Kid Buu - Death 2 Soundcloud Lyrics

Oohdem Beatz

She thought my coupe was a Ghost
Told that bitch "No, this a Wraith"
Stars on my roof, look like space
Diamonds on my Rollie face
Shine like the roof on my Wraith
She like the tats on my face
Told her cool, now give me face
She a eater, say no grace (aye)

Ayy, Kid Buu the reason
Favorite rappers get replaced
Uzi like pimple, it pop in your face
You will get sprayed in your face just like mace
Ha, ouu
Kid Buu a demon
He not from the human race
All my cars come in a sport, I like racing
All of my diamonds are white like a race
I got the bands in the trunk like I'm Brinks
All this Gelato I'm smoking, it stink
I got that Raf Simons drip on my mink
Cartier diamonds, they drip like a sink
That be the reason your bitch wanna link
Shot to the head, make a fuck nigga think (bow!)
Hit you with Uzi
'Cause my chopper on vacay

She thought my coupe was a Ghost
Told that bitch "No, this a Wraith"
Stars on my roof, look like space
Diamonds on my Rollie face
Shine like the roof on my Wraith
She like the tats on my face
Told her cool, now give me face
She a eater, say no grace
She thought my coupe was a Ghost
Told that bitch "No, this a Wraith"
Stars on my roof, look like space
Diamonds on my Rollie face
Shine like the roof on my Wraith
She like the tats on my face
Told her cool, now give me face
She a eater, say no grace (aye)

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Kid Buu Death 2 Soundcloud Comments
  1. Kid Lee // Ta mére la merguez

    Who's here after his last and only fire song called Blunt with Blac Youngsta ?

  2. No Money

    Sound:Juice wrld
    Himself:30 year old child abuser

  3. Luis Lopez

    This song makes me wanna fight my neighbors dog

  4. Vsauce Best Moments

    Kid Buu shouldnt be famous

  5. K Rasouli

    All I hear is allhaeatajssi sjsnssjss

  6. Jacob Belone

    Never heard anyone say “aye play that kid buu”

  7. Mikagi

    i love da wokk i love da wokk all of my Gz ar eon top this that crazy as fuck u hate then u get dub a chopwok ayeeee

  8. Marmite Pudding

    This song doesn’t slap but his kids does get slapped

  9. Juan Jimenez

    Only good thing about this song is the beat. That’s it

    Kid Lee // Ta mére la merguez

    look at hislast song called blunt


    homie just admit it...the song goes stupid hard u might not like him cause of his "strategy" where he lies to blow up but this song is hard af that's facts

  10. ZXRD


  11. Ariel Swartz

    Song slaps 🔥

    Almost as hard as he slaps his daughter

  12. KanadeBeats

    Hes off beat but I love the Fire Launcher lmao

  13. Omphi Modisane

    Just came to dislike

  14. TEMP

    Lowkey Nlg this is goes hard-ish but this niggas sucks he died out so fast

  15. IG Rhnz

    Straight up gay asf don’t look like @xxxtentaction again 😂😂

  16. Mui gogeta ss4 ui


  17. SnapnClap

    This is a complete ripoff of Yung Bratz, with the horn sound which is similar to the piano roll in the beginning combined with the last part, even down to the bass lines (they’re almost identical). FUCK THIS GUY!

  18. Lost Fox

    The I think this song is original for his own style yall say he copies x or ski and sum shit just cuz he says "aye" and has a similar flow like this ain't adding up its that's the case every rapper that says aye copies x.
    Prove me wrong

  19. Omul Butoi

    How tf is this guy?

  20. Kíng dré

    Will yall please stfu always fcking tlkin bout sumbody sounds like sumbody else they all sound alike everybody in da industry

  21. A Bot

    Industry plant

  22. Dion Sebastian

    The last person to like this will most likely be a millionaire👍


    Begging for likes=Gay

  23. Luis Perez

    Man what has happened to rap this B's is not rap sounds like some romper room garbage straight trash real hip hop please stand up cause this trash is not it and before people say hater there's nothing to hate here trash is trash and truth hurts .

  24. Xxwoify lovexX

    I'm going back to Ski and x now

  25. Can I get 1000 sub with No videos

    The only reason I’m here is because of the beat.only me? Or naw

  26. Tobias Perez


  27. JordanGATW

    1:22 *EEEEEEEEEEEEE* Why that make me think of the sound a goblin would make?

  28. poop tart


    kid buu: purge

  29. GG GAMER

    Kid sounds like he eating all his Halloween candy at one time and hasn’t hit puberty yet. Man is YNW Melley +XXX+ Lil pump.

    Monkey In Da House

    YNW melly??


    Monkey In Da House he kinda sounds like ynw melly X and lil pump at the same time

    Monkey In Da House

    GG GAMER he sounds nothing like melly



  31. iwannadie pls

    cut it with that ayy shit bitch

  32. poop dealer

    Lil XXXSkiPumpUziPurppWrld

  33. LastONLY Potato

    This child abuser

  34. Лy Ka.

