Kero Kero Bonito - Lipslap Lyrics


Thumb and forefinger tap, laughter
Yeah, you know it
A fingertip placed on the lips which gave a little (shh!)
Maybe we'll talk about that, not now
You see I'm jackin'
All my friends are here, there's just
No time for taboo
Can't believe I have to rap on tracks so you get it
Wanna talk about so much stuff then you just give me hush
We can sort that out for now, the place is packing
Spent the cash on a new dance floor
And everyone's come through

It's all lipslap
Thinking caps
Just lipslap
That is that

I can't hear you cause this beat is taking over
I'm not one to lip-read and you don't come with subtitles
You sure talk the walk into your walkie-talkie
But you can't keep a secret and you never get a word in (Uhh?)
Why don't you keep me in the loop, I like it posted
You stay here and watch an old brick wall get freshly painted
If you didn't catch the facts, I'll repeat them
But to be as smart as me you have to know the slang

It's all lipslap
Thinking caps
Just lipslap
That is that

I'll put string through a tin can
Tied up to a goldfish tank
Watch them pass 'round a whisper
Take turns seeing where it lands

It's all lipslap (Get down!)
Thinking caps (What?)
Just lipslap (Be proud!)
That is that
It's all lipslap
Thinking caps
Just lipslap (Yeah)
That is that

I'll put string through a tin can
Tied up to a goldfish tank
Watch them pass 'round a whisper
Take turns seeing where it lands

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Kero Kero Bonito Lipslap Comments
  1. speedingchimps

    sarah's so cute

  2. LDK-iii

    It’s like J-pop, but you can actually understand what they are saying.

  3. ヘドロドロ


  4. AnotherJamieHere

    I am currently mildly confused.

  5. Sam C

    Not now, you see I’m jackin

  6. huzai fah

    Now my mom thinks I like kids music. Its really difficult to explain kkb music to someone

  7. Erick Souza

    Ela deve ser descendente eu tô meio confuso kk

  8. Erick Souza

    Ela é Japonesa uau!! E usa o nome em português Brasileiro kk

  9. Victor Campuzano

    3:10 always get me hahaha, man why i'm watiching the videos now?!

  10. Ringkun Mori

    This looks tacky enough to be a porn set but too well decorated to be one.

  11. kala captain

    i never saw this episode of iCarly

  12. howycwap

    This is like a kawaii Patrick and Eugene

  13. You Just Don't Know Who am I

    I feel the Ninja Tuna Vibes

  14. Bradford Betz

    What the hell is this song about?

  15. Valley roses

    Wtf why didn't I get the notification 2 years ago

  16. マニさん

    Quiero Quiero Bonita Bonito

  17. kevin_ 5531T

    No entiendo nada de los comentarios, alguen que al menos me entienda a mi :'v?

  18. caio beelzebub

    wolkie tolkie

  19. Amethyst

    November 2019

  20. Tim Oglou

    me : I haven't seen the other members of kero kero bonito , but this girl Sharah is pretty cute.

    Me after watching the video : OMG THEY ARE ALL CUTE AS HELL

    *Bisexuality intensifies*

  21. Leighton Bacon

    2:29 I like how Jamie is just smacking the crap out of that keyboard and launch pad

  22. Kawaii Pringles

    Are they on acid?? I’m actually scared

  23. みかど


  24. Damian Aquatic

    She's cute

  25. The Immortal Sun-kun

    I see those N64 controllers on the floor there.

  26. F-22 Raptor

    How did I get here? Send help.

  27. Cristine Lim

    I really wuv this one. 💚💜❤💙

  28. Meagan Alexander


  29. Byron Egonu

    I just want to say that I love you guys like very very much, you've been the source of happiness in my darkest and saddest moments, the simplicity and fun like style it's what makes you guys exceptional <3

  30. Wolfuu623

    I feel like all KBB songs are written in JP then google translated to english then translated to JP again the googled translated back to english.

  31. Leighton Bacon

    What happens when KKB gets drunk:

  32. Smokey Roach

    Anyone know of some good Gus x Jamie fanfics out there?

    Smokey Roach

    @uray. What? Why? Life long friendship turned sexual escapade is one of the most romantic character interactions.

    Smokey Roach

    @uray. yeah but they would be characters in a fanfic. Plus, besides they have probably accidentally seen each other naked before so it's really not that big of a deal. Maybe it was even kind of on purpose too.


    Lol wtf

  33. Evurgreen

    who are the guys in her videos, one is pretty handsome

    SAINT E.R.

    The band is Sarah, Gus, and Jamie. The band was initially Gus and Jamie with Gus (and the occasional guest) on vocals. Sarah joined in 2013 (band formed in 2011).

