Ketterer, Michael - Be With You Lyrics

I know you wonder, I know you care
I know you feel like nobody's there
You take in a deep breath and push out a smile
But I see what's going on, I heard you cry

You've been living like you wish
Someone could look at you and see
The secrets that you've got
That you've shoved down so deep

I will be with you right here by your side
And I will walk with you throughout all of your life
I will be with you, right here by your side

I'll bring my healing
So come away with me
Whoa... oh...
Come away with me
Whoa... oh...
Come away with me
Whoa... oh...
Come away with me

So come away with me, yeah
So come away with me, yeah

Your head is heavy
You don't know better
The way that you're living
Is all that you've ever known

Your mama's broken
Your daddy's long gone
Your searching for true love
And all you know is so so wrong

You've been living like you wish
Someone could look at you and see
The secrets that you've got
That you've shoved down so deep

I will be with you right here by your side
And I will walk with you throughout all of your life

I'll bring my healing
So come away with me
Whoa... oh...
Come away with me
Whoa... oh...
Come away with me

All I have is yours
So take me by the hand
I'll show you how
You can truly live
And truly love
And be free
Oh yeah!

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Ketterer, Michael Be With You Comments
  1. Khalid AK

    The moment he screemes "you will never know,you will never ever know"
    Worth everything.

  2. Georgie Smith

    How have I only just heard this?? 😳😱 gave me goosebumps! Why isn’t he more known?? Unreal!!

  3. giray demir

    Tek türk ben miyim amk.

  4. Krenar Shqipe

    How you can dislike him???
    Do it better than disslike him
    I hate peoples like them just push a Botton to disslike real Hof music with amazing Performance

  5. Jan-Harm van der Merwe

    That Piano work is absolutely gorgeous!!! Dear goodness!

  6. Anna81 Bllossom

    He show's and espress so much love with this Song..I could never ever get tired of listing to he's voice..The new decade best artist ever...We Need more man like you on this earth...

  7. Luis Windmüller

    Gibt es davon eine Karaokeversion?

  8. Luis Windmüller

    Wunderschön ...

  9. Jean Perez

    This song always my tear the hell up boy this man sings his pain I feel it to the bone

  10. Isak Khiangte

    His voice is sooo pure ❤💖

  11. Jirawat Sarasota

    So good this version I’m like

  12. Ricardo Antunes

    Monstro muito bom

  13. Gabriela Madu

    I wish there was a karaoke version.

  14. Sirley Ribeiro

    Linda linda linda🦴💔💔💔💔💔

  15. Ngala Hansel

    I actually searched for this song after I watched a rebroadcast of Michael performing it on "America's Got Talent"

  16. juliana bresciani

    O defeito dessa música é que ela acaba

  17. Belinda Scroggins

    I love this version. Check out my cover at this song at or here on youtube

  18. Kawaii Beauty

    Omg this is just powerful

  19. Thembani Ndevu

    wooow! he owns it that great

  20. Junior Jacob

    Love this rendition 👌👍

  21. Chunky Chatter

    So deep😏

  22. Derlanne Ferreira

    Que voz 😍

  23. Waqas Dar

    Sound strange but my acquaintance to Micheal Bolton and this song is through Micheal Ketterer

  24. Mike Caldwell

    This is honestly amazing.

  25. RuGgiSh BoNe

    What's the point of being on a talent show if you never get famous? It's time to BOO the music industry and make our own like it was from 1950-1980ish no original tunes no original genres the music industry think it has America pegged and maybe it does with the same ol b.s. to where I listen to no new music anymore..but it's time for a change..a change of industry not country

  26. Nicky Paci

    Legit, best 2 minutes of my life

  27. Stina Klingvall

    I want This song in spotify🥺😍❤️💯🌟

  28. Helene Bogerd

    Okay I need the piano sheet of this. By the way his voice is soo good🥰

  29. Esther Jinadu

    Can there be a karaoke version of this

  30. Swarzner Gaming

    1:17 You're welcome

  31. Harsh Verma

    This guys is just awesome......his voice is just out of this freaking world

  32. Darlene Samana

    Who just keeps on replaying and replaying😂?

  33. Bilja ivic


  34. Veronica Paguada

    U have a cute voice that makes me hear it a lot of times 😍☺️ lol

  35. Agatha Claudia

    Sorry to say but i really love him version more than the original😍

  36. Justin Ramirez

    Anyone know the piano cords?!

  37. Slomo

    Thats the way how god thinks about YOU my friend

  38. Meryem Merhrioui

    I really need a full cover cause he nailed it !!!

  39. rowell buccat

    ohhh!!! this cover is better than original.

  40. Evren MX

    It even better than the original ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  41. Angel Martinez

    I love this song for real

  42. Dario Arias

    1:16 gets to me everytime!!! I deeply feel that

  43. Brennan Hyde

    What are the chords for this version?

  44. Steve Reynolds

    Very beautiful song...