    KIDs aBUUser

  35. LSS Goxiz

    This beat hit almost as hard as kid buu when he hits kids

  36. butt nuggets

    Kid but I try is a rip off of black and white by juice wrld

  37. Илона


  38. Corey Hartnett

    Trash just absolute trash

  39. Roy Muzuwa

    Me: *see’s gigantic upside down crosses swirling around*

    Also me: Aight Imma Head Out😶

    Cali God

    Roy Muzuwa fuck Jesus

  40. Adrian Espinal

    His ghost writer ass

  41. _dankmemes _

    trying to be like ski mask

  42. TheMixMasterKid

    I hate how he named himself kid buu can't even search up kid buu anymore without this walmart xxxpurrpuzipumpskimask rapper coming up

  43. m9_14

    xxx wanna be

  44. sage mode scratch

    Did this guy steal smokepurp, ski masks, x, and lil pumps flow in the same fucking song

  45. Marios Magganas

    That pitchy voice is so forced but the hook is fire.

    Still a shit rapper and even shittier person

  46. SnowyVert

    I've been listening to this for a year and it still slaps 🔥🔥🔥

    Adrian Espinal

    SnowyVert like the kids he abused


    @Adrian Espinal Ight, I don't think you've done any research. He didn't abuse anyone.. He fought someone in front of a high school and some kids witnessed it. So they just labeled it as child abuse. Shit reason to label someone as a child abuser. So get your facts straight 👌

  47. Thicc Boi

    People like this???

  48. Yo Chino!

    Not just the song but the whole story and his aura.... kids used to want to be like the older guys, nowadays 31yo be like “do my dreds look better pink or blue?”

    Cringe Worthy

  49. Torenovski

    y'all can say what you want but that beat is heat

  50. asotmGee

    Lil Child Abuse

  51. Crooks

    The ONLY reason I like this song is because of the flow and the beat. Other than that he's not talkin bout shit.

  52. King Cinco

    That beat nasty but dude trash 🚮

  53. codycoop

    I couldnt make out a single word

    TSM Jeffy paul

    0:46 face

    add boi



    Shit kinda ass not finna cap and Ik this nigga sold his soul

  55. umid mardan

    this makes me wanna get abused by my own kids 😂😂😂

  56. tenzin Dust II

    rich people who think money can make them rap

  57. ‎ ‎

    i mean is good that everybody can try be a rapper today, but im happy that poeple understand that this is pure trash

  58. Ghost Of Water Sheep

    This song goes hard at 2:39

    TSM Jeffy paul

    Omg ikr😂😂😂

  59. TsuchinokoYGO

    This is Audi but more autistic

  60. TsuchinokoYGO

    This is Audi but more autistic

  61. Ya boi Antoniyoso And tyla

    Why his flow sound like Audi from smoke purp

  62. Andrew Sevillano

    ngl the beat slaps..

  63. Dylan Singleton

    When he said bad rappers get replaced I wonder when he will

  64. harrison t

    Kid boo is a pea do or sumt he lies bout everything Watch this vid guys

  65. cuterthansatan.

    this is dope

  66. literal doo doo water 834

    Rappers he copied

    Flow lil pump

    Effects trippe redd

    Flow again lil uzi

  67. Nicholas Cardinale

    just because you get tatoos and your tan does not make you tough and its sad that your 31 years old and you just repeat the same lines over and over again and you abused childern and you copy off other rappers like xxxtentacionxxx even know he is dead but still and lil yahty

  68. Kamiah Davis

    Hi clone 😂😂

  69. Mikołaj Szermer.

    This shit makes me want to burn a pig using a flamethrower and eat that

  70. caleb draco

    This was his best song but on money half of it is going to Uzi and X maybe ski but iaght trash kid buu

  71. Kay Thornton

    Wanna be a smokepurpp smh

  72. User 273-C

    Oh hey Ski dropped a song

  73. Alireza Albobaleh

    Ski mask sound shit xD

  74. All legends Die Young


  75. Robert Garcia

    These new rappers are trash. Trash lyrics that stupid people get hype to and think its good music. 💩💩💩💩

  76. Roy Mccune

    Wow taking a dead persons song that’s fucked up man

  77. Rolando Corzo

    Copy of xxx

  78. LIL MAYO

    - whats is your style
    Kid buu - yeah

    PS jsuis français

  79. The Fonz

    I fucking despise the fact I lowkey bang to this shit

  80. M Pretko

    More auto tune than drake

  81. nin ninn

    You can almost hear the child abuse in the bass

  82. Ethan Magnone

    your literly thirty and went to jail for abusev acsins to your kid

  83. Kayden Stuhr

    This is his only good song

  84. Baby Irene

    Corny. Plus it sucks donkeys.

  85. The blazing trail

    i wonder where do you get that flamethrower


    Brother of Xxtentacion or ski mask?

  87. Yunginアレックス

    When you find out your clone is just your twin brother:

  88. Neox _

    Why is it sooo trash

  89. Ghost Of Water Sheep

    This song hits as hard as he hits children

  90. Finn Hellawell

    love it when a 30 year old child abuser tries to act like a young rapper

  91. Wavves ツ

    his history ruins the song.


    Aye the song is trash but the beat goes hard tho

  93. ian

    Better Than dead roses

  94. Kayonnalife Kayonnalife

    And tattoos

  95. Kayonnalife Kayonnalife

    He looks very young for 30 but is it just up under all the plastic surgery

  96. Super Savage Mahogany

    Because it’s copyrighted

  97. BotwFan!

    I kinda feel bad

    For the person who had to waste a perfectly good beat

  98. Gael Uchiha Ofc

    Kid buu it´s falseeeeee