Kentucky Headhunters, The - Too Much To Lose Lyrics

I get tears on my pillow
When I get you on my mind
And theres no one to see me when I cry
No one knows how I miss you
When I reach out to kiss you
And theres no one to whisper good nite
Are you lonely, are you lonely,
Just like me eee eee eee
Cant you see eee eee
No one will love you the way that I love you
So won't you come back
Because your too much, too much to loose oooose

Do you think theres a chance
To renew, old romance
Why wont you please
Bring your sweet love home to me
Cause I've searched the past forever
And I know there will never be another
Who will set my soul free

Are you lonely, are you lonely,
Just like me eee eee eee
Cant you see eee eee
No one will love you the way that I love you
So why wont you come back
Because your too much, too much to loose oooose

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Kentucky Headhunters, The Too Much To Lose Comments
  1. NO YB

    anyone have tabs for this song including the solos?

  2. Timothy Benham

    This was filmed from my hometown Bloomfield ky and Bardstown. They are amazing in person.

  3. blueskymut

    How come I don’t remember this one?

    Steve Trumbo

    Good question.... Good one, ennit!


    Meet Doug a few years back, very nice guy. Richard is very cool also

  5. Jody Wells

    How was this not a hit ?

  6. Kimberly Rokosky

    The most moving song I have ever heard....... !!!!

  7. Bh loyal Fan

    There isn't a better song for the headhunters to sing ....sing it Doug

  8. Savannah AlFaraj

    I still love this song! I had a dream last night I was listening to older country. I actually missed home for a minute.

  9. Vicky W

    This is so good
    I'm glad I found it

  10. Kenneth Culps

    Meet you guys in nashville, you were doing a show at the hospital were Richard had his heart surgery, talk to Doug for a good while, your a great guy and singer, I have been a fan from way back in the day, long story short , I am getting married June 30th 2018, God knows I would love for Doug to be my best man or the whole band, I am getting.married in guntersville ala on the lake, it would be a dream come true for us both, ,don't know what else to say, you all are invited, love y'all


    Yes awesome "KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS". Make that guitar cry out. " your to much to lose"

  12. bob carr

    Good tune but stupid video.

  13. Carrie samons

    This was a very special song for me for a long time

    John Patton

    Ya me too

  14. itsnotthesamething

    I sent this song to an online friend, in Canada, years ago. He did not like country music, but he was blown away by this.

  15. dusty59smith

    My Favorite Song....My Favorite Group....Hands Down...

  16. Caddy Man

    country at its best not just about beer trucks and fuckin like todays crap

  17. Flop2river #

    Anyone else notice Greg changed guitars 3 times? Watch closely...2 diff burst, and a goldtop at about the 3:50 guitars for sure, and Greg can really play...AWESOME STUFF

  18. R JS

    I dance with my wife every year on Christmas Eve at our home, in the country " sticks " of Mississippi to this song. Fireplace going, tree lit up and all 6 of our dogs laying on the couch just looking at us...pure Heaven on Earth. Thank you KHH for such a wonderful song and being such a great band.

  19. taboomarypaul

    Great Song !!!!

  20. G Man

    what is the reason for a song like this.. aka perfection.. to age into the dust bin of time virtually unheard by the masses.

  21. Arlene Malvitch

    The Kroducing me to this group.
    entucky Headhunters are a great bank/.I love this song To much to lose.Thank you Ralph for int

  22. Sandra Hale Tockes

    Not sure why I love this song so much!

  23. marvin jackson

    A K A SIR JOHN LENNON)))))))))) ☻☺☺☺♪♪☺

  24. Kevin Marshall

    This is going out to my Scoop. Miss you so much.

  25. Alisha

    I Love this song. It expresses exactly how I feel at this point in my life.

  26. Hubert Ashcraft

    Great blues song by these Kentucky rockers.

  27. san5sparkle

    wow, I missed this one

  28. URNsane2use Realname

    Make a unicorn cry. These cats are great. Been a fan since the "Pickin on Nashville" album.

  29. bruiser

    No session players used, or needed. Unless it's keyboards, horns, etc.

  30. seattwa

    This is a great tune.

  31. WVFreebyrd

    Hey Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Eric Church and FL/GA Line..............THIS is how it's done ya bunch of manufactured posers.


    +WVFreebyrd HAHA, amen to that. This new so called country is just awful. and to think i have friends/co-workers that say "well it's more rock than country." call it what you will, but this new stuff is pathetic.

    Kyle Barber

    WVFreebyrd I agree but Eric Church doesn't belong on that list he is good

  32. tom judge

    So much talent

  33. azimuth361

    Cheers! I just don't understand the appeal of Taylor Swift. She's a nice kid and all, but all those awards? She's too mousey. No power. Give me a woman with pipes; Martina McBride or Reba. It's shameful that great bands like The Headhunters get passed over for Swift. Why I don't listen to the radio or pay attention to the charts. The masses don't know what's good. You have to dig deep to find gold.

    Space Ghost

    I haven't listened to FM in over fifteen years. I have no idea what is even popular now.

