Kerser - Old Matt Lyrics

The old man yo he lost his sight
And his ex bitch left cause she lost her mind
I'mma tell you all facts about how Matt's fake
One week ago was on the forums typin 'Kerser is great'!
He calls this shit a joke like I'm muckin' around
And if he diss me properly
The cunt be stuck in the ground
What pissed me off the most is when Matt act tough
Then he meets me got him
Shakin' like ah uh bruz
I don't want no fuckin' trouble man it's only a joke
He's beggin to his manager, like it's only a toke
Cause you a crack head bad you a ice fiend brah
And your careers at a stand still, I see brah
And you needin' some attention so you callin' out the Kers name
Your pop used to touch you up since you hit the first grade
And that's the reason for the Mickey tat
I didn't wanna bring it up but you're trippin Matt
Bro you need some fuckin' counselin' you're not alright
I told the crew if they see ya you get dropped on sight
You a fuckin' old man go and live ya life
You look 55 now fuckin' give up the ice!
The whole industries talkin' 'bout you and ya crack pipe
Life after fame is it really that bad, why?
Thought you had it sorted but your whole life fought
Your best mate got a disease cause you was hittin' him raw
And then your misses went and left yous were tyin' the knot
She left you cause her friend started tyin' the knot
Life isn't fair so you isn't a smart fuck
You're a nice bloke why you rap like a hard cunt?
You're featured on a song called Reservoir Dogs
I didn't even have to say it, you said you're a dog!
You say you piggy backed me if that's the case
Why this track got more views in a couple of days?
Behind the scenes Sixty tries bein' my mate
So if he drops a diss track then he thinks it's okay
You a fake motherfucker poppin' half a pill
Every vid I uploads hittin' half a mil
Every vid that you drop sits on 20k
You fell the fuck off Matt, are you feelin' okay?
I drop three albums in the time you workin' on one
Your careers fallin' off it's time for Kerser you cunt!
You're obsessed
This is weird
Clean yourself
Shave ya beard
You a pop-star faggot and ya whole crew is queer!
Everything you wanted growin' up you got
In the rich neighborhood gettin' touched by ya pop
Fuckin' with a street cunt your worst mistake
Still ask me for ID they think ya 38!
Stop sayin' ya clean you're on the xannies and shards
You have to pay me 20k now to battle me fag!
You made my career? Nice try there man
I was hittin' million views with the highest man
Before your fuckin' name even got mentioned with mine
You're a pussy and ya scared of progression it's fine
I just fucked you up Kers one is servin' you
Bounce back Matt next one is personal!

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Kerser Old Matt Comments
  1. Charlie Pigginham

    still boppin to dis shit

  2. Robert Pressnell

    Ha haha Who's the CRACK HEAD NOW BRA!!!!!!

  3. Robert Pressnell


  4. atreyu972

    I feel bad as a Melbournian who seriously dislikes NSW/Sydney but Kerser is way better than 360 all day n everyday.. long live the kers #kerserforpm

  5. Robert Pressnell

    Crack head baaaaahaaaaabaaaaahaa GRONK

  6. Hayden Slater

    Still fire in 2020 🔥

  7. Robert Pressnell

    Put Dat! Pipe Down BRA!!!!!!!

  8. Gnarkill

    Who's still heading down to Mentone Go-Karts in 2020?



  9. Jake J

    ABK 225!!!!!!

  10. Robert Pressnell

    Hahaha you said ya a DOG!!!!!!

  11. Robert Pressnell

    Your ice Fein Bra!!!!!!

  12. Johnny Johnson

    Fuck old Matt who is 360

  13. Johnny Johnson

    Turn it up Turner I'll bowl you dog pop pop

  14. Johnny Johnson

    This song is for old Matty Turner ya got no jam tart dog

  15. Johnny Johnson

    I blew 20k at crown dog

  16. Johnny Johnson

    Ha ha Crack Head u Dog!!!!!

  17. Johnny Johnson

    Fuck ya! I don't care a fuck

  18. ricky hackett

    Your obsessed
    this is weird
    clean yourself
    shave your beard

  19. ricky hackett

    You are actually a genius Scott,

  20. Reece Hutchinson

    Who’s still listening 2019 like if u are 👍🏽

    Thomas Johnston

    On the daily brah

  21. TEE

    Who's still banging this track in 2019🔥


    fck yeaa

    ChRiS MOreToN

    Fuck yas

  22. Emily Stock

    too fresh tf

  23. Harley Bennett

    I can't stop watching this

  24. Harley Bennett

    Love it 360 a cockheah from amber Melbourne

  25. Kirra Britton

    fuck 360

  26. shannon smith

    this is shit

  27. Kutta

    Happy birthday u funny knt

  28. Sydney Heaney

    wow 360 got touched up there

  29. trapancy -HEVY-

    Is this the one that said
    (360 Diss)

    Emcee Brock

    avuya - nah that one must’ve got deleted it had under 60k views

  30. Brett Butler

    Fucking dope always live this comeback onya kers

  31. emcee court

    fuck this cunt all the gutter rappers are dero

  32. Dan Patteson

    feed him kersey

  33. Alpha 21

    haha this absolutely destroyed 60. I lost it during the intro

  34. DJ Spuddzz

    Am I being a bad fan to 360 by watching this over and over again?

    tamati mccallum

    U r a fan of 360


    No, your doing a good thing, he wants to die anyway so why not give him more of a reason to kill himself!

