Kentucky Headhunters, The - Runnin' Water Lyrics

Did ya hear the sound of a wipper willow,
Smell the smell of a moonshine still,
Through the top of the clouds,
I call your name,
But the runnin water took you a way.

Hear the hown dog's howl,
Through the cold wind blow,
Through the clouds,
And the coal black smoke,
And the burnin sky I see your face,
Like the runnin water girl you've gone away.

Like the runnin water,
Going through your mind,
A new invison,
Of a wilder life.

As the boats go by,
Our true love dies.
Like the runnin water,
Is so unkind.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll bring you home,
If you promise me that you'll never roam,
But the wells gone dry,
And you'll never stay,
Like the running water,
You'll always stray.

Like the running water,
You'll always stray.

Like the running water,
You'll always stray.

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Kentucky Headhunters, The Runnin' Water Comments
  1. san5sparkle

    what ever happened to this great group

    Curt Zeek

    +san5sparkle They're still playing. They just played at our county fair 2 years ago. Hoping they're invited back soon.  I saw them back in 92 playing with Hank Jr. Great show. They joined Hank on stage near the end. You can go on their website and see where they're playing.


    +Curt Zeek I saw them in Chicago IL back in 89 or 90 I think, or maybe it was a suburb of chicago, with Hank, right??? It was a long time ago- wow with different friends I was in my 40s back then..

    Rene Eller

    Just saw them in lebanon. Va..last sat. Night. They still rocking


  2. Donnamg100

    shoot,,, it skips at ~2:55,, darn

  3. Urankar3

    GREAT SONG!!!*****5+

  4. urabampot

    thats more like it

  5. HuskyPower1997

    schade das man den song nicht auf i-tunes bekommt!