  34. Michael Gallagher

    The edit at 3:00 just made me think of The Mighty Boosh and I can't tell why

  35. Asui Tsuyu

    So I've watched this over in over again, thinking that I'll understand what the song means and I'm still lost but, I think it's about gossip and a bunch of slang I'm not aware of-


    Kkb is not for everyone so dont worry if u cant get into it. Listen to "only acting" then come back to this song

    Asui Tsuyu

    @CHUN GAMING 2 I've actually listened to all of their music and i enjoy it very much :D I just like to try and understand the meaning behind people's lyrics lol💕

  36. Asui Tsuyu

    Bro I don't understand the lyrics or what lipslap mEanS-*sob*

  37. Budihe Meazza

    Forza inter

  38. Topsukka Ahomaa

    I am your big fan please Come Finland I love Kero Kero bonito

  39. wolfiehampton

    She does her eye makeup like me!!

  40. Spencer W

    i don’t think there are any two lines in this song that make sense


    Cant.. believe I have to rap on tracks .. so you get it...

  42. Existencial Misery

    I miss a Lot the old kkb

  43. Eric McNugget

    Gus is like "the f did I just watch"

  44. Ivan SJ

    Ma ha la maglia dell'Inter

  45. Tadas Apulskis

    Music is great vocal ok at best please realease instrumental version

  46. Paul Barton-Collins

    In my mix this is right after caravan palaces video lone digger

  47. Alberto Garza

    What the fuck is going on

  48. Kimberlagio

    The sitcom part is kinda disturbing for some reason...

  49. Phú Nguyễn

    Why does Jamie looks so mich like a young Damon Abarn?

  50. dracx. jpg

    British accent + Japanese = yabaii kawaii!!!!!❤

  51. •Bastion• Music

    Me and my three personalities making a band In 3 am

  52. isus wog

    Tf is this 😂

  53. Adi Wiguna

    3:35 it's the japanese yen but with their potrait instead XD, nice one there!

  54. charlie rocket

    i too love to slap random electronic instruments that dont actually play songs

  55. Stefohohoh

    forza inter


    This could be a Netflix series, of aliens that come to earth and are trying to act like humans

  57. Andrew Hailstorm

    I only clicked for the Inter Milan Kit

  58. Vittoraci Gustavo


  59. エマのせかい!

    1:40 the source of the AirPods meme has been revealed

  60. Toast ie

    So THIS is what's in area 51!

  61. Rizqi Aditiyo

    turbo recordings

  62. Jenifer Flores

    k k Kane westtt

  63. adreamingwolf

    1:40 to 2:10 brought be back to

  64. Jenn Flores

    did you come for kane west?

  65. Palasha Sardesai

    The only band where I love all their songs

  66. rowen898

    Wow great video Linus Tech Tips!

  67. Joshua Devore

    Love the ugly-cute white guys.
    And this song.

  68. Lex

    This is so catchy

  69. Babadook Cumbersnatch

    1:26 *marge krumping noises*

  70. Jose Escobar

    Always revisit this, that beat is sick!! Vapor Wave shit kinda reminds me of something Sophie would come up with.

  71. chomosuke the cat

    Im still getting big DHMIS vibes from KKB

  72. Plutão sempre sera planeta

    Que fofula

  73. Julian Gleeson

    The synth sounds heavily inspired by the target test theme from smash melee

  74. Joshua TheAwesome

    This video is such a fucking classic.

  75. かおり


  76. owoman

    I dont get it

  77. Bek Tay


  78. gaetano

    She so kawaiiiii argggg

  79. Lordodragonss

    Me in internet: THINKING CATS!

  80. ultrajungle

    miss this style :(

  81. Dub kunta

    3:06 😂😂 He's like "yo fam you good?"

  82. Kendall Ammons

    Do these lyrics mean anything?

  83. Ginger Snap

    I hope Gus and his football shirts are having a good day.

  84. Dysprosium Plateau

    3:10 looks like unsettled Tom

  85. Lena Gachas

    What language are you?

  86. yummytacos

    nobody is talking about the satan stuffed animals? Ok, just me then

  87. tsm_ cobra

    I think they have done a treesome

  88. Justice Animations

    1:21 I was playing with a comb when this scene showed up

  89. Anuel

    man, i enjoyed this album so much, can't wait to hear how they improve upon it on Time'n'Place!

  90. B C

    Jamie is SO CUTE

  91. Leodoz

    3 years and its still boppin

  92. 1omri1

    I was sure she was holding a mustard bottle in the thumbnail

  93. じゃっく


  94. Antonio Guamil

    Remember Ross from friends? This what they will sound like if he formed a band......

  95. Just Snowy

    Nice music