathy

    Kinda like empty by juice
    Btw: RIP 💫💫

  9. Epic Gamer

    Someone with skill put Trippie on this beat because this beat is better but buu is trash

  10. Khun OC

    pretty fucked up how trippie stole the shit, buu showed him straight love.

  11. okyx Gaming

    Kid bu Ragazzi della musica fottiti ragazzi

  12. Miles Takahashi

    Tommy craze people anyone

  13. Blue Rblx

    This is not hot it trash

    firey of bfb

    You have ever hear blunt by kid buu you have seen it it's really hot

  14. Lil Lecion

    So trash

  15. Nathaniel Burgos

    Kid buu stole trippis flow and his song trippi came out wit this song 4 months ago kid buu did this song 3 months ago

  16. Bxsic.Anthony

    No wonder trippie kicked his ass of the track. This shit sounds like trash.

  17. TCO Nemesis

    Shit is ass trippie Redd did it better word 2 ✊🏼💪🏼🔥

  18. HAZZA 16

    Ngl trippie reds version better

  19. Buttheadryan

    If redd sang this it would be better

  20. proline8gamer

    you suck ass

  21. Shane Simmons

    100 times better then trippie reds

  22. Lowkey Hustler

    Kid buu obviously copy the i try by trippie redd look at place

  23. LIam Richards

    Trippie redd was fucking right to kick you off his album you just straight autotune trash

  24. Rise_destroyer

    Nice copy off

  25. DiamondzGamez

    Trippie Redd: I Try
    Kid Buu: I Try to be on Trippie’s Version But I failed

  26. NOAH STEELE2114

    Kid buu version hit different his version is a vibe song when u sad

  27. NOAH STEELE2114

    Yo kid buu unlike your other songs I fuck wit 2. U did your thing on this one brody. This is better than trippie version. I fuck with death to sound cloud to brody

  28. Isaac C B 100

    Trippier rad I try is Betry thin yoers

  29. Nicholas Ames

    Fire compaired to that red trash

  30. allroundlad

    I try + empty = this song

  31. Lil Tunechi JR

    This is hot asf

  32. Moose Truffle

    The dislikes seem to creep on every Kid Buu video, I can see why.

  33. Fj Spliitz

    U tried so hard to copy triple reds music video

  34. Thomas Hovmand

    TRASHKid: love,love,love
    Trippie: Fuck love

  35. Kelso Queso

    The best kidbuu song to date no cap.

  36. BiteClips YT

    You got arrested in 2008 your 30

  37. Lemonz Pro

    I dont like the man but he sure does make good music 🤷‍♂️

  38. Triple_X

    Let's be honest.. Your music is not good but you don't deserve all that hate

  39. Brian Saka

    I love you

  40. Tommy Hinzo

    Shit sound wayyyy better than the trippie remake hahaha

  41. Forced Marriage

    fucking hate this rubbish 🙌🏿

    Money And Sin

    Fuck you peace a shit, this song's better than trippie


    @Money And Sin *piece you dumb shit

  42. Forced Marriage

    this is so fucking rubbish

  43. Forced Marriage

    so fucking rubbish

  44. Anthony Paredes

    How the fuck did shit like this become music?

  45. david jones

    Trippie did way better than this auto tune stuff 😂 @trippie redd

  46. kwymeik Carroll

    You tried and still trying to light that blunt 😂 Try and get mainstream

  47. Army Adl


  48. PabloGee_07

    Bro this shit better than trippie red shit no cap 🔥🔥💯

  49. Alex Guardian

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥💨

  50. JennyLiz Sanchez

    Fuck you kid buu you fucking coppying people music and you are stupid

  51. Jalmaurer Gaming

    Fuck kid buu

  52. R3ev3-_-YT

    Stop rapping your soooo shit trippie redd is 1000000000X better

  53. Cody!

    Trippie redd did it better

  54. Spear

    Kid Buu wrote a technically better and more conpelling song, but trippie’s vocals were way cleaner and naturally harmonic because he used less autotune. The written structure of Buu’s song could’ve been like an XO tour life if he had trippie’s sound engineer, but no one can replicate each’s unique sound.

  55. Elite Hector

    Trippie red wannabe ??????

  56. XXX Lexsauise

    He did it better than trippie tbh but trippie had better visual's

  57. Slvt

    How many times he gonna spark that blunt 😭😭😭

  58. Marilu Valencia

    Tirppe redd

  59. AMH 05

    This is ass

  60. Will Morrison

    You stole this from trippie 😤😡

  61. Jordan Caldwell

    Off brand Trippie red

  62. GD Sailent

    Lol what is this ?!? 😂

  63. Mr_ poncho


  64. JonahDaBoy

    Your music sucks it’s copying trippe redd

  65. Anthony Guzman

    He was kicked from trippy reds song

  66. ThebigLking

    This is a rip off of i try by trippie

  67. 513jbird

    On some real shit kid Buu whole song/beat way Betta den Tripp shit

  68. Isaac Martinez

    Who came here to see how many dislikes he had?

  69. Connor Golden


  70. joshua flores

    Ayy this that same garage 😂😂😂

  71. Dark Mage

    America worships no talent, mentally ill rappers in 2019

  72. Daveonna Bennett

    Anyone started thinking about DBS(Dragon Ball Super)

  73. Jaime Santiago

    even if he stole this, trippies song is better 💀

  74. carter dizon

    Fake ass

  75. carter dizon

    This guy copying trippie

  76. Brodie Burtsfield

    Trippie reds is better

  77. Cecy Hernandez

    Fuck u kid buu

  78. WalllessFN

    Stop hating on kid buu his power is absorbing abilities like cmon that's creative if u ask me cuz that's kid buu power in the anime

  79. Yung Xenu

    Trippie Redd: I try is my song

    Kid Buu: why TF you lying

    Gabe Hall

    Yung Xenu bro your not funny go home kid

    Bryce D

    Your not funny, plus you like kid buu get the FUCK outta here

  80. CamBone's Quick Clips

    It's not like you're taking stuff and making it different. You're taking stuff and just making it yours. Your whole style. Everything you look like is a copy. Youre trash. Idgaf bout you at all.

  81. CamBone's Quick Clips

    Like this is shit

  82. CamBone's Quick Clips

    It's bad. As in it's not good at all

  83. CamBone's Quick Clips

    Like not good

  84. CamBone's Quick Clips

    Bro it's actually bad asf

  85. Whet ?

    Notice the music video is the same as trippies

  86. Whet ?

    Even if trippie did steal, I’m glad he did, cuz he did it better

  87. AXT stalker

    Rip off of trppie

  88. EnoLord

    Trippie was right dis shi trash 😂

  89. mrflimaingee

    man i think i hear some AUTOTUNE 👂

  90. Mr.Scrambler Gaming

    Your pictures keep repeating and I hate that

  91. Jameson_5!!

    This junt hard🤯‼️

  92. Bagińskyy

    Better than trippie

  93. John Garcia

    This would’ve made the album flop 😭

  94. Lul Tim

    People are hating but this song is better than trippies tbh. 🤷🏾‍♂️ ifw it buu 🐐

  95. Yung Rocky

    Yo trippie stole his song so I'm supporting this version

  96. Stoner Clique

    So baaaad trippie did it better fuck out of here

  97. William Gotbanned

    So much auto tone