  34. jackharper1970

    Damm right about that.They need a lot moore appreciations.
    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

  35. Jacob Helton

    do this song again or i will

  36. mareckbamf

    Great song, but their guitars couldn't be any more cliche', that's a fact.

  37. mareckbamf

    She did until she found out you cried over a song.

  38. Pat Ballard

    Love it!

  39. Mr. Volts

    ballads are cool. I'm not much for country in general, but these guys sure ain't bad. quality musicians.

  40. Harold Steinblatt

    Absolutely true. I interviewed Greg Martin (I worked for a guitar magazine at the time) not long after the debut album was released. After the story -- a very positive one -- was published, the band invited me to visit them in Kentucky! It was not an attempt to grease me. Best people I met in 18 years in the music industry. Greg -- great guitarist, sweetest man. Youngs -- funny and noble. Hello from NYC to Wisdom and Edmonton.

    Kathleen Mooney

    I love this song since I first heard it need to have more like it

  41. D Lehman

    You Bet I'm lucky to live in the same area the grew up in and yes they are the Kindest bunch of guys ever!

  42. Debbie Sands

    love the music and song

  43. Debbie Sands

    not a chance

  44. latokatn506

    Great talent they are great IMO

  45. Carolyn Jamkhandi

    I love this song, it is my all time favorite, I don't know why these guys never made it to the top they are great. Anyone who has ever been in love can identify with this song. It is a beautiful song.

  46. Darcy Bailey

    I'm in Fort St John BC Canada, mile 39 on the Alaska hiway...I was fortunate enough to work with these guys last year, after running into them 10 years earlier in a bar in NYC at 4 am after their Madiso Square Garden concert ( Hog's & Heffers) we had a drink that night... The KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS music crosses every genre of music and was been instrumental in culturing me into the music I perform today. If you get a chance to see/meet these guys you'll know exactly what I mean. UNSUNG HEROS!!!!!

  47. Axl Cole

    I'm so sorry... I hope you will find another girl who will be happy with you and you will be happy with her for the rest of your life!

  48. mareckbamf

    I have a lovely wife, and daughter, but my dog died. I am not really lonely, but a little lonely, and this song hits that nail perfectly. RIP Doodlebug, the meanest Chow ever.

  49. Lee Stamper

    Why listen to Chicago when you have a song like this

  50. johnny lee

    awesome video

  51. Robert Becker

    what year did this song come out?

  52. Axl Cole

    @71patch : I hope it for you!

  53. Matthew Dickerson

    I was just thinking of this song and had to come listern to it!!!

  54. DkOmbres

    This song was released the day before one of my friends passed from cancer. I played this for her. I love this song. God Bless the Kentucky Headhunters

  55. wbbh

    Awesome, great close dancing belt polishing music.

  56. Jeanne Sloan-Cotton

    great son , and as the old saying goes , he can put his shoes under my BED any TIME !!!!!

  57. Linda Heilman

    Cool song! Love the guitar!!!

  58. Linda Heilman

    Cool song! Love the guitar!!!

  59. azimuth361

    @kentuckyblue53 So sorry to learn of your loss.

  60. azimuth361

    The Kentucky Headhunters is one of the most underappreciated groups in history. It's criminal that there are so many wankers out there getting all the attention. TKH can rock, croon, swing, play country, rockabilly, they can do it all. One of the best bands around.

  61. MikeChambers1001

    first time I ever heard it ....REALLY BEAUTIFUL SONG !

  62. Beau Campbell

    Man , this is good .real good.

  63. checkorbet12

    This is the best thing they ever did, The guitar is awsome and the vocalist also, I wonder if they wrote this? Can't figure why noone has redone it, it's such a beautiful song. If you don't like this song there is a hole in your soul.

  64. david jones

    if you notice there are no dislikes :)

  65. Rita R

    One of my favorite country songs.Thanks for posting it.

  66. RidintheWavewithDave

    Wow Yes Thanks Good Video & Song. If You want to See some Cool Interviews with the Ky. Boys??? Check Out my Site. Thanks Dave

  67. Luz Dourada

    i´m brazilian ,and i love this song!

  68. Dewayne B

    great,great song, I play this song at least once a week or once a day if I get time to pick up my guitar.
    you guys are the best that has ever been other than Alabama.
    my band plays a lot of your alls songs.
    hope to see ya in Bardstown this year.
    Country Rhythm Band.

    alex s

    Seen your cover. Pretty damn tight!

  69. Steve Trumbo

    You are welcome. I play it on my harmonica.

  70. Steve Trumbo

    Correction applied, sorry & thanx!

  71. Steve Trumbo

    Yeah, I love the song myself. I play it on my Harmonica.....Key of "C".

  72. axman90210

    This is a beautiful song, and a great departure for this country rockin' band. Thanks for posting!

    Linda Sizemore

    I Love this song, do you have any more similar, I mean slow songs?😇

    Linda Sizemore

    I forgot to give you my email so you can email me and let me know if you have any other songs like Too Much To name is Linda and I'm 73, I play this song a lot.