  35. Jordan Thomson

    this is good and funny

  36. Krystal Campbell

    Dead set 360

  37. Demonic Haze

    the end looking for his lefty hahahaha


    Demonic Haze ded 💀💀💀


    Baad bro 😂

    Cloud High

    They only found a left ovary lol

  38. Paige ONEr


    Ricky Coswello

    Paige ONEr yeh it’s hectic as

  39. Johntravoltas Chin

    two matts haha metaphors deep

  40. livesteamgamer133

    Kes is the shit mate

  41. Lisa P

    Ohh so 360 got left behind hey?! He must have been Kersed!

  42. Tom O

    no need for homophobic slurs

    Tom O

    Air Money lol Kerser fans are more trash than Kerser 😅

    Alex F

    Stuff like that will always be prevalent in hip hop. P.C and hip hop does not mix.

  43. Micheal Hill

    This lads a faggot. How can you fuckwits say this is dope.. I can bet that everyone who like this faggot named kerser is either a massive drug fucked drop kick or just dumb as fuck ✨✨

    Elma Fudd

    Neck yaself parrot

    scott frommell

    nek up parrot talk shit ya gronk you aint shit wit ya youtube shit talk fuck ya crew ill cap all ya tags

    John Wigmore

    Says the bloke named after a jewelers shop?

  44. Unknown Offender

    Kerser removed this vid from his channel

    Unknown Offender

    Kerser is his own manager. But yeah these are old. Its probably sorted

    Ghimire Alis

    no he's not. watch his live tv interview where he clearly mentions that his manager is female while debating with a anti hiphop feminist haha


    actually most of his other videos were taken down too, youtube probably did it. 360 probably made them do it

    YEET GamingHD

    The reason they were removed is cos they were mates after all this shit so they both decided to delete it all when they were on a call together. They’re still chill now


    Oi nah 360’s “diss” is still up on his channel aye

  45. Kutta


  46. Caleb Best

    personally think 360 is way better then kerser but this fucking destroyed him

    360 please never do a diss track again, they're just shit

    DJ Spuddzz

    Aha, just saw your name in the comment section of 360's earlier diss track. And I, once again, agree with you.

  47. Zesk Plays

    +dr0pb34r Lmao Kerser is way better than that cunt 360.. Even Eminem didn't wanna speak with 360 when he was touring Aus.

  48. Murat Yolcu

    i prefer kerser over 3shitsdee anyday

  49. the gaming lemon f

    good insult rap kerser

  50. Mr Blue

    360 use to get touched by his pops?
    Hahahahaha! wtf explains alot ....

    emcee court

    mr blue kersers no different and 360 is actually good unlike kerser

    Haydos Pubgm

    @emcee court stop riding 360s dick

    C B

    @Haydos Pubgm stop ridinh kersers flaps

  51. Taylah Mckay

    I beg ur fkn pardon. who do u think u are talking bout kerser like that its an insult hard! change what you rote and apologise to him to Scott personantaly. where ya from?

  52. Taylah Mckay

    I beg ur fkn pardon. who do u think u are talking bout kerser like that its an insult hard! change what you rote and apologise to him to Scott personantaly. where ya from?

  53. Charles Goldstraw

    ......... 360 had testicles?

    i call bullshit


    +Charles Goldstraw he actually had a crash and got one removed ahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhaha!

    scott frommell

    nek up parrot, straight gronks


    Graffiti haha u have hit nail on head bro

  54. Tez B

    i want him bad

  55. Tez B

    What a sickkkkkk cuntttt

  56. Anthony Jacobs

    anyone know why kerser took down his version of the video? :(


    @Inward Productions What did it say ?

    Inward Productions

    @Beefwelliington ohh just that 360 calls kers out but then makes me take down one of my songs thats about it

    Cody Naglitsch

    360 complained about the Kerser diss about him, so he sooked and had to take it down. Ha lol

    Shay Laurence

    Anthony Jacobs for every one saying YouTube took it down no it was taken down two days after 360 tried to kill him self and that's about the same time everyone found out he tried to kill him self obliviously kerser has a heart


    KING FOWLZ 360 didn't try to kilo himself... he accidentally overdose over his addiction.

  57. jayden moss

    Dropb34r your dead abk will kill u

  58. Devil Island Media

    Kerser - You are a sad, pathetic, little man. You keep 'rapping' about how you hate a guy who is so way more popular than you mate. Do the Australian hiphop scene a favour, go get your shit little crew and just fuck off.


    Lol whats this dickhead saying bro ahahah your tripping ya silly keint!! 🤣


    @Schnitty 😂😂hard bro

    C B

    Bunch of dick riding faggots but hes more popular now the more mainstream the more sellout. 360 can say he changed lives with his lyrics can kerser say anything like that fuckers only changed polo shirts and what show, chick, drug hes taking n how sick it is. fuckers just riding a wave of teeny boping pill poping fuck wits that like sharing likes. yeah 6 been through it but its a progession and a story what hes going through at the time, not wats getting more likes at the time heres an oringinal thought find music that you like, what speaks to you and has meaning to you (not your friends and whats charting). I hope kers is one day gonna write what he feels is important to him. Then i will listen atm its just what u sheep are giving the most 👍 look at any artist that has a struggle it equals great music if only drama is sick he is il pass send your hate fan club n il send you a suggestion of real music

    C B

    @I love Hentai yup yup gospel here


    C B listen to can’t rest

  59. Vai Kai

    Remember bitches kerser is the sickest


    good as song