Kero Kero Bonito - The One True Path Lyrics

I don't always stay right on the track
But somehow I know that I'll come back
See, I haven't lost sight before

Through words, words I cannot scream
Than along a glistening stream
'Til I find the open sea
Lying right there for me

Well, I'm not the only person looking for a clue
I see by the footprints in the sand that you are too
So maybe together we can find a path that's really true


And civilization marches on
Occasionally prone to get it wrong
Though it might seem we're lost
We never sit down too long

And off in the distance you see me
Just know this is how it's meant to be
Now I have got this far
I believe in the one true path

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Kero Kero Bonito The One True Path Comments
  1. justin b

    you three are three little toads are'nt you , three little toads who have three toadstools - always impressed with your music - I am still waiting for the moment that the two realise the one is a lunatic and put that lunatic into the spotlight - the lunatic might not handle it - but I will enjoy seeing it - I know a lunatic when I see one - and I do see one - hiding - it will be shown at some point - this is unavoidable - even if the two try to supress the one sooner or later there will be an episode by the lunatic , it will overtake the two , something will happen , 'it could never happen' the two say ... then in a never ending tale of destruction the lunatic just takes over - you see this is what im waiting for - sure you guys are very good - you really are - i just cant help but feel you do have a lunatic , and yeah its scary , of course it is . Sooner or later it will happen - and you dont know what to do , do you ? you will seek to contain it again ... but once upon a time , once upon a time , a lunatic got out , and they couldnt put it back in the home - it escaped and that would be the worst scenario ... having it on the loose ... dangerous

  2. Chilly On

    this is a totally opposite side of the video "Igneon System & Deathmachine - Sins" what I've watched before listening the song.

  3. William Zimmer

    And her lightsaber color would be_____, it would be a or a if you have to ask, huh haha well I think we know where you stand, Right everyone?


    My cats...? Ay theres my backup, whew always count on my um cats yea... bye

  4. William Zimmer

    Ah finally, our Dear Leader has orders for us. The path will be revealed, we will climb the ladder of fire, just give her money first. And Drink the Kool-Aid when she says so

  5. Minxx

    beat sounds like Terraria at parts

  6. Alex Pletcher

    This is wild.. I looked up the one true path to see if anyone else was thinking about it.. its the true path of our soul. The merging of all realities and possibilities.. Or the one true path..

  7. Guri Getsadze

    This is very high quality audio wow

  8. Xenotronian

    diamond is unbreakable be like

  9. Jack Hogg

    no one is going to mention nirvana? because this sounds just like one of Kurt KoBain's songs

  10. Absolute Rose

    0:18 *Terraria has entered the chat*

  11. dixie probably

    1:42 i can hear something like ‘hi guys’ and ‘this bit actually ‘

  12. Stealtho

    Yeah I like the song, but the lyrics have a meaning to it since it’s kinda connecting to only acting and the mental hospital video.
    she’s kinda like another poppy where ‘I will do everything for my fans even though I’m dying inside’

  13. muny

    Algum Br nessa maravilha?

  14. Xavi3r 1

    0:46 to 0:47

  15. Sean Acelee Cabeso

    ako lang ba pinoy dito?

    Vanz Paraan

    'Di ka nag-iisa! Hopefully makapunta sa Manila ang KKB soon :)

  16. かるびーん


  17. Zipgun TV

    The new sound is great. The J-POP had it's turn, now on to bigger and better things for the group

  18. Toni Kensa

    Man, I love this so much.

  19. hdmdmdm wowldndueubsnsgsusb

    this gives me vibes as if this was in the perspective of a member of the heavens gates

  20. Reallygood Inc.

    Just noticed Sarah's in this picture.

  21. Mudmood


  22. depressed cockroach

    weirdly melancholic, i love it

  23. Jhon River

    Huh, the best

  24. MaxDamageTV

    A tea-shop in Bluewater that had this playing on their sound-system (which I Shazam'd) brought me here... xD

    Marvellous Goat Boy

    MaxDamageTV Tea-shop had good tastes.

