Kerekes, Mat - Home Lyrics

I'm sick as hell
I'm sick from spitting words
And I'm home again
I'm glad I got here first
And I heard
You got it all figured it out
It seems that you found better things
Since I moved down south
And its hard
To see your name right now
And whatcha doing on friday?
Lights in that town
And I'd hope
You'd call me if you're feeling down
Maybe thing's would've been better
If I had you around

I'm standing still
While you move along
I miss the feeling of
Us in high school halls
And I try
But you can't seem to pick up your phone
I just feel so much better when I know you're alone
And it's cold
Back where we're from
And you say that you're trying
But thats never enough
And I'll pretend
I've got nothing left to say
Yeah I miss you to death
Guess I'll see you around some day

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Kerekes, Mat Home Comments
  1. Indigo

    love love love

  2. ryuketsuu

    When you finally feel the lyrics..

  3. Hudson Janel

    someone please make a tutorial on this song

  4. Ben Davis

    Power chords- B, Bm, A#

    Elliot Corrigan-Chaillet

    Is there a capo or a change in tuning?

    Ben Davis

    He's using power chords so you don't need one

    William Almeida

    D# tuning, G, C and Em all power chords

    Tyler Silsby

    Elliot Corrigan-Chaillet p

  5. Billy Pinela

    Wow this hit me right in the feels

  6. Jack Flood


  7. vessels

    "I miss you to death, I guess I'll see you around someday."

  8. Caleb737

    who are some other artists like this?? like just delicious acoustic stuff. not poppunk. I love citizen etc. i'm just lookin for some acoustic 

    Mat Bonazew

    and Front Porch Step.

    Mike Roberts

    Actually Mat's brother, Chris Kerekes, is a similar artist. Equally as amazing in my opinion

    Deathfire Grasp

    Modern Baseball and Radiohead

    have heart Acoustic

    Caleb737 Have Heart Acoustic


    Me :D Mat's acoustic stuff is my main inspiration check out my instagram @bpacoustic i have some stuff coming out soon

  9. troyissmexy

    Btw could i plz get the chords for this?

  10. troyissmexy

    Im done with girls....because i guess feeling nothing is better than getting just tired of waiting for love when i know its not coming.....i just want you to know i wanted you...

    Troy Wallette

    troyissmexy Wish I could have told myself Alot more back then.

    Yin Kids

    Troy Waffle