Ketterer, Michael - Without Love Lyrics

The promise for tomorrow (the promise for tomorrow)
May be pain
A life full of love (life full of love)
And the suffering, the kind that life brings

If I could speak every language
On Earth or in Heaven
The words I speak would mean nothing
Without love

If I understood all of God's secret plans
And if I had the faith to move a mountain
If I gave everything away, sacrificed my body
It would all be in vain

If I could speak every language
On Earth or in Heaven
The words I speak would be nothing
Without love
Without love
Without love, love, love, love (without love)

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Without love
Without love, love, love, love

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Ketterer, Michael Without Love Comments
  1. Pretty Independent

    It was driving me crazy of what song this sounded like to me. I finally came to the conclusion that some how it reminds me of Chris Issac’s Wicked Games. Both are brilliant!

  2. Maria Glover

    Such a great song!

  3. amanda martinez

    On repeat I love his voice

  4. Cook Girl

    Ok, so I am a recovering addict, I’ve been hated on many levels, loved on a few, and never knew the Lord for a long time...not too long ago I gave my life to the Lord and he’s been an overflow. Your music has inspired me so much Michael thank you for moving on the spirit as you do... it helps to transform the mind and spirit. Keep it up brother. People like you give so much hope to the lost where I was... people like you are the gap for there calling... btw this is my fave

  5. allie brandon

    Could someone give me the lyrics?

    Rossana Campos

    1 Co chapter 13. It's in the bible.

  6. Isabella Nikel

    what incredible music

  7. Just My Two-Bits

    Michael, wow,... I am glad that you made TV so a larger audience could be exposed to you, your talent and Jesus.

  8. Peluqueria Rapada

    Michael, eres demasiado bueno, no vendas tu alma al diablo¡¡

  9. becky brandon

    I love you

  10. becky brandon

    .Michael Ask God to send me a miracle today or I am going to kill myself today...

    Desire of Nations

    I really hope that you called out to Jesus on that day 7 months ago. Please tell us you're still here. God put you on earth with great purpose.

  11. allie brandon

    Everyday you lift me up Michael...God Bless the Ketterers!!!!

  12. Chesco Garcia

    Traducction of spanish please?

  13. Igor Faria

    Whatta voice, my bro! All of your music is good because of it, even not being my type. Keep doing this for us, yourself your family and God <3

  14. Kati Jones

    Music to my heart ❤️💙💛💜🧡💚

  15. Lawrence harris

    (With out love )is a hit hands down love your music so much

  16. logan Light


  17. Tina Lant

    I like the Jack White vibe, but with a Godly message :) I cannot click 'like' enough!!!

  18. Lyrical life

    Your songs are so deep it feels inside.

  19. Ngozi Nwachukwu

    I’ve been jamming to your music on Spotify for about 1/2 yr and it’s always given me a sense of relief. God has really gifted you. Just found out you were on AGT when I searched your name.

  20. Denise Osborne

    Adoro essa música! Linda voz! :)

  21. Sebastian Velasco

    I’m starting to be become a huge Michael Ketterer fan. He’s gotta win AGT this year.

  22. Patricia Gamber

    As Saw him on agt,he got the golden buzzer! I am now a huge fan!

  23. M. Daville

    AGT brought me here! Sir, you are very talented. Beautiful, haunting voice and gorgeous eyes.

  24. Taylor Edwards

    Just saw that you're on America's Got Talent, Michael! Good luck! This song has been on repeat for the last month for me! You're music is so special.

  25. Jeremy ainsley

    Were are all of his subscribers...?


    Yeah he should have loads cause this is real music! Not like allot of the rubbish that comes out these days

  26. hannah swaim

    Love your music 😍😍😍

  27. Darren DeLoach

    I hear Chris Isaac so much in this one...beautifully haunting as well as hopeful. A very rare combination.

    tamera gardner

    I didn’t like this one when I first heard it because it was such a departure from the live worship songs that I had only heard, but now I love the ethereal, haunting beauty of it.

  28. Nathaniel Rypma

    I love the beat. It's yum yum to my ears

  29. Gregory Espy

    Slick probably listened to this 25 times already

  30. Jordan Ali

    I love it! The instrumental 😍👏👏👏

  31. Matt Lewis

    WHO COULD DOWNVOTE THIS??? My goodness, this is brilliant.