  25. _ Sundal

    10/10 excellent track

  26. ratshdjs

    charlie hilton vibes ❤️

  27. Sp00ky Duki


  28. brob

    2:07 :) :) :)

  29. Wesley Johnson

    I'm legitimately scared right now because I've come back to this song multiple times yet I never noticed Sarah standing right in the middle of the street

  30. faizal harizt

    no japan no kkb -,-

  31. Ana Ng

    I love this song so MUCH!!

  32. Fiery Ducks

    This gives a strong Nine Inch Nails vibe and I love it

  33. Sharnna

    I went to see anamanaguchi and you were the support, that was a few years ago and I’ve seen how much you’ve grown. So glad that I discovered you through them, this song is defo my fave from the album ❤️ Can’t wait to see you again in September ❤️

  34. Marco B

    The ending sounds like a part of In a Gadda da Vida

  35. Meh

    This track kinda reminds me of the soundtrack from that game Bully

  36. Sugarbun

    I don't know if it's just me, but this new direction makes me kinda sad. The music is still good, it's just that KKB always cheered me up and made me believe in a brighter side of the world, but now I just feel like the world is nothing but melancholic and bittersweet.

    victoria iscariot

    the world is nothing but bittersweet and melancholic.

  37. Joe Mama

    For some reason I thought the picture was moving.

  38. Mask Mike

    joji much i like it

  39. brizzlin tea

    are you okay Sarah??????!!!!!!!

  40. munkey bluetaq

    Bring back the old KKB!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED it back!This KKB is too dark for me! I want the old,bubbly KKB back!


    please stop

  41. Nicolás -

    Just realized "TOTEP" comes from "The One True Path"????

    Cakey Productions

    godnikkinikki - what about the E


    The One True Extended Play

  42. tsuwumugi

    i'm scared

  43. Drew Waterbury

    Holy fuck I'm so hyped for the new album, I'm in love with the new sound you guys have going.

  44. Danubia Manley

    Lovin these tracks tho

  45. Mundo Canino


  46. Richard Chau

    Very good nice and chill

  47. Lime Amoeba

    KKB is turning into the new Depeche Mode

  48. valin abilene


  49. dukesquash

    best kkb song

  50. Andy Tranzistor

    Чорт побери!
    Это очень сильно напоминает мне песню группы Альянс - На Заре!

    Andy Tranzistor

    Начало только

  51. Woop

    love the vulf intro in the end

  52. DuSAprukiyathan

    Hey, did we sit down too long yet? Feels like it.

  53. Arthur Amorim Souza

    Good music

  54. Aki Hawkins

    sort of reminds me of metric a little bit! love the new tracks <3

  55. Graphythe

    Death grips collab gets closer every minute bois

  56. RoobehTunes

    Beautiful Volvo V40 white, low miles, FSH, 214k miles grab a bargain at just £895!

  57. Begol


  58. Crabs

    i like the song good job!

  59. Afiq Tarmizi97

    is she from japanese or normal English girls? ,she really can speak japanese (I'm hear because memes Kero kero flamingos still alive)

    Josh Schulz

    She was born in England but spend a good amount of her life in Japan.

  60. RnR 09

    Got a Silent Hill 2 ost vibe with the intro.

  61. Nadia Cox

    so ominous and yet so upbeat

  62. Ethan Coates

    While the previous albums have all been distinctly influenced by Japanese culture, This ep really feels like it ties into the British side.

    EpicShibe XD

    You're quite right! It does throw back into the 80s/90s British song genres or w/e, I'm not that knowledgeable on these subjects.

  63. Kyle Massey

    Is it weird that I'm getting freezepop vibes?

  64. Luminence

    "KKB - The One True Path"

    Is this a religion? If so, I'd gladly hop on it

  65. Leo Smith

    I’ve found a new band, who kick ass

  66. Cloud Muertos

    I just feel like this is apart of a bigger picture.. If you listen closely, you can hear radio transmissions. I wonder what they say...

  67. anticipation

    god I hope they take the sound from this entire EP and run with it, fucking superb stuff.

