Kevin Gates - Out The Mud Lyrics

24 hours, nigga, 7 days a week
Me, I don't get tired
I let you other niggas sleep
Turn up for that check
And yeah I get it out the streets
Hustle like I'm starving
Going hard, I gotta eat

[Hook x2:]
I get it out the mud (yeah, yeah)
I get it out the mud (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Watch how I break my wrist
Make that water whip
Stretch it out, then flip
I'm all about my chips

[Verse 1:]
Turn up in 2 seconds
Get it with music and coke, what I'm stretching
Across the street under a bando
And here with your ho, could get her to go fetch it (Here boy)
On the scale, but I call her the ruler
And that's what I'm using my method to measure
Got her jumping up out of the party
My clique-ity clucking surrounding my property
I meant to say my clientickity
Numbers official retickity
Out the mud, nobody did shit for me
Arrogant often I'm bigity
All about money, like what done got into me
Breaking down bricks and we blowing good [grigity?]
Say you ain't feeling me, outta try killing me
Neighborhood love me, it's hard to get rid of me
My baby mothers are sick of me
I put that dick on 'em
Now they ridiculously saying, that when I don't come in I'm with a freak bitch
I've been chasing my paper religiously
I'm really in the street, others pretend to be
Let me get off of my grind then [?]
No one repeatedly coming and getting me out the mud
I'm the epitome



[Verse 2:]
Money coming, my money gotta flip it
I ain't waiting on nobody, I'm a go get it
I ain't tripping on a nigga, I'm a gorilla
Somebody take something from me, I'm gonna go kill 'em
Trap with my heart and I'm serving out the window
Barely balled up, with a curtain on the window
Face card worth a lot of bands in the hood
Had to leave the dice game, got a bond out [?]
Sunday coming up, pull the cars out
Look, another 20 grand, but my girl called me
Put bail, what the hell got all y'all shook
Poo hit the line in the drop
Plug went dry, had to take another route
Pulling up, getting it
I done went sickening
Drop no whip, and a nigga gon' vouch (vouch)
Another 4K just stuffed in the couch
Promise I ain't tryna swag, I just got a lot of that
Anybody try me, I'm a put 'em in a body bag
Follow that, copy that
Pounds in the garbage bag
Backed in the bank, y'all leaving after driving that
Call 'em back [x2]
Chill, no falling back
Quicker than I got it, then I done ran out of that
[?] harder than bitch, they gon want all of that


[Hook (x2)]

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