  45. Zonun Siami

    I loveit

  46. Davi Sousa

    O Brasil também é fã desse super homem e dessa linda canção! 😍😪

  47. Khun Sokren

    March 31 2019 ❤

  48. MackerzHD

    Need a piano tutorial for this.

  49. Melpomeni Georgeadis

    Amazing voice! Beautiful face, eyes and soul! Congratulations Michael! You deserve the best!!!

  50. Ordinary Person

    I watched him perform. Damn...

  51. G H

    The love of a child that's will become your family, that's unconditionally love. Bless this man and his wife. And chicken

  52. ABUMIX

    cool song

  53. GG Livingston

    Months later and I still cry when I hear his voice. I love Michael and I love this song! x

  54. Hero Jason

    So good

  55. hov ago

    What a great man with a beautifull voice 👐

  56. Otora Channelおトラちゃんねる

    It is a song that is still valid now.I also sing this song.
    Please watch my video if you like.
    I have subscribed to the channel.

  57. Tulika Gogoi

    It's really good

  58. Nuon Dara

    what is the beautiful voice :o!!!

  59. Rahul Thakur

    Whos is still listening his magical voice in March 2019 ❤ hit like of you're watching 😋

  60. Girl crybaby

    OMG😍😍❤i love you❤❤

  61. San Hutchinson

    He's absolutely increidble. The most amazing voice I've heard in a long long time. Wow!!! 💙


    A lovely rendition of this song

  63. xErniu

    I would like to know the piano notes.. please

  64. Cathee Pitts

    Love that voice....he is an angel!

  65. McKenzie Hutchinson

    Please do a full cover!!!!!!

  66. Donata Waszak

    Amazing. His voice is incredible. Full of emotions. I just love it!

  67. finejr latu

    1:09 😍

  68. Sandra Delinski

    A versão que mais amei desta canção. Na voz deste homem 🥰❤️

  69. Rohmat Risnandi

    Only if he sang it till the end

  70. Bob Fox


  71. Anjali Vats

    Better than original and that's it's beauty.

  72. vriendje38

    best cover ever (y) great song , better much better than the original

  73. Aolani G

    I think I connect to this in an unconventional manner. My dad passed away last November and it was and still is completely devastating. I had a session with a medium and she told me that there was a song that my dad wanted me to hear, and she wasn't sure what it was, but that I would know it when I heard. I woke up the next morning to this song.

  74. Steven Fernandez

    Perfect !! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  75. Chad E

    Honestly this is the best version of this song. The way the piano is softer and a pinch of melancholy to it. Its perfect. His voices matches the lyrics of this song. Gives me the goosebumps when he picks it up!!!

  76. Jesin rock

    U killed it man...sadly u got arrested

  77. Małgorzata Jezierska


  78. warren bartholomeo

    It take a lot in my life to make me cry due the the difficulties that I have been exposed to , but this version sung by this amazing human being and his angelic voice has brought me to tears . So I am honoured to say Thank you Michael for finally making me cry and feel human again ,

  79. Stella Palikarova

    This man left his bare, exposed heart out there on the stage. I don't think many people realize how difficult it is to sing with that much emotion and maintain pitch and vocal control. It's bloody incredible. He also seems like a truly kind and selfless man. His wife is so incredibly lucky, and so are we to now share in his talent. Bravo!

  80. sofronije mali

    That part on 1:17 always makes me cry😍😭

  81. Bearoh

    He’s my friends dad. I’m so proud. 💞

  82. Welsh x file 1

    Wow wow better than the bee gees.....

  83. odeni moore

    It takes a man with great respect to express so much love in just one song😪

  84. Farah Fauzi

    I love this more than the original ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Cindy Campos

    Wow you Really brought tears to my eyes was sooooo emotional I really really touched my heart like I never been touched in my heart n thats why I feel about my Endless love of my life he doesn't know what its like to love somebody all the way that I love him n nothing compares to the gift of his love to me i do feel your love for your wife n family Micheal God bless you n you family n in my prayers to have the very best that life has to offer you n your family

  86. Apuia. Pc

    i like much more than the original😇

  87. Jini Padluq

    💖💖💖💖 everytime I hear this song , I'm in tears

  88. vivian pomnitz

    Merci pour cette magnifique chanson vous avez une voix incroyable vous m'avez donné des frissons merci monsieur

  89. ambrendon

    Damn he got me in my feelings ugh 🤦‍♂️

  90. AMJ Official

    He is a singer from the heaven

  91. Daniela Martínez

    His VOICE is Art! A VERY Masterpiece

  92. Uzun İnce Kıvırcık

    Damn, his voice is mesmerising. I got goosebumps everytime i listen to it and it makes me wanna cry, uhh. Wish he had made full version of it.

  93. Zoey

    Absolute master piece. He should do a full version. Especially the part from 0:43 onwards

  94. MajorItalian schizophrenia

    Such a sweet man😭😭 y’all he had me in TEARS 😭