  68. Katy Perry


  69. GrapeApeTape

    You guys are amazing

  70. chopblock

    Great song, nice balance of harmony, pop and edginess.

  71. Ark-Angel

    im wid it

  72. Reuben Sobi

    the intro is ethereal

  73. st. drum

    [Verse 1]
    I don’t always stay right on the track
    But somehow I know that I’ll come back
    See, I haven’t lost sight before

    Through woods where cicadas scream
    Then along a glistening stream
    ’Til I find the open sea
    Lying right there for me

    [Verse 2]
    Well, I’m not the only person looking for a clue
    I see by the footprints in the sand that you are too
    So maybe together we can find a path that’s really true

    [Verse 3]
    And civilization marches on
    Occasionally prone to get it wrong
    Though it might seem we’re lost
    We never sit down too long

    And if in the distance you see me
    Just know this is how it’s meant to be
    Now I have got this far
    I believe in the one true path

  74. Sam D

    this is so amazing and beautiful

  75. Movient

    FPP infared film oh yes

  76. 鉞秋冷

    Í absolutely love this album


    This feels so right to listen to im hooked

  78. Luan Marques

    This is more Gorillaz than the real Gorillaz, i love KKB

  79. jcscarlett10

    this beat makes me think of crypt of the necrodancer


    The bass chord progression at the start is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Depeche Mode it's untrue. In fact the whole minor key wonder could easily pass for one of the Basildon stadium synth rockers' finest circa 1995-1998.... Clever Clever Bonito. Fucking Love it!

  81. El Mákszuel

    I wanna have kids with that synth progression

  82. Dinnershark!

    I fucking love this album. It's like anime was friends with vaporwave then grew up and got into a punk phase

  83. brock bierly

    the way this song is composed is so interesting tying the different melodic motifs to different chord progressions throughout the song what a calm banger

  84. Ray McMahan

    KKB, what does TOTEP mean?

    Kent Green

    I've heard that it's like the emoji (TOT) and EP, so it represents the EP's more sad, melancholic feel. That may not be true but I thought it was a cool thing that people noticed.

    Ray McMahan

    I also like that interpretation of the album's name. Some other people were thinking TOTEP stood for The One True EP especially given the first track of the album is titled "The One True Path".

  85. Qurimp

    Sounds like terraira

  86. MonaMos




    why am i like this?

  87. CactusTeam

    *They’re onlineeeee*

  88. Bird Boy

    I LOVE THIS SONG. so relevant to the world right now. I did a cover of it on my channel if you want to check it out
    -Bird Boy

  89. lapis lazuli

    kkbs style change is all about growing up and being an adult, im so happy this band grew with me.

  90. Ferreteh

    This whole album is Bonito Generation plus Why Aren't You Dancing? and it literally couldn't get better than this

  91. Werner Erkelens

    Absolutely loving this! <3

  92. Zuko

    Bien chida la rola

  93. Nandemonai Yurtle

    2:43 i swear to god this is the melody from M. Bison saying "YES"

  94. remaininginlight

    LOVING this new direction

  95. TopHatKitty

    This is fucking fantastic. Sarah I just love your voice and ya'll can pull off this new sound. I saw Anthony Fantano give this a bad review and he's objectively wrong like what?

  96. Sartious

    The maturity of this song puts it in the realm of Depeche Mode -tier status (godlike).

  97. YellowSphere

    I'm on my year abroad right now. I didn't go to university when I left college, for a whole bunch of reasons, some of which are linked to an unhealthy relationship I was in around that time. I finally went to university after it ended. And, as I said at the beginning, I'm now living abroad for a year. Right in the middle of it in fact. The lyrics of this song in conjunction with this bleached image of what is immediately recognisable as being the UK is really intense for me. I first heard of KKB around the time of Hyper Japan in 2014 I think, when they performed. I had a chat with Gus afterwards about Perfume. I was still in that relationship then. And it's amazing to see KKB come so far since then, in that I talk to my friends and most of them have heard of them, but then I need to remind myself that I have come a long way too, and this song does that. Thank you, KKB.